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COVER PHOTO: People from all walks of life are innately aware of cranes; sometimes they collapse, but most don’t! At maximum capacities or load testing conditions, as seen on our cover, measurements and movements must be almost perfect for success. (Photograph courtesy of Dennis O’Rourke)

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Wire rope news and sling technology magazine February issue  2024

Featured Articles:

A Simple Tool for Modern Crane Safety

Article by Dennis J. O’Rourke, CSP, Historiographer, OSHA Part 1919 Maritime Surveyor

The author takes us on a walk through history to give us an uncomplicated look at the complex machine that has become the modern crane.

About 38,000 years ago, what we identify as ‘human-constructed’ dwellings (not just hollows) started showing up as people stayed in one spot and built their homes near the fields and streams that supported them. Condensing of the population was significant for learning by people observing and exposed to better ways of doing things and communicating – simple as an OJT apprenticeship. So, one could say that humanity has been in a centuries-long training program, a trial-and-error method with scores of failed tests along the way! (read the full article on page 8 in the magazine)

Crane Hazard Recognition

Article by Dennis J. O’Rourke

Recognition of hazards to avoid in the material handling workplace is becoming difficult because of the larger size and complexity of modern equipment. The people who operate and maintain cranes need classroom education to improve their detection abilities.

Having involved myself with crane operations for more than sixty-five years and been designated by the insurance industry as a professional in safety and participation in commercial and federal crane safety committees, one would think that my skills must have grown to a bursting point – well, they haven’t. What keeps me humble is the growing number of complex (and, then again, not so complex) crane accidents and the size of teh jobs attempted. Modern activity has placed me on guard – for what’s next! (read the full article on page 18 in the magazine)

Diesel Prices Take Flight

Article by Phillip M. Perry

One year after our February 2023 article on the cost of diesel fuel, we take an updated look at the current price trends. Today’s economy shows us that it’s a very different story.

Diesel prices remain at historically high levels, despite declining over the past year. Production cuts by oil-producing nations and the high cost of building new refineries have led to a reduction in available supplies and buoyed the pump price tag. When looking to meet government mandates for eco-friendly fuel, truckers are eyeing so-called “renewable diesel” as an alternative to electricity. (read the full article on page 26 in the magazine)


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  • Denny’s Crane & Rigging Notes (by Dennis J. O’Rourke) – Wet Brakes Cause Accidents
  • Inventor’s Corner (by William Fischer):
    • Ball Assembly
    • LED puck holder for wire rope tension grids
    • Zipline trolley
    • Wire rope inspection system and wire rope inspection method
    • Governor assembly and elevator
    • Towing attachment installable on work machine
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