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Talurit 1000T Swager for Immediate Delivery

Talurit® 1000T Swager for immediate delivery

Hydraulic Swager From the Market Leader

The 1000T hydraulic swager is a perfect choice for medium to large-size wire ropes. It’s a user-friendly machine with a powerful two-stage hydraulic unit, that will help you achieve efficiency in your workshop. This swager can be equipped with a wide range of options to fulfill your specific needs and has a remarkable capacity in terms of ferrule sizes that can be swaged.

  • Reliable: Engineered according to a proven design and equipped with quality components will offer you a long service life and minimum downtime.
  • Versatile: With a wide range of options the swager can be customized for your specific needs.
  • Widest range: Due to the oversized die holder, the Talurit® 1000T can handle larger rope sizes than competing brands.

The 1000T hydraulic swager has a 2-pillar design and is manufactured from one single block construction, which ensures strength, long service life and a minimum of maintenance. The swager is equipped with a powerful two-stage hydraulic unit and standard functions such as stroke limiter and hold position.

The TALURIT 1000T swager has a remarkable capacity in terms of ferrule size that can be swaged. The working range for Aluminum ferrules is 18 mm to 66 mm wire rope. The 1000T swager is engineered to have a long service life with minimum downtime. Feel free to visit our YouTube to view the product video and subscribe.

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