202212 issue of Wire Rope News & Sling Technology cover

Dec Issue of WRN

December 2022 – Wire Rope News & Sling Technology Magazine

COVER PHOTO: A sense of relief after the last piece of grating is placed. As the deck was being laid simultaneously from opposite sides toward the middle, it was thought the final centerpiece would need to be adjusted to fit the remaining space. In the end, a standard piece was used, as all calculations and installations were more accurate than expected. (Photograph courtesy of Taros Nova)

202212 issue of Wire Rope News & Sling Technology cover

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Featured Articles:

Record Breaking High Wire Act

Article by Al Pirozzoli

Technology for building a bigger and better pedestrian footbridge is advancing in leaps and bounds. Currently, the world’s longest is Sky Bridge 721 in the Czech Republic. It is a new marvel of engineering and construction.

Cargo Containers Part II: People Move Containers!

Article by Dennis J. O’Rourke. Millions of tons of cargo are being shipped worldwide daily by drivers, operators, riggers, and lashers. New labor-saving equipment has reduced the numbers of their ranks by three-quarters. With robots and automatic equipment in the planning, future reductions are expected.

Forecast 2023

Article by Phillip M. Perry. A cautionary look ahead to next year’s economy, through prudent measures, can smooth the bumps in the road until things pick up again.


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