202212 Sky Bridge Denispagac 1

Record Breaking High Wire Act

Record Breaking High Wire Act

The World’s Longest Pedestrian Footbridge

article by Al Pirozzoli

Technology for building a bigger and better pedestrian footbridge is advancing in leaps and bounds. Currently, the world’s longest is Sky Bridge 721 in the Czech Republic. It is a new marvel of engineering and construction.

Competition is thriving and well, high in the sky. Being the best or first is no longer reserved for sports, it has permeated industry. In this case, it’s about the longest suspended pedestrian footbridges. Boasting rights were recently taken away from the previous title holder of longest suspension footbridge in the world, located in Arouca, Portugal at 1,693 feet in length. The new champion is Sky Bridge 721 which is some 672 feet longer and a new marvel of engineering and construction. It suspends at 3,610 feet above sea level in the Czech Republic as of May 2022. 

202212 Sky Bridge Denis Pagac

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