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RSS Chain Blocks for London Venue

RSS Chain Blocks for London Venue

Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd. (RSS) has supplied two 30t capacity chain blocks for a central London construction project.

The chain blocks are being used by structural steelwork design and installation company BHC Ltd., which is based in South Lanarkshire, Scotland, only several miles south of RSS’s Grangemouth depot. Both businesses provide a nationwide service, however, and it was the lifting and rigging equipment supplier’s facility in Heathrow that delivered the blocks to site.

The RSS-branded chain blocks worked in tandem with synthetic round slings of the same capacity to vertically lift a main truss beam, as BHC fulfilled a scope of work to an iconic venue that constantly hosts trade shows, sport, and music events.

The chain blocks also drew much attention, given their relatively uncommon utilization in such applications, especially in an urban setting. RSS will more frequently provide them for shipyard and other non-construction, heavy-lift applications.

Gordon Orr, regional manager — Scotland, at RSS, said: “We support BHC’s main facility here in Scotland, but they use our equipment at various projects throughout the UK. Our extensive depot network gives companies like this constant access to our equipment close to the point of requirement and use; we have recently delivered a range of lifting beams and tackle [to BHC].”

Orr reported a widespread uptick in business, citing petrochemical, construction, offshore, shipbuilding, and structural steelwork as particular hotbeds of activity as Q2 looms.

In fact, BHC was formed in 1992 with the capacity to fabricate 30t of structural steel per week; today, it can process 800t of such steel per week and services the agricultural, commercial, education, oil and gas, health, industrial, and power sectors daily. Its facilities and plant are in a recently extended 55-acre site, including a 7.4-acre (approx. 30,000-square metre) manufacturing hub.

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Rope And Sling Specialists Ltd, RSS, are one of the largest independent companies in the field of lifting equipment engineering in the UK.


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