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April 2022 – Wire Rope News & Sling Technology Magazine

COVER PHOTO: Located on teh Warragamba River, Australia, the Warragamba Dam provides flood control and power. The cantilever intake gantry crane is parked off-road, allowing unrestricted automobile traffic. (see article Those “Dam” Cranes).

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Featured Articles:

Those “Dam” Cranes

Article by Dennis J. O’Rourke, CSP, Historiographer, and Humorist.

Green electric power requires constant maintenance and monitoring of thousands of dams worldwide.

The author intends to highlight efficient and practical solutions to achieve the essential goals for American prosperity. That of

  1. Improve our current assets,
  2. Transition to cleaner power,
  3. Make financially sound decisions, not just print money and further weaken our economy.

We should realize that despite a considerable investment that produces green power, our dams are under-utilized and will continue its decline. Is there nothing we can do to reverse this regretful trend? Yes, as many have said – work with nature – not try to change her!

The Supply Chain Challenge

Businesses Bolster Inventories, Woo Suppliers to Keep Customers Happy

Article by Phil M. Perry. Delivery delays can disrupt your business and cause stress amid suppliers and customers, especially in this ever-changing world environment.

The increasing demands of a rebounding economy and the breakdown in shipping patterns caused by the Russia-Ukraine war are further stressing supply chains long disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Rising inflation is making matters worse, as companies place orders for more goods than usual to increase inventories before price hikes take effect. Dealing effectively with the resulting delivery delays requires better coordination with suppliers, locating backup sources, bolstering of inventories, and boosting automation. Businesses must evaluate the risks attendant with an uncertain recovery path while dealing effectively with increases in the costs of raw materials, labor, and inventory.

A Lifting Legacy

Article by The Crosby Group. This biographical outline pays honor to Cor de Kruijf, a man who forever changed the way we use lifting clamps.

Trade Show Tax Deductions

How to Cut the Costs of Travel and Lodging

Article by Phil M. Perry. Cutting the costs of travel, lodging and other expenses during a trade show can be tricky. This article has advice to control your expenses.

Spirited Q&A with Mike Gelskey “Junior” of Lift-It Manufacturing

Article by Tracy Bennett. An interview with Mike Gelsky, Junior, General Manager of Lift-It manufacturing in Pomona, CA.


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