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         product range well and look forward to                                industries we serve. “
         continuing its evolution in the mining                                  For more information about DLM go
         industry. I’m particularly excited about                              to
         exploring the prospect of increasing
         the modularity of our solutions. I have                               Sims Crane & Equipment
         a history of working  with high-end                                   Names Jared Lester Business
         equipment, which will serve me well                                   Development Manager
         as I conduct site visits and learn more                                 Sims Crane, Florida’s premier crane
         about the immediate and longer term                                   rental and rigging service company,
         requirements of our existing and pro-                                 has named Jared Lester Business De-
         spective customers.”                                                  velopment Manager. Lester returns to
           Mining  professionals  will  note                                   Sims after working for the company
         Pintsch Bubenzer’s recent launch of                                   from 2011-2013 as a Crane Application
         ibrake®,  a multidimensional app,                                     Specialist  and  helping  increase  sales
         downloadable to cell phones and other                                 $1.5 million annually. In his new posi-
         smart devices,  featuring  a  dashboard                               tion, Lester will mentor the Sims sales
         for  users,  maintenance  videos,  parts                              force, identify new business leads and
         lists, technical drawings, lifecycle doc-                             help land new clients in new markets.
         umentation, and access to 24-hour sup-       Jamie Woodcock             Lester, who served eight years in the
         port. Parts can also be ordered through                               United  States  Air  Force,  brings  more
         the app, which sends service alerts to   over 16 years of experience in the in-  than 15 years of sales and project man-
         customers. Users can utilize the app to   strumentation industry, working in the   agement experience  to his  positon  at
         scan digital barcodes, sometimes called   Oil & Gas, Offshore, Marine, & Power   Sims.  Most  recently,  he  was  a Senior
         quick  response codes,  to direct them   Gen markets. Jamie has a strong cus-  Project Manager with Durastress Inc.,
         to product information created by the   tomer focus and his skills include sales   a pre-stressed, pre-cast, concrete com-
         manufacturer.                      negotiation, business development and   pany based in Leesburg, FL, where he
                                            strategic planning.
         Dynamic Load Monitoring              With  business  thriving,  DLM  has
         Ltd (UK) Welcomes a                grown in strength from employees and
         Business Development               sales, both complimenting each other.
         Manager                            As a family run business, we strive for
           DLM are pleased to announce a new   commitment, high  quality workman-
         member of the team, Jamie Woodcock.   ship and enthusiasm about what we do.
         Jamie will  be taking  on  the role  as   Managing Director, Martin Hal-
         Business  Development Manager  and   ford has said “We are very excited to
                                            welcome Jamie to our team at DLM.
         joining our already versatile and grow-
         ing team. He will be responsible for de-  Not only will he bring a tighter focus
         veloping  business  within  the  UK  and   on customer relationship and quality
         overseas with both our existing and   to our sales team, but also a depth
                                            of DLM product knowledge to assist
         new clients. He will be visiting existing   our  existing and  new  clients.  Jamie
         clients  over  the  next  few  months  and   and I worked together previously,
         also looking to secure  new business   very successfully for five years grow-
         within the Offshore and Marine Indus-  ing DLM’s business in Singapore and
         try amongst others.                South East Asia through a Manufac-
           Jamie joins DLM with a wealth of
                                            turer  /  Distributor  relationship.  We       Jared Lester
         experience,  previously being the Re-  are delighted that he has now come
         gional Manager for five years at North-  on board to work with us directly at   managed all commercial construction
         bridge Load Cell Services in Singapore,   DLM and expand our offerings to the   projects  from  concept  to completion.
         DLM’s exclusive distributor in the re-  global market.”               Prior to that, Lester was a Project Man-
         gion at that time. As such, Jamie has   Jamie added “I am delighted to be   ager with Berkel & Company Contrac-
         a vast experience offering DLM’s cus-  working again with DLM and looking   tors,  a  specialty foundation  company
      Looking for a product or service                                         providing piling and shoring.
         tomized Load Cell and ‘System Solu-
                                            forward to this new challenge. Work-
         tions’ along with their standard prod-
                                            ing for DLM directly is an exciting op-
      related to wire rope and slings?                                         went to work at Sims and really enjoyed
                                                                                 “After I separated from active duty, I
         uct range to the industry. Jamie  has
                                            portunity, with their ability to manu-
                                            facture  fully  customized  solutions,   my time there. It is great company with
                                            as well as rapid delivery of standard   the integrity and family values that I re-
                                            products; I feel there is huge potential   spect,” said Lester. “However, to provide
                                            for growth and expansion across all   more value to Sims, I felt like I needed
                                            territories. By working with and sup-  actual hands-on construction industry
                                            porting the current distributors we   experience, which I attained over the
                                            will be able to develop new relation-  past six years. I am excited to be back
                                            ships around the world. We will grow   on the Sims team and working to guide
                                            and provide exciting and successful so-  and lead our talented sales force.”
                                            lutions to both our existing and future   “We are so pleased that Jared has
                                            customers, across all the markets and              continued on next page
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