Wire Rope News June 2021 issue

June Issue of WRN

June 2021 – Wire Rope News & Sling Technology Magazine

June 2021 issue of Wire Rope News & Sling Technology

COVER PHOTO: One of the overlooked hazards associated with working at height is dropped tools. That’s why FAD Equipment Store has put drop prevention solutions at the heart of its material handling and safety catalog. More in the article on page 8. Photo: curtesy of FAD Equipment

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Featured Articles:

A Lifetime of Safety

Article by David Ayling. The author explains his passion for lifting products and technology and how the main goal is to improve safety for the end user.  

A Crane’s Purpose PART 2  

Article by Dennis O’Rourke. We continue our journey through the lifecycle of the big machines that have the simple, yet essential, task of lifting and moving.. 

High Wire at Half Moon Bay 

Article by Peter von Bleichert.  To alleviate the ever-growing inconvenience of rush hour traffic, more cities are proposing aerial cableways for commuters. 

Quality Systems & Procedures for Product Litigation Defense

Article by Don L. Pellow. Advice on preventing lawsuits that are all too common in today’s lifting world.


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