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         was looking  for a new  challenge  and
         have known Ashley [Thacker, general
         manager] and Steve [Thacker, manag-
         ing director] since I started in the in-
         dustry. I was passionate about staying
         at distributor level, dealing day-to-day
         with the end user market. Once I was
         aware of the opening, it was a speedy
         process. We share the same approach
         to business in terms of being customer
         focussed  and I’m aware of the value
         they place on good staff, which further
         enhanced the appeal.”
           Ashley Thacker said: “Ranger are al-
         ways on the look out for the best talent
         within the lifting industry. We are prin-
         cipally  interested  in  whether  a  person
         fits the culture and with Will we could
         tell he did straight away. I have always
         been impressed with his approach to
         dealings with clients and ability to prob-
         lem solve. When Will first left Gunnebo
         to move to distributor level I was keen   William  Essey (right), technical sales specialist, is welcomed to Ranger  Lifting by Ashley
         on making the acquisition but the tim-  Thacker, general manager.
         ing wasn’t right. I was delighted when   such as Ranger thrive on that with   these instances. They have impres-
         discussions renewed.”              the level of experience and quality of   sive stock levels but more importantly
           Essey cited industry’s gravitational   personnel that they possess. The con-  place the customer at the centre of the
         shift towards major independent com-  struction and civil industries, for ex-  business with their needs being of fun-
         panies versus national players. He ex-  ample, are heavily reliant on urgency   damental importance to the long-term
         plained: “The end user is looking for   when it comes to ordering and inven-  success of the company.”
         technical  advice  constantly  and  that   tory requirements. Businesses such   That said, Ranger itself is in a
         comes  from  experience.  Companies   as Ranger are the most responsive in            continued on next page

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