M180662 Electric Clamp Mipromet

MiPROMET Expands BETA Jib Crane Line with Custom Tailored Equipement

MIPROMET Expands BETA Jib Cranes Line with Custom Tailored Equipment

MIPROMET Ltd., Krakow, Poland is proud to introduce product tailoring services aimed at solving “lifting problems” in many industrial applications.

Our BETA jib cranes has been enriched with the ability to work with plug-in sensing and execution devices. As a result, many “lifting problems” could be solved in just one design process.

An example of implementation is the M180662 electric clamp integrated with BETA 100 cranes.

Clamp control is integrated with the crane control system. Operations of the clamp are conducted via crane remote controller. The clamp is electrically connected to the universal socket on the trolley on the arm of the crane.

M180662 is dedicated for the safe reloading of a band-iron feeder in the production line. The clamp is able to sense, gently grab, and safely remove a troublesome load.

It seems that the expectations of our customers to get complete and reliable solutions is now a reality in a fast and cost-effective way.

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