Talurit Cc50t Product

Cutting Efficiency: Introducing the CC50T & LK45 by Talurit

Revolutionizing Cutting Efficiency with Talurit Meet the CC50T and the LK45

Talurit® CC 50T and LK 45 Cutting Machines

Meet two of our most popular cutting machines – the Talurit® CC 50T chain cutting machine, and the Talurit® LK 45 wire rope cutting machine.

Talurit Cc50t Product

CC 50T – Chain Cutting Machine:

The Talurit® CC 50T chain cutter excels in effortlessly handling chains up to Ø 1″ inch with Grade 100, prioritizing operational efficiency and safety. Tailored for heavy-duty use and large quantities, its hydraulically operated pinch-ended cuts and user-friendly foot pedal ensure precise cutting and good ergonomics. With its smart hydraulic control system, the performance is boosted while workshop noise levels are kept under 70 dB (A).

LK 45 – Wire Rope Cutting machine:

Talurit Lk 45 Fyrkant Framifran

The Talurit® LK 45 manual wire rope cutting machine is a popular choice, designed for cutting preformed wire ropes with ease. Its open design allows for swift operation and since it is equipped with many smart features it does now require much experience or training to operate safely. With cutting capacities of up to Ø 1 ¾ inch, and grindable shears for optimal cutting quality, the LK 45 ensures efficient and precise cutting tailored to various wire rope constructions.

It is possible to choose between a stationary and movable wire rope cutting station by either having it mounted on a stand (1VS) or on a wagon (1VW).

The LK 45 cutting machine can be mounted in either position B or C at delivery. And it is possible to rearrange the position after delivery as well.

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