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OZ Lifting Launches Dynamometer Lever Hoist

OZ Lifting has launched a third lever hoist range

Dyno-Hoist, a dynamometer-equipped product from 0.75 to 9 tons capacity.

The Winona, Minnesota-based manufacturer is the first to bring a lever hoist that includes a dynamometer to the North American market. It is available in 0.75, 1.5, 3, 6, and 9 tons capacity, matching the ranges of the company’s industrial and premium (overload protected) lever hoist offerings.

Dyno-Hoist, named by Richard Miller, sales manager, gives users a real-time reading of the load (in kilograms or pounds) they are applying to the hoist, whether it be a lifting or pulling application. An overload alert is triggered at 126%; the American Society of Mechanical Engineers requires that when a hoist is repaired or recertified, it gets tested at 125% of the rated capacity. OZ Lifting wanted to be sure that the hoist could be tested to that capacity without timing out. Against best practice advice, users could operate it beyond that point, but they would have no knowledge of the load being applied.

Steve Napieralski, president at OZ Lifting, said: “There is nothing out there in the marketplace like this hoist. I don’t think there is a specific market for it, but we recently displayed it at two industrial trade shows and there was specific interest from the aviation industry, as they must tension parts for testing and need to know the exact weight. It will be useful in any application where you need to know the weight of the load being applied to the hoist. Where you would have previously needed to use a shackle, dynamometer, and hoist, with Dyno-Hoist, you gain a significant amount of headroom because the load cell is an integral part of the unit.”

OZ Lifting’s industrial line of lever hoists already offers a good choice if users know the weight of the load. The premium line, meanwhile, is based on the same hoist but has overload protection. This has proved useful if the load weight is unknown, as the overload protection will activate at approximately 50% above the load rating. Notably, Dyno-Hoist’s dynamometer fitting itself can retrofit to either of the industrial or premium lever hoists. If a user has one of those models, they can purchase the load cell and complete installation.

The net weight of the units (head only), is 16.5, 27.94, 45.1, 66, and 96.80 lbs. in order of capacity, while the effort to lift the safe working load (SWL) in each instance is 31.4, 49.5, 72, 76.5, and 81 lbs. The first three models in the range have one fall of chain and the 6 and 9 tons versions, two and three falls respectively. Other features include all-steel construction; steel handle with rubber grip; zinc-plated load chain; forged alloy steel hooks; and fully-enclosed gearing. Dyno-Hoist meets or exceeds CE, ASME B30.21, and AS 1418.2 standards. Standard AA batteries offer a run time of 150 hours, but the product can be plugged into a 115/1/60 outlet. Each hoist is load tested and arrives with a test certificate, one-year warranty, and a free set of latches.

OZ Lifting will show a variety of davit cranes, hoists, and lifting components at this month’s Associated Wire Rope Fabricators (AWRF) Product Information Exhibition (PIE), which takes place at the Marriott Marquis Houston.


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