Products in the News

Products in the News

Product announcements from companies around the world active in the wire rope and sling technology industries. The products below have more details in our October 2021 Issue of Wire Rope News & Sling Technology magazine.

The Crosby Group Launches ChainSafe: The Crosby Group announces the launch of the Crosby Straightpoint ChainSafe – for the protection of cargo during transport.

Green Pin® ROV Shackles and Hooks: A Complete Range. P-6065 Green Pin ® Locking Clamp ROV Sling Shackle and P-6740 Green Pin® ROV Shank Hook E GR8

Modulift Adds New Product to their Portfolio: The clevis drop link and delta plate from Modulift.

OZ Lifting Expands Stainless Steel Range: OZ Lifting Products has added a 0.5-ton capacity manual chain hoist and trolley.

Get the Jump on Versatile Performance with Brass Knuckle® Grasshopper Dust Goggle / Spectacle: Lean, green comfort machine offers eye protection in two ways.

Van Gool Grows Calibration Service: This lifting and rigging equipment supplier has a new 350t capacity calibration rig at its facility near Amsterdam, Holland.

Introducing Modulift’s New Products, the TriMOD: The TriMOD is designed for 3-point lifts and is suitable for circular lifts.

Mazzella Launches New High-Performance Crane Rope Inspection Tool Kit: the portable High-Performance crane rope inspection tool kit is for mobile cranes.

Lifting Products to Manufacture GIS Crane Systems in the UK: The UK-based Lifting Products Limited will provide a full line of slewing jib cranes, light crane systems, and crane track from Swiss manufacturer GIS AG.

Brass Knuckle® SmartSkin™ Nitrile Gloves: Double-Dipped for Twice the Protection, Grip. Two coats of NBR for extra protection from the world’s worst jobs.

DICA Outrigger and Crane Pads Now Used Worldwide: DICA closed a historic sale in Antarctica to the United States Antarctic Program (USAP).

NEW Free-Standing Bridge Crane Kits: Overhead workstation cranes offer great value, quick and easy assembly.

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