Lifting Gear Hire Corp.

9925 S. Industrial Drive
Bridgeview IL 60455
United States

Contact: Tony Fiscelli


Air-Skates Rental

Blocks Rental/Sales Single & Multi Sheaves

Cable Hoist Pullers Rental

Clamps: Beam Rental/Sales 1 To 25 Ton

Clamps: Lifting Rental/Sales 15 To 35 Ton

Clamps: Plate Rental/Sales 1 To 3 Ton

Clips: Wire Rope Sales

Cranes: Gantry Rental 1 To 20 Ton

Fittings & Hardware: Wire Rope/Chain Sales

Hoists: Chain/Electric/Lever/Manual Rental

Jacks Rental 5 To 1000 Ton

Load Cells Rental 1 To 100 Ton

Man Baskets Rental/Sales

Rams: Hydraulic Rental 5 To 1000 Ton

Rentals Hoisting/Pulling/Jacking/Rig Equip.

Rollers Rental 3-3/4 To 150 Ton

Roundslings Rental/Sales

Shackles Rental 1 To 350 Ton

Slings: Chain Sales

Slings: High Performance Fiber Rental

Slings: Nylon/Polyester Rental/Sales

Slings: Wire Rope Rental

Spreader Beams Rental

Trolleys Rental 1 To 50 Ton

Tuggers Rental Air/Electric 1/2 To 11 Ton