December 2020 issue of Wire Rope News & Sling Technology magazine

December Issue WRN

The December issue of the Wire Rope News & Sling Technology magazine sent in the mail and available online!

Caldwell OLB demo

Caldwell Launches Overhang Lifting Beam

Rockford, Illinois, U.S.-based The Caldwell Group Inc. has launched a custom lifting beam for applications where a crane cannot be positioned over a load due to limited travel or obstructions. The manufacturer’s auto-leveler technology is a standout feature.

Caldwell clamp

Design Category C for Clamps

Did you know that Caldwell is the only company in the world who manufactures clamps that meet ASME BTH (below-the-hook) Design Category C? Tom Eicher, director of engineering; and Dale Kelly, engineering manager at The Caldwell Group Inc., explain why industry should better understand the new benchmark for clamps.