Associated Wire Rope & Rigging, Inc.

140 Sheldon St
El Segundo CA 90245
United States

Contact: Bob Levy or Scott Fishfader


Anchors All Types to 50K lbs., Connectors

Blocks Crane, Rolling, BC, ABS, DNV, API

Buoys Gov't & Coast Guard Approved

Cable Terminators Sockets .25" To 6.5" All Types

Chain Anchor, Buoy & Lashing - All Sizes

Chain Attachments GN & NEMAG, All Sizes

Clips: Wire Rope Domestic, GN - Holland, Van Beest

Cordage GN Thimbles for Fiber Rope

Crane Blocks RopeBlock - All Models to 3500T

Custom Lifting Devices Triangle Plates, Specials to 3500T

Drop Forging Hooks - Shank, Eye, ROV to 1200T

Fenders Pneumatic by Yokohama, Foam

Fishing Sea-Link Wood & Steel Shell

Fishing Gear

Fittings & Hardware: High Performance Slings GN Sling Protector Shackle to 2500T

Fittings & Hardware: Wire Rope/Chain GN & RopeBlock

Fittings/Terminations GN & RopeBlock

Fittings/Terminations: Custom Designed GN & RopeBlock

Fittings: Marine GN Mooring & Subsea

Forging GN Rope Fittings

Hardware: Marine GN, RopeBlock & Sea-Link

Hardware: Rigging GN, RopeBlock & Sea-Link

Importer/Distributor GN, RopeBlock & Sea-Link

Lift Rings GN Links, Assy, Connector to 600T

Mooring GN CR Mooring Components & ROV

Nets: Fishing

Overhaul Balls RopeBlock Mobile & Subsea, DNV, ABS

Rigging Hardware GN Rope Fittings, RopeBlock

Rigging: Industrial GN Rope Fittings, RopeBlock

Shackles GN-Forged-All Types 120T to 2500T

Sheaves Cast, Fab, Nylon, ABS, DNV, API

Sockets: Anchor Pendant GN - All Sizes

Sockets: Bridge RopeBlock

Sockets: Mooring All Sizes, Incl. Subsea Swivel Type

Sockets: Spelter RopeBlock, DNV & Lloyds Type Appr.

Sockets: Wedge RopeBlock Open-Closed 5/16" to 3-1/4"

Splicing: Vises Sea-Link 4 Models 3/16" to 3-1/2"

Surplus Fittings, Blocks Equipment, Wire

Swivels To 1,500T - DNV, ABS & Subsea

Thimbles GN-Solid Mooring, Sea-Link Hawser

Turnbuckles Standard & HD Lifting to 250T

Vises Sea-Link Riggers Vises