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Static & Dynamic Vertical Test Beds

                                                For Chain Hoists & Lifting Devices

                                                ● Low & high range load cells

                                                ● Heavy-duty machine frame

                                                ● Full load tensile testing
                                                ● Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)

                                                ● PC touch screen operator controls

                                                ● Chant DataTEST™ software for test certificates

                                                ● Stand-alone mobile or fully-enclosed operator
                                                   safety guards

         Testing Machinery for the Wire Rope & Rigging Industry

         Call 215.230.4260 for a quote or more information

         Chant Engineering Co. Inc. .  59 Industrial Drive . New Britain, PA 18901 . .



                                                        WE MAKE THE MOST COMPACT LARGE RANGE

                                                        RIGGING SWAGERS IN THE WORLD!

                                                                             p COMPACT
                                                                                 -   LOW WEIGHT
                                                                                 -   SMALL FOOTPRINT
                                                                             p TURNBACK/FLEMISH EYE
                                                                             p TOUCH PANEL CONTROL

                                                                             p OPTIONAL RIGGING ARM DEVICE

                4200T SWAGER                                 2000T SWAGER    p OPERATOR FRIENDLY

           SWAGERS               DIES            FERRULES             HAND TOOLS             TEST BEDS
             COILING MACHINES                 ANNEALING MACHINES                 CUTTING MACHINES
          MADE                    Chant Engineering is the North American Distributor for TALURIT®
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