YOKE Yellow Point

YOKE YP Going Digital Makes Jobs Safer!

YOKE Yellow Point Going Digital Makes Jobs Safer!

YOKE has been continuously offering better solutions for enterprises to create a safer working environment.

Yellow Point has replaced hundreds of thousands of eyebolts and many risky lifting points around the world. YOKE has gone further to develop its safety feature, now with a RFID chip embedded as a standard specification for enterprises to execute better management on a daily or periodic inspection, which is required by DGUV GS-OA-15-04, ASME B30.26 or other national and international regulations.

Unlike other RFID chips that need a specific reader to read its unique ID number (also known as “Universal ID” or “UID”), YOKE uses pioneering technology to make the chips readable by NFC even while being embedded in the steel, which is prevalent in the smartphones. It will allow immediate access to the latest inspection result and a Pre-use check in the field. Now here’s a tip of free trial of Pre-use check to yellow points: Downloading the RiConnectApp (by iOS or Android system) and sign in as a guest then start to scan.


YOKE is a professional industrial lifting safety hooks manufacturer. Safety is their first priority. Check with your local YOKE supplier and ask for Yellow Point or view more YP information yoke.net.


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