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The Bilco Group Welcomes New Ownership and Management

The Bilco Group Welcomes New Ownership and Management

In a significant announcement, The Bilco Group of Companies, nestled in the heart of Hillside, New Jersey, proudly unveils transformative changes in ownership and management effective April 1, 2024. As the leading voice in wire rope industry insights, we are thrilled to bring you the exclusive scoop on these developments shaping the future landscape of Bilco.

A Shift in Leadership Dynamics

After 40 years of steadfast dedication to Bilco and the wire rope industry, Mike Cuccinello, the esteemed President, embarks on a new journey as Corporate Vice President. While Mike embraces a semi-retired status, with three days dedicated to remote work, his focus pivots towards leisure pursuits including golf, boating, and cherished family time.

New Stewards of Excellence

Stepping into the forefront of Bilco’s legacy are Alex R. Meder and Jason S. Lemberg, the torchbearers of innovation and progress. Alex assumes the mantle of responsibility for administrative duties, procurement, and inside sales operations. Meanwhile, Jason spearheads the charge in expanding Bilco’s customer base, pioneering new product development, and orchestrating the national sales program. Together, they ascend to the title of President, seamlessly integrating into the esteemed executive team alongside Barry and Eric.

A Unified Vision for Success

Barry I Lemberg, CEO and Eric W Meder, CFO, the stalwarts of Bilco’s success story, express their elation towards this momentous transition. With unwavering enthusiasm, they anticipate a future brimming with growth and prosperity under the dynamic stewardship of Alex and Jason. The fusion of experience, innovation, and passion promises an exciting chapter in Bilco’s journey, resonating with the company’s ethos of excellence and customer-centricity.

Embracing Change, Embracing Excellence

As the winds of change sweep through Bilco’s corridors, one thing remains constant: a commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and service. With Alex and Jason at the helm, Bilco fortifies its position as an industry leader, poised to navigate the evolving landscape with agility and resilience.

ABOUT Bilco Group of Companies

The Bilco Group is comprised of four companies, designed to provide premiere products and services to the Rigging and Lifting Industry. Bilco Wire Rope features one of the largest stocks of wire rope, chain and rigging hardware in the eastern U.S. Shaw Belting Company provides quality nylon and polyester web sling and tie down products. East Coast Anchor services the needs of heavy marine and tug boat customers along the east coast. Doran Sling can fabricate any type of Wire Rope, synthetic rope or chain sling assembly. More info on


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