Crane Risk Logic Agreement

SEAA Supports Crane Risk Logic and the CRL Federation

SEAA Supports Crane Risk Logic and the CRL Federation

The Steel Erectors Association of America (SEAA) announces it has entered into an agreement to collaborate with Crane Risk Logic, a technology and data service provider dedicated to global crane risk improvement.

As such, SEAA supports member company participation in the Crane Risk Logic Federation, which is a joint venture administered by Crane Risk Logic with the Crane Safety Research Lab at Texas A&M University on behalf of crane users, OEMs, trade groups, and related industry stakeholders.

“Crane safety is one of the two most important aspects of steel construction—the other being fall protection,” said David Deem, President of SEAA. “The goal of our collaboration is to reduce and mitigate crane risks for our members, through access to research, training materials, and insights from subject matter experts,” he said.

Crane Risk Logic and the Crane Safety Research Lab uses an innovative information exchange between crane designers, manufacturers, and owners, and organizations that transport, erect, and dismantle cranes, as well as site supervisors and safety managers of crane operations. “Findings are generated from anonymous accident data, real-time telematics, and equipment and device testing using engineering-based research, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Predictive Analytics models and other tools,” explained Kevin Cunningham, President and CEO of Crane Risk Logic.

“As the knowledge base grows, the more accurate and powerful the information becomes for everyone participating in the Federation. When we know better, we do better,” said Jim Wiethorn, P.E., and founder of Crane Risk Logic and ICC Forensics. The impetus for the Crane Safety Research Lab was a catalog of crane accident causes gathered by Wiethorn over a span of 35 years.

“SEAA is committed to continual investment in our industry by connecting industry leaders, creating a strong network of support, and increasing member value through collaborations such as this,” said Pete Gum, Executive Director of SEAA. This agreement is the latest in a series of investments SEAA has made in hiring, training, insurance, and risk mitigation tools for its members.

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