Chant Engineering Introduces Certlink

Chant Engineering Introduces CertLink Software

Chant Engineering Introduces CertLink Software

CertLink is a joint venture between Chant Engineering Company Inc. and TessaLink LP, to offer a cloud-based service for testing certificates.

This affordable and simple solution allows rigging shop customers access to their test certificates from anywhere. Including on the jobsite via the CertLink phone app. CertLink has unlimited users, free installation, free training, and a free 60-day trial period. Your proof test machine must have internet connection for CertLink to provide access to customers’ test certificates. CertLink comes pre-installed on any new Chant testbeds and can be installed on any machine during calibration. CertLink streamlines equipment load testing certification and recertification storing the certificate automatically in a secure location. Data is stored in a government-approved cloud that complies with international security requirements. Data moving from industrial devices to the cloud is encrypted during transit.

There is no extra computer needed, software, or huge learning curve. With no start-up costs and a free 60-day trial, rigging shops can be up and running immediately for free. Once up and running the rigging shop customers log in, enter the serial number, and download the certificate – it’s that easy! The advanced search allows users to search for certificates by date, names, notes, tests that passed or failed, and abandoned. Searches can be narrowed down by customer or location and even operator IDs. This software saves time and makes finding test certificates easier. Users will never lose or misplace a test certificate again.

CertLink software is available in all Chant enabled testing equipment. Customers can opt-in or out of a maintenance and support contract after an initial trial period.

Put our 50+ years of proven testing machine experience to work for you and let’s make the world a safer place. Contact our sales department for more information:


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