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Chant Engineering Welcomes Young Engineers for Industry Innovation

Chant Engineering Welcomes Young, Ambitious Engineers to Ignite Innovation in the Industry

Chant Engineering, a leading force in precision engineered test equipment, is proud to announce the exciting addition of a cadre of young and ambitious engineers to its growing multidisciplined team of 15 engineers. This strategic move is aimed at infusing fresh perspectives, dynamic energy, and leading-edge discoveries into the industry.

Embracing the Future of Engineering:

Chant Engineering has always been committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, and this latest hiring initiative reinforces that commitment. By bringing in a group of talented and forward-thinking engineers, Chant aims to harness the power of diverse ideas and youthful enthusiasm to drive innovation in the lifting and rigging world.

Why the Emphasis on Young Talent?

This is a mature industry and the leadership at Chant recognizes the invaluable contributions that young professionals can bring to the table. These engineers represent the future of the industry, with a passion for cutting-edge technologies, sustainability, and creative problem-solving that aligns seamlessly with Chant Engineering’s vision.

CEO Statement:

Philip Chant, Owner of Chant Engineering, expressed enthusiasm about the new additions, stating, ‘We believe in investing in the future, and that means investing in the bright minds and fresh ideas that the next generation of engineers brings. We are excited to welcome these young talents to Chant Engineering, where they will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our industry.’

Joining a Tradition of Excellence:

While Chant Engineering looks toward the future, it remains firmly rooted in a tradition of excellence that spans over five decades. The combination of seasoned experts and fresh talent positions the company as a dynamic force ready to tackle the challenges and opportunities of the evolving industrial machinery marketplace. 

About Chant Engineering Co. Inc.

Founded in 1970, Chant Engineering Co. Inc. is a global engineering and manufacturing firm that specializes in building high-quality testing machinery, reeling machines, test stands and related equipment. Chant serves customers worldwide in both the industrial and military markets. Chant is a family-owned USA based manufacturing business located in New Britain, Pennsylvania. Chant manufactures or distributes every type of machine used in rigging shops and more. Chant is also the North American Distributor for several international partners as follows: Dynamic Load Monitoring (DLM) (United Kingdom) and Friedrich Hoppe (Germany). As a nationally recognized ISO/IEC 17025:2017 calibration facility, Chant has precision calibration equipment traceable back to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

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