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 Verton attains their first Australian distribution with Sparrows Group

Verton attains its first Australian distribution with Sparrows Group

Verton announced that Sparrows Group (Sparrows) has signed up to be their first Australian distributor. Sparrows is a global provider of specialist engineering, inspection, operations and maintenance services to the offshore energy, renewables and industrial markets. Their mission is to support their clients to optimise their efficiency, performance, and safety, making the partnership with Verton a superb fit. 

Verton’s load orientation products are game-changing in terms of safety and productivity. Their lifting beams and modular SpinPodTM technology use gyroscopes and sophisticated control systems that orientate suspended loads remotely without the need for human held taglines. The technology removes personnel near and under loads and keep them away from the drop zone. Though Verton has gained significant growth in overseas markets, this will be the first distributor of their innovative lifting solutions on home soil. 

Regional Business Development Manager at Sparrows, Matthew Marinovich, said: “This partnership with Verton demonstrates our commitment to explore innovative technologies which support our clients’ cranes and lifting operations across multiple market sectors.  The Verton technology complements our aim to improve the efficiency, safety and reliability of our clients’ operations.”

Chief Executive Officer of Verton, Tim Ekert, said: “This distribution agreement with Sparrows provides localized support to our Western Australian customer’s and shows our commitment to eliminating taglines for improving safety and efficiency in lifting operations globally.

We have worked with Sparrows on a previous project in the region and strongly believe their customer-first focus and integration of innovation for improving lifting operations is a great alignment.”

Verton is focused on providing scalable lifting solutions for the industry whether it is for heavier and bulkier loads, reducing environmental impacts on operations or providing actionable data for identifying opportunities for further reducing risks. 

Immediate business improvements can be seen with the introduction of our equipment as load interference is eliminated by removing taglines and the precision orientation and control of our technology ensures your load arrives in the right orientation every time – it is repeatable and reliable. 

“Plus, from a productivity and efficiency perspective, the load arrives at the destination in the right orientation due to the control system onboard our equipment while controlling the load via our remote control, even in the event of sudden wind gusts. Coupled with our smart technology that captures and analyses lifting operation data to identify opportunities for improvement, our solutions are designed to make lifting operations better for everyone.”

It is expected that the Verton range of smart and safe lifting and orientation solutions will be attractive to the numerous clients of Sparrows who work to very tight schedules and wish to raise the bar for their worksite WHS.

About Verton

Verton is an innovative technology firm and inventor of the world’s first remote-controlled load orientation system. This revolutionary system makes taglines obsolete, removing the need for workers to be near moving or suspended loads, keeping them out of harm’s way. Verton’s range of lifting products also integrate smart technology to facilitate more precise load placement, faster task turnover, and superior analysis and oversight of operations. The technology will greatly benefit lifting operations by moving towards `hands free` lifting and keep workers clear of potentially high-risk zones.    

About Sparrows Group

Sparrows Group is a global provider of specialist engineering, inspection, operations and maintenance services to the renewables, industrial and offshore energy sectors. The firm supports customers by delivering a broad range of expert solutions that optimise efficiency and ensure the performance, reliability and safety of critical equipment and people.


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