carcano alloy fittings change color with heat

Cartec Alloy Fittings Change Color with Heat

Cartec Alloy Fittings Change Color with Heat

Since early 2000, all CARTEC items grade 80 and 100 have been supplied with powder paint. This paint has the characteristic of being an excellent overheating indicator because it can change its color while temperatures rise. When temperatures rise over 390°F, the product color changes from red/orange to brown, and it becomes black at 750°F.

It is important to be aware of the adverse effects that exposure to excessive heat will have on alloy fittings. CARTEC supplies their grade 100 chain fittings and lifting points with paint that will change color after being exposed to extreme temperatures. This provides a great visual overheat indicator. Once above 390 F, the product starts to change from the original salmon color to red/orange, then to brown as it gets hotter. The product will eventually become black at 750 F.

CARTEC, based in Italy, manufactures a full line of grade 80 and 100 chain fittings, hoist rings, weld-on fittings and other lifting points. CARTEC is supplied to the North American market by All Material Handling, Inc., Chicago, IL. AMH stocks CARTEC grade 100 fittings for up to 1-1/4” chain in 4 US warehouse locations.


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