Talurit 400T swager

The Talurit Group 400T Swager

The first Talurit® 400T swager showcased & delivered in the USA

The TALURIT 400T Swager is the latest addition in the medium range and comes generously equipped with several value-adding features as standard. 

Since the 40’s, Talurit Group have developed, manufactured, market, and maintained equipment and systems for mechanical splicing of wire and wire rope. With the customers in focus, they continue to lead the way forward with exciting new products and innovative solutions. As a leading brand, their products and systems are used in a wide variety of sectors spanning across the globe. Recently they extended their range of swagers to include the 400T swager equipped with variable speed and a smart control system.

The latest addition to the Talurit® product range is a 400T swager which has quickly received great interest from the market. Developed to be a safe and user-friendly machine it works great for both rigging shops and large-scale productions. By implementing certified processes and using top-tier components to their swagers, Talurit® assure a longer service life with minimal maintenance. The two-pillar design of the body is optimized to give open access to the swaging area, allowing for a larger space for the operator to work within. Despite its compact size and small footprint, the 400T model is equipped with a larger die holder than what is common for a swager of this capacity. This results in a broader range of die sets can be used and more importantly; the swager can handle larger ferrule sizes in multiple swage operation.

Through long-term business relations and by staying close to the market, Talurit Group have managed to improve and innovate their products for the benefit of their customers. A clear example is by applying the variable speed function and the smart control system to the 400T swager. Allowing the operator to easily tailor the swaging process with individual parameters, increasing efficiency and perfecting the results. It also lets the swager utilize the power of the motor in a way that gives superior performance while at the same time using less electricity. Furthermore, the working environment is enhanced through automatic control of the sound level, minimizing it to only 50 dB when not swaging. In summary, this new swager of Talurit® brand is a fully equipped production machine, with a capacity to swage steel wire rope up to a diameter of 40mm.

Talurit Group will showcase the new 400T swager for the first time ever at the coming AWRF Spring General Meeting and PIE in Houston, Texas. During the event, attendees and partners will be able to experience the swager up-close and get a live introduction. The Florida based company Quick Tie Products, Inc. will take delivery of the machine directly after the event. Hence being the first company in America that owns this new Talurit® swager. Quick Tie Products, Inc. manufactures and distributes the QuickTie™ System, a proprietary and patented hold down system for high wind and seismic construction. They will use it as a vital part of their production when they make wire rope cables with threaded rod studs swaged to each end, each with a steel bearing plate on the top end. Their cables are designed to cinch walls to their foundations from the uppermost top plates, thereby effectively resisting roof uplift and building overturning pressures.

Rasmus Carlsson, Technical Sales Engineer at Talurit Group, comments:
“The time-saving features and the smart design of the 400T makes day-to-day use efficient and easy for the operator. Notably the stroke limiter, the automatic return of the piston and the overall great ergonomics enables the operator to swage wire rope slings with optimal cycle times. Because of our solid know-how and decades of experience, it is safe to expect that our products deliver on our promises regarding safety, efficiency and durability – now and in the years to come.”

Steve Paroda, Vice President of Manufacturing at Quick Tie Products, Inc., comments:
“We decided to invest in the 400T swager to increase efficiency and output to keep up with the growing demand for the QuickTieTM cable system. The machine’s limited vertical travel time, and Talurit’s reputation for quality, made our decision easy. We look forward to adding more Talurit® swagers to our operations, and to a long and successful partnership with the company.”

Rasmus Carlsson, Technical Sales Engineer at Talurit Group, adds:
“It is a privilege to work with Quick Tie Products, Inc. and support them with the growing demand for their products. We are confident that the 400T will be a strong addition to their production line, helping them increase efficiency even further. Now we are looking ahead and we will support them after they take delivery of their first Talurit® branded swager.“


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