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New Premium Talurit 800T Swager Released

New premium Talurit® 800T swager released

The Talurit Group has developed and manufactured swagers for over 70 years. As a pioneer in its segment, their swagers have worked on sites throughout the world gaining a sterling reputation for reliability, efficiency, and durability. Now they are launching a new 800T swager with many value-adding features and a focus on easy and safe operation.

With a dynamic approach to the development and design of their products and system solutions, Talurit Group has stayed adaptive to current and future market demands. All Talurit®-branded machines are manufactured at the parent company´s certified facilities in Sweden where the engineering team also is located. With subsidiaries in Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Singapore and China together with a strong network of authorized distributors, the group has representation in most industrialized countries.

Talurit® swagers have led the way forward since the 40’s by continuously improving and adding new technologies that result in a higher return of investment for the customer. This year they are announcing the launch of their new 800T model, reinforcing their industry-leading portfolio of premium swagers further. The latest addition has a maximum swaging force of 8000 kN and combines field-proven solutions with new advancements. It comes generously equipped as standard with silencer, guided die holders, touch screen, built-in oil cooler and variable speed. Through excellent design and efficient use of material and power, the environmental footprint is drastically reduced both during manufacturing and under usage. For example, the Talurit® 800T swager needs 40% less natural resources during manufacturing and uses less than half as much hydraulic oil as the competition.

The large 10” touch screen has a clear and intuitive interface that can be used while keeping the working gloves on. Swaging results are perfected through the smart control system that allows the operator to easily access all the individual parameters and monitor the process. Truly developed with the operator in focus, the body is shaped to give large open access to the swaging area with 725 mm free space between the pillars. Furthermore, the working environment is enhanced through automatic control of the sound level, minimizing it to only 55 dB when not swaging.

Production cycle time is very fast, and overall efficiency is boosted thanks to the utilization of variable speed. This smart feature allows the speed to be adaptive and gradually slow only as the swaging force starts to increase, resulting in a much higher average speed during the cycle. Guided die holders prolong the machine’s lifespan and ensure minimum wear as it absorbs eccentrically applied forces during swaging operations where the sleeve, end stop or terminal is turned repeatedly.

Talurit Group´s many years of experience as a global player and leading manufacturer are evident in the smart design and superior build quality of their machines. The new 800T swager makes no exception, it is a demonstration of their R&D strength and ability to stay proactive in meeting their customer´s needs. Production is already set in motion and the first machine sold has been delivered to Italy already.

Victor Lindh, CEO at Talurit Group, comments:

“Equipped with smart and value-adding features for safe, ergonomic and efficient swaging operation, we believe that this new model is set for success. The long-lasting design not only saves the resources needed to build new swagers – it supports resale values when customers choose to renew their machine inventory in the distant future.”

Rikard Reijer, Research & Design Engineer at Talurit Group, comments:

“With the 800T swager we are able to combine technology proven a thousand times over with new innovative solutions and offer not only high performance and eco-efficiency, but a machine that you really enjoy using even for longer shifts. I think many will be amazed over how user-friendly, quiet and compact it is for a swager of this capacity.”

ABOUT Talurit Group

Talurit develops, manufactures, markets, and maintains equipment and systems for mechanical splicing of wire and wire rope. More information about the Talurit Group on www.talurit.com


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