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BlueSupra Tags: Digital Revolution in Equipment Mgmt

BlueSupra Series: Revolutionizing Equipment Management Through Supra Digital Tags

Say farewell to tedious paperwork and usher in a new era of streamlined asset management with YOKE’s cutting-edge digital products – BlueSupra and RiConnect. Our innovative solutions empower you to seamlessly transition asset management to the cloud with a single “scan”.

Putting Your Assets’ Status in the Cloud

In safety-centric industries like Oil & Gas and Lifting, ensuring equipment safety and regulatory compliance through regular inspection and maintenance is paramount. Yet, the accumulation of paperwork over time can hinder efficiency and traceability.

Recognizing this challenge, we’re dedicated to digitizing traditional paperwork. Enter Supra Digital Tags – compact stainless steel tags embedded with NFC-enabled RFID chips.

But how does a small chip revolutionize asset management?

The BlueSupra range of NFC-enabled RFID tags integrates seamlessly with your equipment and RFID inspection systems. Paired with our partner RiConnect’s powerful cloud-based SaaS solution, which requires no downloads, managers can effortlessly oversee asset usage status from their office desks, simplifying management records organization.

BlueSupra Makes Digital a Reality with:

  • Equipment Traceability
  • Location Management
  • Pre-use Check/Maintenance Function on the app
  • Multiple Certificates Management
  • Available Online/Offline to Check Asset Status

With features like geo-location, real-time data insights, pre-use checks, and comprehensive maintenance and inspection capabilities, our commitment to security ensures your assets are more than possessions – they’re integral components of a meticulously managed ecosystem.

Experience the transformation in asset management with BlueSupra. Learn more about BLUESUPRA – SUPRA Digital Tags (pdf)

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