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WireCo Rebrands, Lays Groundwork for a Better Future

WireCo Rebrands, Lays Groundwork for a Better Future

WireCo Sets Path Forward for Sustainable, Modern and Premium Products

WireCo®, the world’s leading manufacturer of mission-critical wire rope, synthetic rope and netting, and electromechanical cable, unveiled its new brand today. The brand reflects the company’s goal of driving progress and creating premium products that serve as the strength behind the world’s evolution. WireCo’s products span a wide range of industries, including fishing, maritime, mining, energy and industrial lifting. The company’s new look represents a commitment to creating premium ropes that inspire innovation without limits through trustworthy, transformative and uncompromising methods.

WireCo has a legacy rooted in 270 years of collective experience among its rich portfolio of premium brands, allowing them to work together to address global challenges. This new direction for the company will encompass all its brands and entities.

“The world is always evolving, and we are proud to be that strength that helps our customers play a role in the change, whether that’s participating in the energy transition, being a core part of landscape-changing infrastructure projects or helping care for the environment,” Keith White, Chief Executive Officer, says. “Our new branding better reflects the strategic direction of the company and our goals of being a forward-thinking, innovative company.”

WireCo’s new branding includes more than just an updated logo. Key elements of the rebrand include:

WireCo logo

New Logo: The shape of the logo is based on the rope manufacturing process. The lines come together to symbolize not only how WireCo’s brands work together, but how its business pillars unite to drive progress in the some of the world’s most established and innovative industries.

New Brand Colors: The brand colors used in the logo represent WireCo’s commitment to sustainability and continuous improvement. The colors encourage the progress WireCo can make when it isn’t boxed in by old ideals.

New Website: The website was redesigned to create a more user-friendly experience, featuring a refreshed look that reflects the new forward-thinking direction of the company. 

About WireCo 

WireCo markets value-added products under several brands that are recognized throughout the world and used in a wide range of market applications. WireCo is headquartered in Prairie Village, Kansas, with manufacturing plants, distribution facilities and research and development centers worldwide. For more information about WireCo and its product lines, visit wireco.com.

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