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Note from the Editor


                                                      OF PUBLISHING FOR

                  YEARSTHE INDUSTRY

                   o much has changed in the material handling industry from
                   our first issue in 1979 (shown on the right) to the current
              Sissue you hold in your hands. As a pioneer magazine for
              this sector of the industrial world, we’ve been honored to have
              so many of you read our current event articles as well as the
              historic pieces that we’ve highlighted over the years.
               We’d like to think that our founder, Ed Bluvias (who passed
              away in 2013), would be proud to see how much farther the
              industry has progressed, while knowing that Wire Rope News &
              Sling Technology has kept right in step with those changes.
               We’ve featured articles that prove the longevity of time-
              honored methods of lifting, and others that show incredible
              new tools and products that often improve the way material
              is handled. But either way, we always stress the importance of
              maintaining industry standards of safety.
               Whether it’s the history of wire rope or getting the word
              out about new composites and materials on the market, Wire
              Rope News & Sling Technology has been there to educate and
              keep you informed. We strive to do this with ongoing sections
              like The Inventors Corner, compiled by Bill Fischer (a favorite
              of many readers) and new features, such as Dennis O’Rourke’s
              “Notes” page that gives a personal account of machine usage and testing in the field.
               We hope to continue this journey for another 40 years, and we certainly would not be able to do that
              without the amazing companies whose advertisements introduce us to the latest innovations, products and
              services that are available. Another big thank you goes out to you, our thousands of loyal subscribers, who
              look forward to seeing each bi-monthly issue. And we always appreciate those who reach out to us with
              suggestions, criticisms or praises so that we can improve the content we publish each issue.
               Now, please join us in celebrating the beginning of our 40th year! As always, check out our ever-changing
              website where you can flip through the current issue, or download PDF files of past issues to catch up.
              Those of you looking for products or services can make use of our updated and
              improved online Suppliers Directory search feature.
               Thank you all for being a part of our family for 40 years!

         8      Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   October 2018
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