Atlantic Cordage 70

Atlantic Cordage 70th Anniversary

Atlantic Cordage Announces its 70th Year Anniversary as a Family Owned Corporation

Atlantic Cordage services a multitude of industries with the highest quality products ranging from wire rope, high-tech synthetic ropes, web slings and rigging hardware.

Atlantic Cordage, a well-known name in the marine, construction and utility industry, is delighted to announce its 70th anniversary. Walter Gronbeck Jr, who started the business in 1953 would be incredibly proud to know that his two children, Susan & Peter, continue to drive forward his vision of being one of the premier wire rope and synthetic rope suppliers in the country. It’s a huge accomplishment to attain third-generation status in today’s economic landscape. Atlantic Cordage has endured by adapting to changing market requirements through diversification, acquisition, and innovation.

As we expand our presence and utilize all the convenience and efficiency of technology, we know that building trust is a day-to-day personal endeavor just as it was when its founder, Walter Gronbeck Jr. opened its doors in Brooklyn New York. Today at the helm is CEO Erik Gronbeck, Walter’s grandson, who joined the family business in 2008 and contributes the company’s success to never losing sight of its mission.

Atlantic Cordage supplies high-quality products to industrial suppliers, contractors, utilities, mining, logging, transportation, theatrical and military operations becoming a foremost fabricator and supplier of wire rope, synthetic rope, and rigging gear. Atlantic Cordage has endured by adapting to changing market requirements through diversification,  acquisition, and innovation.

Erik Gronbeck, CEO, stated “We are committed to maintaining a tradition of unparalleled service and pride in our expertise with high regard for quality control of all products and fabrication. We thank you for being a part of our commitment to serving you … our loyal customers.”

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