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long-term strategy for healthcare is to
         BUSINESS LOAN                      create a plan for cutting expenditures   PEOPLE IN THE NEWS
         continued from page 32             for your high-cost claimants,” says Du   continued from previous page
         has only a few people who want to get   Bois. Small groups without adequate   workforce development and outreach
         health insurance, making participation   claims data should have employees fill   to those wishing to have exciting and
         requirements difficult to meet.    out personal  health questionnaires,   financially rewarding careers.”
           The Trump administration is con-  she says. “Then the next step is to tar-  To that end, the vision and goals of in-
         sidering allowing larger employers to   get those costs which are driving your   coming president Dave Wittwer are in
         offer similar plans called individual   premiums  by helping  those  claimants   line with this overarching mission – as
         coverage health reimbursement ar-  navigate to the lowest cost and highest   he looks forward to starting his term at
         rangements (ICHRAs). These may be-  quality option for care.”         a time when the Foundation is well-posi-
         come legal beginning in 2020.        And don’t overlook outside help. “Insur-  tioned to seize upon new opportunities.
           Finally, an alternative arrangement   ance brokers are in the position to help   “We welcome an  updated strategic
         is  to  increase  the  salary  of  employees   employers save a lot of money on health-  plan  in  2019,  the  inclusion  of  Lift  &
         with  the  idea  that  they  can—but  are   care,”  says  Du  Bois.  “A  simple  example   Move and continued funding of work-
         not required—to use their additional in-  is implementing a virtual care program   force  development  initiatives,”  he  in-
         come to buy their own insurance. Such   paired with employee education, as a cost-  dicated.  “One  of  my  priorities  during
         an increase, though, would be subject   efficient alternative to office visits.”  the next two years, consistent with the
         to payroll taxes. (Additionally, busi-  Employers can  address high  health   strategic plan, is to stabilize the funding
         nesses with 50 or more FTEs, and for   care  costs by tracking  internal  usage   mechanism  for  vocational  scholarships
         that reason are subject to the employer   and  staying  abreast of  new  coverage   and educational scholarships. By doing
         mandate, would incur penalties because   options resulting from more expansive   so, we attract new employees to the in-
         the increased salary on its own does not   federal regulations.  Despite changes   dustry and enhance the knowledge base
         constitute health insurance coverage).  in  the  health  insurance  environment,   of existing employees who, in turn, will
                                            though, the quest for affordability  is   be valuable, contributing employees to
         NEW CHANNELS                       not likely to end any time soon. “Health   SC&RA member companies.”
           Employers looking  to shave  health   care is expensive for most employers,”   For more information on the SC&R
         insurance costs should first get a grip   says Kaiser’s  Altman. “Finding the   Foundation Board and Committees,
         on  how  their  workers  are  utilizing   right insurance  remains an ongoing,   please contact Jackie Roskos, Founda-
         medical care. “The only way to create a   chronic headache.” WRN      tion Director, at n
         CROSSWORD                      by Myles Mellor           Answers on our website:

         Across                         Hints are often found in recent issues of Wire Rope News!
           1  Company with the largest selection of wire rope and     17  Provide new tools for
               rigging/fastening products on the west coast USA    18  Web address separator
           5  Action often used in 3D printing                 20  Positive (about)
           8  _____ stock (common form of raw purified metal)    21  One of the four fundamental states of matter
           9  3D printing is also called ____ manufacturing    24  Informed
           10  New process for manufacturing crane hooks       26  Guess
           12  Headquarters                                    28  Source of solar power
           14  Give a nickname to                              30  Word of rejection
           15  Double curve                                    31  Pixel density
           16  Rub harshly against
           19  Mechanical men, being used more and more in
           22  The I in the TIG power source method
           23  He patented the use of depositing molten metal in
               superimposed layers to build-up objects
           25  It may be natural
           27  Unit of magnetic induction
           29  One piece of wire twisted to form wire rope
           32  Tea Party state
           33  It’s pulled on a pulley
           34  Reliable

           1  Capable of bearing heavy weights
           2  Terminals in a computer network
           3  Pair up
           4  Carson City is its capital
           5  Cutting tool
           6  It supports many heavy loads, 2 words
           7  Gives a title to
           11  Take in, as pressure for example
           13  Environmental protection agency, abbr.

         78     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   June 2019
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