Company Spotlight 2021-04

4001 E. Santa Ana Street
Ontario, CA, 91761, USA
Tel: (909)-974-0369


Hit Tools USA is a company that proudly makes premium hand tools with an extensive line of products to serve the rigging industry. One of the main reasons our tools are so durable and clean cutting is thanks to the Japanese steel and technology that we use in the vast majority of our products, as well as the level of detail we focus on forging and heat treatment process to maximize toughness.

In the last twenty years, HIT Tools has expanded their line of tools from wire rope cutting and crimping to wire rope clamping and hoist lifting. Today, HIT products are available with several qualified distributors who share our vision of high quality products, long term service to customer needs, and of course a focus to safety.


HIT Tools - crimping and cutting
HIT Tool material handling and tensioning

We thank HIT users around the world, and thank you all for your continued trust in the HIT brand. If you’re new, then we certainly welcome you to see the full HIT Tools lineup here:


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