Bishop Lifting

2301 Commerce St., Suite 110
Houston TX 77002
United States

Contact: David Moseley


Cranes: Load Testing Static & Water Weights

Custom Lifting Devices Liftmax®

Engineering PE on Staff, 3D Modeling, FEA

Hardware: Rigging Crosby, Van Beest, CM

Hardware: Web Sling Steel Triangles, Lumber Sorters

Lifting Beams: Load Leveling Liftmax® Lifting Beams

Load Cells Crosby Straightpoint

Man Baskets Liftmax® Personnel Baskets

Proof Testing/Certification Up to 3.3 Million Lbs.; 265 Ft. Bed

Roundslings Tuffy TFG Flexi-Grip

Slings: Chain Campbell® Welded Chain Slings

Slings: High Performance Fiber Twin-Path Extra®, CoverMax®

Slings: Nylon/Polyester Industrial, Marine, Pipeline

Slings: Tubular Tuffy Products

Slings: Twin Path Slingmax® Fabricator

Slings: Wire Mesh Cambridge Repair Station

Slings: Wire Rope Liftmax 9, 3, 6, & 8 Part Braids

Special Lifting Devices: Design & Fabrication Liftmax®

Spreader Beams Liftmax® Spreader Bars

Testing Services: Wire Rope & Sling Up to 3.3 Million Lbs.; 265 Ft. Bed

Wire Rope WireCo, Union, Oliveira, Casar