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April 2023 Issue of WRN

April 2023 – Wire Rope News & Sling Technology Magazine

COVER PHOTO: This lattice boom and jib were lowered for inspection after the auxiliary hook ball contacted and lifted the jib. Incidents like this are common without proper limit switches for over-hoisting. Photo credit Dennis O’Rourke

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Featured Articles:

The Woes of Two-Blocking Cranes

Article by Dennis J. O’Rourke.

The hazard of over-hoisting and severing the wire rope, dropping a load, will always exist with lifting cranes. The preventive improvement over the years has helped but has not eliminated this deadly exposure.

The over-hoisting of a load block into the supporting sheaves occurs and has killed. The meaning of two-blocking has confused some. It comes from the era when extra rope parts were needed to increase the purchase (mechanical advantage) of the lifting system for heavy loads. Two blocks were used, one block held by the boom or a structure and a second hook block supported by ropes. The hoist’s multi-part reeving is accomplished by the rope first passing over the point sheave down to the load block and continuing to the support block until the needed number of parts is achieved.

Roebling’s Invention Rescues the Marines in World War II

Article by Peter Hilebrant

The Roebling name is not just synonymous with wire rope. Other ideas came from this creative family, including an amphibious vehicle crucial in saving our soldiers in the Second World War.

The name Roebling is difficult to separate from wire rope cable in the United States. Bridges still stand as an important testimony to the strength of both wire rope and its capacity to change our world. Among the varied inventions associated with the Roebling family, one, involved in events in the mid-20th century may not be as well-known.

Cabling & Caring for Large Trees

Article by Elizabeth Anson Phelps

We all get old, and so do the mighty oaks and elms. This crew comes to the aid of these woody perennials with the help of wire rope.

From the smallest pine to the largest oak, trees are an essential part of our ecosystem. Due to their impressive size and nature, large trees have particular needs that require special care from professionals proficient in the art of analyzing the intricacies of big trees. Oaks, in particular, do not take kindly to trimming, and certain configurations are prone to break. That’s why vulnerable growth structures require cable for support. That’s also why Wire Rope News chose a field reporter with a personal relationship with cabling large oak trees to investigate the topic.

James Fetter: Motivation Beyond Muncy

Article by Jason Fetter

A tribute to the passing of the president of Muncy Industries and a great American patriot.


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