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Tandemloc Lauds Daniel Colwell’s Achievement

Photo: Daniel Colwell

Tandemloc Lauds Daniel Colwell’s Achievement

Tandemloc Inc., manufacturer in the Below-the-Hook Lifting industry, is very excited to announce that our own Daniel Colwell has achieved his Bachelor of Science in Engineering with a concentration in Mechanical Engineering Systems from the prestigious NC State University. After graduating from the top of his class in May of 2020, Tandemloc promoted Daniel from the CNC Machine Shop to the company’s engineering department, where he works as one of Tandemloc’s mechanical engineers.

Colwell began working at Tandemloc in the summer of 2004 as an Industrial Technician. Having worked through nearly every department within the operational shop, it became quickly clear that Colwell had a keen mind and work ethic and was encouraged to apply for and receive formal training to become a CNC machinist. Colwell took advantage of a unique company tuition reimbursement program and earned two associates degrees from the local tech college: AAS Machine Tool, Die and Mold Making & AAS Computer Integrated Machining Technology.

When asked why he chose to pursue a formal engineering degree, Colwell said, “I have always loved working on things, designing things, and coming up with solutions to complex problems, but I was limited by my lack of formal understanding of all the engineering analysis involved in the design process.” A long-held dream, Colwell did not think it logistically possible to further his educational career without sacrificing his job with Tandemloc as a CNC machinist, programmer, and tool and fixture designer and moving closer to the university. But when he learned that NC State University’s College of Engineering partnered with the local community college to provide students with the same academia program they would receive at the main campus in Raleigh NC, only locally in Havelock NC, Colwell immediately jumped aboard and began what he calls “an intense 4-year period of working and going to school full time.”

Colwell continues, “All throughout my journey toward becoming a full-fledged mechanical engineer I have felt like I had a whole team of people around me encouraging me and making sure I had the tools I needed to succeed.”

Colwell’s favorite part about his new job within Tandemloc is not just the working the variety of product designs but also the ability to walk back into the shop that he “grew up in” to physically put eyes and hands on his designs coming to life. Colwell is a man of excellence and is a great example of what Tandemloc as a company aspires to be: excellent.

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