Remembering Stanley Fishfader of Coordinated Companies

Stanley Fishfader of Coordinated Companies of California Dies at 96

Stanley Fishfader, who grew a small Compton junkyard, Cooperative Pipe and Steel, that his father Abe Fishfader purchased in 1938, into the Coordinated Companies of California, died peacefully at home at the age of 96.

At the age of 22, upon the death of his father, Stan became the patriarch of what would become a large extended family. As the leader of the Coordinated Companies, Stan’s word was all that was needed to solidify a business agreement.

Stan learned the practical applications of metallurgy, hydraulics, mechanics and other engineering disciplines because he was curious and truly enjoyed them. He was always trying to figure out how to improve things. His natural curiosity led to commercial successes while his company participated in the national movement to improve worker and production safety in America during the 60’s and 70’s. He accomplished this by hiring a talented group of professionals and developing mechanical testing facilities whose physical capabilities are still unmatched in the world some sixty years later.

Aerospace, construction, stevedoring, energy, manufacturing, and marine customers found they could rely on Stan’s engineers and technicians to design and perform tests that provided them valuable results. Concurrently, Stan, his son Scott, and their wonderful family of partners and employees built the wire rope businesses that still serve the western United States as part of the Certex organization. Stan loved the wire rope community of professionals and will be missed for his humanity, his humor and his selflessness.

… more about Stanley Fishfader. World War II saw Stan flying combat missions as an Army Air Force Radio Operator on a B-17 for the 490th Bomber Group. Their crew flew 21 missions and their survival defied the odds.

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