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Talurit’s One-Year USA Journey of Continuous Growth

One year after the launch of Talurit, Inc. in the USA – Increased local stock level & continuous growth

Talurit Group is proud to announce the successful one-year anniversary of the subsidiary Talurit, Inc. in the United States. Renowned for its expertise and quality products, Talurit Group specializes in equipment and systems for mechanical splicing of wire and wire rope, under the esteemed Talurit® brand. As an internationally renowned brand and a global partner, Talurit Group comprises six strategically located companies across the world, with its parent company being based in Sweden. Since its establishment in the USA, Talurit, Inc. has continued to build up their recognition as a trusted provider and partner. The company’s diligent efforts to establish a strong foothold in North America are continuously paying off, resulting in a successful first year.

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Over the past 12 months, Talurit, Inc. has steadily increased its local stock level, demonstrating a firm commitment to expanding its market presence across North America. By increasing the local stock level, they are able to shorten lead times even further and meet the urgent requirements of clients across various sectors, including mining, rigging, construction, offshore industries, and more. Demonstrating their strategic approach, Talurit, Inc. has also expanded by having a stock of aluminum ferrules on the West Coast, just outside of Seattle.

In order to meet the growing demand, they are currently employing an additional resource in their sales department, ensuring personalized attention and support for their increasing customer base. “We are thrilled about our expansion so far and want to thank our partners and customers for making this possible. Now when we are passing the one-year mark, we want to underscore our continued commitment to deliver the best possible service and products to our customers in North America” comments Rasmus Carlsson, Vice President of Talurit, Inc.

Looking ahead to 2024, Talurit, Inc. is excited to introduce new product offerings to their markets, reinforcing their reputation of providing industry-leading solutions. With a strong aim of bringing innovation to their field, Talurit Group has consistently introduced top-tier products that enhance efficiency, performance, and safety.

The launch of the US subsidiary was a decision made in order to strengthen the company’s footprint in the region and improve overall customer satisfaction. Through this, the company has not only expanded its market share and gotten closer to its customers but also increased its brand recognition. Quick response times and knowledgeable support have been central to Talurit, Inc.’s successful first year, emphasizing their dedication to meet customer needs.

“Expanding our local stock is all about meeting the increasing demand and positive feedback since we started Talurit, Inc. in the USA. This means better availability of core products, faster lead times, and better flexibility for our customers” adds Rasmus Carlsson. “Again, I want to express our gratitude to our customers and partners who have played a crucial role in our success. In return, you can always count on the best knowledge, service, and products as Talurit Group is renowned for.”

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