Talurit Group

Amalia Jonssons Gata 29
Gothenburg, 421 31

Contact: Rasmus Carlsson


Annealing Machines Manual & Automatic

Buttons & Ferrules Talurit® Standard & Custom

Cutters: Wire Rope/Chain Talurit® up to 65mm/25mm

Cutting & Fusing Machines Manual & Automatic

Dies: Hydraulic Swage Talurit® Standard & Custom

Fittings/Terminations Complete range on our website

Fittings/Terminations: Custom Designed Talurit® Custom Designed

Fittings: Logging Talurit® Products

Fittings: Marine Talurit® Products

Fittings: Stainless Talurit® Products (INOX)

Fittings: Swage Complete range on our website

Payoff Equipment Talurit® Standard & Custom

Proof Test Machines Talurit® Test Beds up to 300mT

Proof Testing/Calibration

Sleeves Complete range on our website

Sockets: Swage Talurit® Products

Special Swage Fittings Talurit® Custom Design

Swaging Machines: Hydraulic Talurit® Swagers 5T - 4200T

Swaging Tools Talurit® Hand Tools for Swaging

Takeup Equipment Talurit® Standard & Custom

Test Benches Talurit® Test Benches up to 300mT

Thimbles Solid, Fed Spec