Modulift Spreader Beam Lifting Pipe Argentina Bnr

Modulift Beam Lifts Argentina Gas Pipeline

Modulift Spreader Beam Facilitates Lift of Key Gas Pipeline in Argentina, a Significant Milestone in National Infrastructure Development

Argentinian lifting gear company ORTIZ FISCHER, in collaboration with one of the country’s leading construction firms Techint Group, has successfully utilised a Modulift Spreader Beam to hoist a 40-inch gas pipeline in Neuquén, Argentina.

Modulift Spreader Beam Lifting Pipe Section In Argentina

The project forms an integral part of Argentina’s largest infrastructure investment initiative; the President Néstor Kirchner Gas Pipeline (GPNK) project, aimed at substantially increasing the transport capacity from the principal oil and gas reservoir. At the heart of this 600km gas pipeline project, Modulift reaffirmed its standing as the leading manufacturer and supplier of below-the-hook lifting equipment, renowned globally as the number one choice.

Employing the MOD 70H Spreader Beam, capable of handling up to 100 tonnes of weight, Techint Group safely lifted the 40-inch cement lined pipe sections before positioning them into place. The beam was used at a length of 12 metres, made up of three individual struts, drop links and end units. The MOD 70H has a span of up to 8.5 metres (28 ft) or up to 14 metres (45 ft) at a lower capacity.

The Spreader Beam was purchased through Ortiz Fischer, one of Modulift’s global distributors. Based in Argentina, Ortiz Fischer stocks a range of Modulift spreader beams, including the MOD12, MOD24, MOD34, MOD50, and MOD70 models. This product lineup ensures a perfect fit for lifts ranging from 12t to 70t and can be collected on a same day service or delivered the next day directly on-site.

Techint is one of the leading construction companies in Argentina with almost 70 years’ experience working in the country’s main industrial sectors. They have taken on some of the country’s most complex projects in Argentine history. Santiago P. Ortiz, General Manager of Ortiz Fischer, said “Modulift’s commitment to high manufacturing and quality standards guarantees our customers a spreader beam with DNV Type Approval on a next day delivery service. We are proud of our relationship with such a highly regarded global supplier of below-the-hook lifting equipment.” Sarah Spivey, Managing Director of Modulift said “Thanks to global distributors such as Ortiz Fischer, we are able to supply a spreader beam to South America on a next day service. This saves the customer both time and money. Had it been shipped from our UK headquarters the lead time would be much longer and costly due to transportation. Customers can enjoy fast delivery of spreader beams with DNV Type Approval up to 2000t, eliminating the need for additional proof load testing.” To find your nearest global Modulift distributor, visit


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