Yale Cordage

Yale Cordage

Yale Cordage – Synthetic Ropes and Slings Offer Advantages of Safety and Speed

Custom and specialty rope manufacturer Yale Cordage has been proving just how much rope is capable of since the time it was founded. Yale Cordage employs industry knowledge, leading engineering and technology and high-tech synthetic fibers to create application-specific ropes.

Yale Cordage products offer distinct advantages in systems used for pulling and lifting. For instance, Yale Cordage’s newest offering—the Fortis2 Sling—is so much lighter than its wire counterparts that one or two workers can now complete a rigging task in just minutes. As an added benefit, the sling protects workers from hazards like broken strands and sharp edges that may be found in a wire component and when left outdoors, it won’t absorb water, freeze or rust.

On plans to continue to push the boundaries of the synthetic cordage space President Bill Putnam says, “We always look to be first to demonstrate how synthetics can solve problems.”

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