June issue of Wire Rope News & Sling Technology

June Issue of WRN

June 2022 – Wire Rope News & Sling Technology Magazine

COVER PHOTO: Beautiful view of a 30-ton gantry at the pumping station on Lake Jocassee’s lower reservoir The insert is the 400-ton turbine gantry at the Jocassee Earthen Dam’s 830 MW generating/pumped storage plant, part of the Keowee-Toxaway Hydro Electric project in South Carolina.

June 2022 issue of Wire Rope News and Sling Technology

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Featured Articles:

Those “Dam” Cranes: PART II

Article by Dennis J. O’Rourke, CSP, Historiographer, and Humorist.

Discussions center on the maintenance workhorse, the turbine bay cranes that do the heavy lifting during generation overhauls and other cranes used inside the powerhouse.

The heart-pumping blood of the hydroelectric plant is the turbine floor: years back, covered n red ceramic tile – end to end, side to side. Later, in gloss-painted dark red. Daily, all floors kept waxed and buffed, indicating the royal status and entry to the seat of Power! Those privileged to access the Control Room via the red floors could feel the very pulse of energy. Lately, hydro has lost its luster. It is reflected, I believe, in diminished floor care!

Crane Cracks & Fatique

Article by Richard Phillips. The tendency to push cranes beyond their capacity, and for much longer than they were designed, is a recipe for disaster.

‘Plane’ Truth About Cable Care

Article by Peter Hildebrant. When small commercial aircraft crash unexpectedly, and without recourse to safely land, it’s time to take a new look at maintenance scheduling.

At the Bottom of the Broken Line

Article by Wilbert A. Lucht. This reprint article from our June 1989 issue shows how things haven’t really changed much in proper choice and use of wire rope, as well as keeping them properly maintained.


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