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Safety Improvement With YOKE Grip Safe-Locking Hook

Safety Improvement With YOKE Grip Safe-Locking Hook

Riggers in the field instantly recognize the safety features of the YOKE Grip Safe hooks when carrying out heavy lifting applications.  The aesthetically designed handle makes it ideally suited for a gloved hand, no matter how bulky, and the trigger design has been recently enhanced to be more user friendly, a simple push button to open the trigger mechanism.  The operator can now avoid any potential finger or hand injury associated with other traditional hooks when carrying out overhead lifting operations. 

  • Unique design handle of the Grip Safe hook maintains the integrity, warranty and certification that may not always be available from other retro fit designs. 
  • The handle is designed as part of the overall forging so requires no complicated or expensive retro fit by the operator.
  • Grip safe hooks come in range of designs and sizes, eye type, clevis type and swivel type, 10mm through 22mm (4t – 19t WLL).

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