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         vestor in the Sydney Zoo, and it was re-  new  expansion,  of the entire  Virginia   rejoined our team at Sims,” said Dean
         cently appointed to operate tourism ac-  Gateway which  just wrapped up in   Sims II, Sims Crane Vice President of
         tivities on the Sydney Harbour Bridge   June,  2019 and followed  by a ribbon-  Marketing.  “He is  a results-oriented
         following a rigorous tender process   cutting ceremony on July 23rd.  team leader who  we  know  will  moti-
         driven by the NSW State Government.   “We now have two very big container   vate and invigorate our sales force.”
         Managing director Anthea Hammon    facilities costing hundreds of millions   A native of Kentucky,  Lester has a
         says, “We recognize the need to move   dollars for its construction which will in   bachelor’s degree in Business Manage-
         forward with  new  ideas and infra-  turn process many hundreds of millions   ment. As a Combat Arms Instructor
         structure that appeals to visitors from   in cargo,” says Joseph Harris, Port of   for the United States Air Force, Lester
         across the globe and retain our leading   Virginia spokesman. “Nearly 400 mil-  earned  consistent  commendations for
         position in a competitive market.” WRN  lion dollars is being spent at the Norfolk   devotion to duty, with citations for ex-
                                            International Terminal just across the   cellence in training individuals on out-
         All photos in this article courtesy of Scenic World.
                                            river for the facility at the Port of Vir-  standing weapons knowledge.
              Scenic World Visitor Info     ginia. The NIT operation will be done in   “My military experience provided me
            Corner Violet Street & Cliff Drive  2020, meaning that the entire expansion   with solid foundation that translates to
            Katoomba, NSW 2780 Australia    project operation will then be complete.  business by teaching me discipline, the
                    02 4780 0200              “It’s important to point out that in   ability to identify and understand the
                                            the midst of all this construction work   mission, leadership skills and comrad-
                                            we still continued our regular opera-  ery – these are skills and that I bring
          tions  as a shipping center.  With  the   to my position at Sims,” Lester said.
       one shipping center done and the other   “My past experience working for Sims
    halfway there, we were out marketing   was so positive that I knew I wanted
     the Port of Virginia quite aggressively   to return at the first opportunity. When
                                            along with  its capacity. This,  at the   Dean called, I knew it was time to re-
                                            same time we  worked  to control  our   turn home to Sims.”
                 Open 365 days a year
                  9:00 am – 5:00 pm         growth because we did not want to get   For more information about Sims
                                            beyond our capacity either.”  WRN  Crane visit n
         CROSSWORD                      by Myles Mellor           Answers on our website:

                                        Hints are often found in recent issues of Wire Rope News!
           1  “Mr. Wire Rope,” 2 words                         14  Completion
           7  Symbol for a light metal, much used in           17  Places where products are bought and sold
              autos and planes                                 18  Store cargo
           9  Passing craze                                    20  Fundamental principle
           10  Roebling’s chief engineer on the Brooklyn Bridge,    22  Oldest in the family
              Blair ___                                        23  CEO of Mazzella Companies, ____ Mazzella
           12  Gear tooth                                      25  Placed
           14  Characteristic spirit or beliefs of a culture or company    27  Piece of fiction
           15  High wire entertainer
           16  Grand Coulee, e.g.
           19  Engineers’ society, abbr.
           20  Type of wire used for fencing
           21  Customer
           24  ___ Capitan
           26  Bethlehem ___ Company
           28  French engineer who played a part in the history of
              wire rope, Ferdinand ___
           29  Hangs
           30  Valuable mine deposit
           1  Name
           2  Magnetic ___ (compass direction)
           3  Rate the value of
           4  Steelers’ org.
           5  Peach state, abbr.
           6  Business promotion
           8  Not as heavy
           11  Important wire rope capacity
           12  Wire rope
           13  Favorite sport of 1 across

         78     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   August 2019
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