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When Lives are on the Line

               U.S. Rigging Supply Takes on Ever-Changing

                        Safety Challenges of Fall Protection

                                                  by Barbara Spencer
         “Fifty feet in the air above Fountain Street, Kyle Coulombe, dusted in rust and as
         lean as a cable, shimmies up a naked steel column toward an 800-pound beam
         suspended above his head.” So begins the front page story of a recent Providence
         Sunday Journal. For this small capital city of Rhode Island, the construction of the
         Residence Inn Providence Hotel is big news.*

                                                                                     s a third generation ironworker,
                                                                                     Kyle has a job that he says suits
                                                                               A his  personality  and  skills  just
                                                                               fine. He’s fearless. On this day, as the
                                                                               crane operator hoists the beam close to
                                                                               him, Kyle connects it to another beam.
                                                                               Then,  as the crane continues  to hold
                                                                               the  beam, Kyle  walks  its  length  and
                                                                               then attaches the other end.
                                                                                 “Having bolted the close end, Kyle now
                                                                               attaches his safety line to the top flange
                                                                               of the beam. It trails behind him as he
                                                                               ambles to the middle of the beam – hang-
                                                                               ing by a cable from the crane hook.
                                                                                 “He slips around the cable, resets his
                                                                               safety  line  and  walks  to the  end.  The
                                                                               beam dips slightly from his weight.”
                                                                                 “That guy’s nuts,” says one admiring
                                                                                 As Kyle nimbly traverses the beams,
                                                                               he depends not just on his steely nerve,
                                                                               but also his strength, agility… and that
                                                                               safety assembly attached to the har-
                                                                               ness around his chest.
                                                                                 Companies like U.S. Rigging Sup-
                                                                               ply know how critical their safety
                                                                               products are.
                                                                                 “Our involvement in safety came over
                                                                               time through my ownership of the Peli-
                                                                               can Rope Manufacturing company,” says
                                                                               Terry Walker,  CEO. “We had already
                                                                               been making a fall protection life safety
                                                                               rope for many years, under our brand
                                                                               and private labeled for many major safe-
                                                                               ty companies. It just made sense that we
                                                                               would get involved with the safety stan-
                                                                               dards and integrating hardware with
                                                                               ropes for assemblies, lanyards and verti-
                                                                               cal lifelines. We do a lot of that for OEM
                                                                               and distribution partners.”
                                                                                 Most of their customers are original
                                                                               equipment manufacturer (OEM) rigging
                                                                               shops. They supply a variety of types of
                                                                               rigging  equipment  and hardware,  in-
                                                                               cluding safety and fall protection.
                                                                                 “For instance, our ProClimb brand
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         Working  on trees at the Phantom Ranch,  located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon,
         Ryan Gardner of CutRite Forestry demonstrates safe practices with U.S. Rigging Supply fall   *”Iron Men,” by Tom Mooney, Providence Sunday Journal,
         protection gear. Photo courtesy of Steven Mueller                     July 22, 2018.
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