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April 2024 – Wire Rope News & Sling Technology Magazine

COVER PHOTO: On display in the historic Millyard at The Roebling Museum, is Roebliing’s wire rope machinery, one of which is a train that, among its other cargo, hauled a railroad crane. Inset photo shows the rested cabin of the once magnificent crane. (photographs courtesy of The Roebling Museum)

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Featured Articles:

Modern Crane Safety: The Bigger, The Better

Article by Dennis J. O’Rourke, CSP, Historiographer, OSHA Part 1919 Maritime Surveyor

The author continues his walk through in Part 2 of this look at the increasingly large machines that have become an every day part of the construction landscape.

Maybe I’m old and negative, but there might be a legitimate reason for my views. In part 1, it is said that cranes are fundamentally a teeter-totter, using a ratio of leverage to magnify the force and utilizing the crane’s structure as teh mechanical connection between this force and a load. Increasing the size of the is equipment may very well, in the long run, negatively affect labor, materials, and the economy – so says the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This has given the impression that there are no limits to theoretically increasing the ratio to lift more and more! But there are practical limits – the size of the playground and the strength of the connection between force and load. As the cranes grow in size and complexity, reality sets in to limit players’ imaginations of what can be accomplished and maintained in the construction workplace. Or does it? (read the full article on page 8 in the magazine)

NJ Museum Honors a Man, Family, Community, and More

Article by Pete Hildebrandt

The Roebling Museum, located in the New Jersey town that bears his name, is a monumental tribute to John A. Roebling and his famous wire rope works. The artifacts, tools and machinery take visitors on a historic journey through one of the most important landmarks of the Industrial Revolution.

When we cross some of the most iconic and vital bridges in the country or press the number of the floor we seek when inside an elevator, chances are we don’t think of the town and people perhaps most responsible for the critical wire reop holding us in the air. But central New Jersey contains a town indispensable in the construction of some of America’s most celebrated bridges. (read the full article on page 16 in the magazine)

Avoid These 7 Costly Mistakes When Attending a Trade Show

Article by Phillip M. Perry

Turn your next trade show into a success by steering clear of these seven common errors made by participants.

Trade shows offer tremendous opportunities for boosting business profits. Yet attendees must plan for success to avoid returning home with nothing more valuable than some vague impressions. In this article, experts tell how to avoid the most common errors made by trade show participants. (read the full article on page 26 in the magazine)


  • News in Our Industry
  • Denny’s Crane & Rigging Notes (by Dennis J. O’Rourke) – Hold that Tiger,’ … er, Crane! How to secure a crane to a barge is not governed by the OSHA/ASME B30.9 sling standard for overhead hoisting. DOT has jurisdictions for the over-the-road securing of truck cargo. For cranes tied to a barge, OSHA comments are performance in nature, i.e., the crane is to be secured, preventing movement. Thus, a competent person is responsible for the method… (read the full column on page 51)
  • Inventor’s Corner (by William Fischer):
    • Dual axes connection device
    • Hoist system
    • Lifting device
    • Crane
    • System for lubricating cables or the like
    • Safety device for elevator system
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