Yoke It’s All About Angles

YOKE – It’s all about Angles!

It’s all about Angles!

You may be familiar with how to reduce the Working Load Limit of your slings due to operating them at various sling angles, as the angles increase so does the stress in each leg. But are you aware the same applies to the connection points but in an even more dramatic and critical way?

Traditional eye bolts are one of the most misunderstood products, having significant reductions in WLL at angles (up to 70% loss or more of the WLL at 45 degrees), with further reductions if the shoulder is not flush against the load and not aligned, creates an environment just waiting for an accident to happen. Some manufacturers do not allow certain traditional eye bolts to be used for angular loading.

So, there are obvious considerations to be considered when selecting your YP lifting points. Material hardness, ductility, impact, tensile strength, environment, application, all can play a part when choosing the correct type and style for the appropriate Working Load Limit.

YOKE Yellow Point Series

YOKE’s latest product line, the YOKE Yellow Point series is famously known as “YP”. YP lifting points, specifically relating to the WLL (Working Load Limit), angular loads and thread length. YOKE YP lifting points have no reduction of WLL at angles and rotate to align themselves with the load.

The YP Range is varied in size, thread type, design, and WLL as each lifting application requires attention to detail on what specific product is to be used, there is no one size fits all. YP are commonly used in lifting, turning, tilting, and rotating loads.

This comprehensive range can give you the option of both metric and UNC thread between M8 up to M100, also available in UNC. YOKE lifting points are permanently marked with the WLL at the most critical angle. There is no reduction in WLL on YOKE YP lifting points up to 90 degrees to the vertical. The Superpoint range is also equipped with a sealed roller bearing so it can fully rotate 360 degrees under full load. There is also a separate range of PSA Eye points for use in wind energy and renewables industry.

One other critical factor on all YOKE lifting points, is of course the thread. You will note that the minimum standard thread length is 1.5 times the diameter for use in regular steel grades. There are several options for extended bolts if you want to go through a steel fabrication, these are fitted with a washer and full nut. All the YP series are fatigue rated at 20,000 cycles at 1.5 times the WLL and proof tested to 2.5 times the WLL.

An RFID chip is embedded into the body as the standard for pre-use inspection and asset management.

You can find YOKE’s YP specifications, user documentation, and compliance with EN1677, GS OA 15-04 as well as ASME B30.26, by scanning the embedded chip in the lifting points. As simple as that!

Remember, when using multiple-leg slings the attachment point plays a critical role in the safety of the lift, choose your YOKE lifting point with care and attention.

Safety is YOKE’s first priority.


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