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PEOPLE IN THE NEWS                 general fabrication, or otherwise.”
         continued from previous page         Ashley  Thacker  responded:  “We
         phase of gazelle growth,  having  re-  regularly talk about the importance of
         cently moved to expanded facilities and   our extended family or employees and
         opened a second site in Melbourne, Vic-  that ethos pressurises us to make the
         toria. Success, said Essey, will be based   right appointments. In Will I have no
         on the company’s continued  ability to   doubt that we have added to our sales
         maintain the  core  values  of  a family-  force  someone  that  not  only  fits  the
         owned, independent business with ex-  mould but also brings an individual
         panded scale and market presence.  flare and personality to the company.
           Essey, himself, will focus on the Syd-  I look forward to working with Will
         ney  market,  however.  He  continued:   and providing the support he requires
         “With  my major  client  base  being  in   to be successful in the immediate and
         construction  and civil, plenty of work   long-term future.”
         will  be site based. I like  to maintain   Essey  concluded:  “There  is  a  clear
         ongoing dialogue with clients and the   drive [at Ranger] to become a promi-
         most effective method is through face-  nent  and even  a  dominant player in
         to-face contact. This approach allows   the market and that mission excites
         me to meet urgent stock requirements   me given the individual and collective
         by delivering  orders,  which  in  turn   efforts all staff need to make to achieve
         opens  up  additional sales  opportuni-  that  ambitious goal. By taking this
         ties. The same approach can be applied   role,  I recognise  that I have accepted
         to most end user markets, whether they   a challenge to improve every day and
         be marble and granite, glass handling,   seize opportunity.” n
         CROSSWORD                      by Myles Mellor           Answers on our website:

                                        Hints are often found in recent issues of Wire Rope News!
         Across                                                8  Covered with zinc
           1  Wire Rope News & Sling Technology is celebrating     13  Corrosion resistant metallic element
               ____  years in operation                        15  State with the Golden Gate Bridge
           5  Method of forming metals                         17  Joule fraction
           9  Spanish for gold                                 18  State where the Claiborne/Pell bridge spans the
           10  Large shade tree                                   Narragansett Bay
           11  Winders with spools                             20  Designer and prime contractor of the Predigtstuhl-bahn
           12  Key metal for the wire rope industry            21  Sixth sense
           14  ___ welder                                      25  Natural layer of accumulated matter
           16  18th century Swiss mathematician                27  Line of rope formed by complex fibers twisted together
           19  Keyboard key                                    30  Swivel hoist and eye hoist, for example
           21  1849-1889 was the ___ when most wire rope forms     32  Mixed metal
               were devised in the U.S.                        34  Brief swim
           22  Part of an eye                                  37  Beetle makers
           23  ___ Angeles
           24  Largest country in the UK, abbr.
           25  Device for cutting and forming metal
           26  Pressure measurement, abbr.
           28  Trademark letters
           29  ___ foreman
           31  Abrade by rubbing
           33  Supplement, 2 words
           35  Expands
           36  Colorful pond fish
           38  Jean Marc Teissier is the President of this company
           39  Explosive used in the US WW I mines
           40  Go off course temporarily
           1  Formed by heating and hammering
           2  Valuable concentration of mineral
           3  Major wire rope company involved in preparing mines
               against German subs in WWI
           4  Definitely!
           5  Intelligent
           6  Braking system, abbr.
           7  Frozen water

         78     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   February 2019
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