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Calibration & Service

                                                   You know us for our machinery. What you may not know
                                                   is that Chant has one of the largest calibration and service
                                                   teams in the industry.

                                   Stacey Lysek    Testing is invalid unless your machinery is correctly
                                   Service Coordinator   calibrated and in compliance with the ASTM-E4, ISO7500,
                                   Chant Engineering  and by association ASTM-E74 and ISO17025 Standards
                                                   traceable back to NIST. Along with meeting these standards,
                                                   in today’s world test data collection and retrieval is critical to
                                                   protecting your business.
                                                   Chant has the equipment, the certifications, experience and
                                                   the proven reputation for serving our customers since 1970.
                                                   Let us help you with the best practices possible for your
                                                   business, now and in the future.

         Testing Machinery for the Wire Rope & Rigging Industry
                     Ask about our 5-Year Calibration Contracts

         Call 215.230.4260 for a quote or more information

         Chant Engineering Co. Inc. .  59 Industrial Drive . New Britain, PA 18901 . .




                                                                                CUTTING, MEASURING

                                                                                AND COILING SYSTEM

                                                                                GIVING YOU:
                                                                                p A SAFER  WORKSPACE

                                                                                p A BETTER LENGTH ACCURACY
                                                                 UL 200
            AVL-5000B                                                           p AN EFFICIENT WORK FLOW
                                              LKA 28

           SWAGERS               DIES            FERRULES             HAND TOOLS             TEST BEDS
             COILING MACHINES                 ANNEALING MACHINES                 CUTTING MACHINES
          MADE                    Chant Engineering is the North American Distributor for TALURIT®
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