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         cant  growth  and all  that Johns  and
         Whelchel add  to the already  dynamic
         CIS team,” she said.
         Pintsch Bubenzer
         Strengthens Sales Team
           Pintsch  Bubenzer  has  made two
         landmark appointments as Mike
         Sparks,  Regional Sales Manager, and
         Jim Fields, Service Sales, join the man-
         ufacturer of high performance disc and
         drum brakes for steel cranes and other
         severe duty applications.
           Sparks  and Fields both possess  a
         wealth  of  sales  expertise,  principally
         related to electric  overhead traveling
         (EOT) cranes, but their new employer
         will invest in extensive training pro-
         grams to equip the pair with the added
         knowledge  required to drive the com-
         pany’s growth strategy.
           Joel Cox, President at Pintsch Buben-        Mike Sparks                         Jim Fields
         zer USA, said: “It’s an exciting proposi-  the field. We’re at the dawn of an excit-  customer base and the myriad of appli-
         tion for existing and potential custom-  ing new era.”                cations they use so I can offer ways for
         ers when  one considers  the extent of   Sparks said: “The training available   them to run more efficiently.”
         the existing skillsets of Mike and Jim,   was a big factor in me joining the com-  Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio,
         combined with a product range that is   pany. This will allow me to be able to   Sparks graduated from the University
         so highly regarded in the crane market   ensure  our  end users  get the  proper   of Toledo with a BSME. He worked as
         that they both know so well and many   installation,  instruction,  support,  and   a machine designer for three years and
         others besides. We will expose them to   training with any application needs   then switched over to sales. He was
         the  best possible  training  on  our  full   that they may have—with minimal   previously cranes market manager for
         range  of  equipment and,  importantly,   disruption to production. The biggest   Conductix-Wampfler and HBC-radiom-
         relate it to industry applications out in   challenge I face is learning our vast   atic. During both roles he served on
                                                                               the Crane Manufacturers  Association
                                                                               of  America (CMAA) engineering  com-
                                                                               mittee and was a past chairman of the
                                                                               Electrification  and  Controls  Manufac-
                                                                               turers Association (ECMA), both prod-
                                                                               uct  groups  within  trade association
                                                                               Material Handling Industry (MHI).
                                                                               Sparks also served on the Association
                                                                               for  Iron & Steel Technology  (AIST)
                                                                               cranes technology committee.
                                                                                 Fields  echoed  Sparks’  sentiments
                                                                               and added: “This new role presented
                                                                               an opportunity to bring together the
                                                                               skills I have utilized throughout my ca-
                                                                               reer and contribute to a company with
                                                                               a clear growth strategy. I started work-
                                                                               ing  in  the  field  nearly  three  decades
                                                                               ago, when  I was  responsible  for  trou-
                                                                               bleshooting,  modernizing,  and repair-
                                                                               ing [EOT] cranes.  I have moved into
                                                                               project and service management roles
                                                                               over time and feel well equipped to add
                                                                               value to the customer experience of
                                                                               Pintsch Bubenzer’s varied clients.”
                                                                                 Fields, also originally from south-
                                                                               ern Ohio, transferred to the Carolinas
                                                                               for eight years before returning to his
                                                                               homeland  in  2003 to  further  his  edu-
                                                                               cation and pursue career development.
                                                                               He is adept at leading inspection and
                                                                               service  teams equally.  Fields  has  a
                                                                               proven track record of improving cus-
                                                                               tomer relationships. n
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