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Talurit Group Unveils an Updated Brand

Talurit Group unveils an updated brand identity reflecting the advancements of the industry

Talurit Group is a well-established manufacturer of equipment and systems for mechanical splicing of wire and wire rope. With representation in most industrialized countries, their products and solutions are used in a wide variety of sectors around the globe. Talurit Group starts the new year by announcing an updated identity for the Talurit® brand and the group as a whole. The decision was made as Talurit Group continues to grow and evolve in tandem with the advancements of the industry. Leading the way forward in their field by delivering the innovative top-tier products and solutions they are known for. 

During the past decade, many industries have advanced and improved with new developments and an increased adaptation of new technologies. The wire rope industry and its related sectors have experienced the same transformation. Talurit Group has been a pioneering force within its field since its start in 1948. With a strong track record of innovative solutions and customer-oriented production, they have expanded further in recent years – continuing to perfect their offering to the market. At the beginning of 2022, Talurit Group announced a strategic realignment of its corporate identity and brand identity. The changes are made to reflect the evolution of the corporation and brand, in order to show where it stands today and where it is heading – while staying true to its origins. Designed to be globally accepted and work effortlessly across both digital and physical channels, the updated visual identity will help them communicate a unified and clear brand. The iconic blue colour that is strongly associated with the brand remains a vital element throughout the revised visual experience. To coincide with the new look, Talurit Group will update most of its sales and marketing material. The implementation will be done gradually within the group’s various companies.

Victor Lindh, Vice President of Talurit AB, comments:

“While our business continues to transform and develop, it became clear that the perception of the company has not evolved at the same pace. We have introduced many technologic highlights that increase the value for our customers, making our machines more efficient and environmentally friendly. Further, we have strengthened our focus on automatization and can offer complete systems with smarter processes. Our new corporate identity better communicates what the Talurit® brand stands for today and going forward. It reinforces the brand experience and showcases our expertise and strengths.”

Torbjörn Hillberg, Marketing & Communications at Talurit Group, comments:

“The updated branding emphasizes our desire and ability to drive innovations in our field, while also paying homage to our past endeavours and many proven solutions. As a global partner with a wide range of offerings, we have made these changes with all our markets in mind. The new look and feel embody our commitment to safety, sustainability and innovation in addition to mediate the professionalism our customers deserve. The brand rework will position us well for the future and empower the company’s continuous growth.”

More information about Talurit on www.talurit.com


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