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              Note from the Editor                                             continued from previous page
                                                                               pertise have rubbed off on me. I have
                                                                               settled in and am starting to learn my
               This issue contains some interesting releases of new            way around the building and the soft-
              products from our advertisers and other companies in the         ware we use. Hopefully this is the start
              material handling sector (see page 72), as well as current       of a long journey with SP.”
              news from around the world (starting on page 32).                  In her spare time, Hopper is a keen
               However, we also take a look at historic wire rope,             ballroom dancer,  although  has  yet to
              beginning with Peter von Bleichert’s 90 year celebration         convince her partner to join her on the
              of the cableway at Table Mountain, South Africa (page 8).        dance  floor.  “With  the  big  move,  set-
              Then, on page 16, Jean Marc Teissier and Don Sayenga give        tling into a new job and home, explor-
              us an article about the origins of wire rope from the French     ing the area, and emptying boxes, there
                                                                               isn’t time for much else,” she said.
              point of view.                                                     For more information about Straight-
               This is one of the last stories that Mr. Sayenga helped pen     point (SP), a Crosby Group company,
              only a few weeks before his passing. We are honored to have      go to n
              this piece in our pages.
               Over this past year we’ve been tooting our own horn in              If you are near Trenton NJ,
              celebration of publishing for the industry since 1979. Now       Wire Rope News suggests a visit to
              it’s on to the next 40 years. As always, we encourage our
              readers to contact us with suggestions for articles.                The Roebling Museum
               Thank you for your continued interest in                                    located at
              Wire Rope News and celebrating our                                      100 Second Avenue
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         CROSSWORD                      by Myles Mellor           Answers on our website:

                                        Hints are often found in recent issues of Wire Rope News!
         Across                                                    15  “Encore!”
           1  Tool for grasping and holding                        18  Carry
           5  First responders, abbr.                              20  The last A in AWPA, abbr.
           10  Lubricate                                           21  Full complement of tools
           11  Use until no longer in good condition, 2 words      23  Sales goal
           12  Circle ratio                                        24  Giant in oil
           13  One of a set of steps leading from one floor to another    27  Shove
           14  PPE company that provided safety equipment for the     30  To this point
               workers of the Golden Gate Bridge                   31  Placed atop
           16  Having been purchased                               33  Charleston’s state
           17  Vital safety gear on construction sites, 2 words
           19  System or network of interrelated computing devices,
               mechanical and digital machines, abbr.
           20  Initials of Terminator actor
           22  The E in PPE
           25  Perceive with the eyes
           26  “Love Me Tender” singer, init.
           28  What an auto travels on, for short
           29  U.S. name for WWI army helmet used as a model for
               17 across (also called a Brodie)
           32  Switchback feature
           34  The original protective gear by 14 across was made
               from steamed ____
           35  Hook component
           2  Dependable
           3  Strength
           4  Capable of carrying a heavy weight
           6  Engineering school, abbr.
           7  Most dependable and strong
           8  Lifts
           9  Wound around
           12  News item given to magazines for publication, init.
         78     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   October 2019
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