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         specific projects or multi tasks of differ-
         ent items to be handled.
           Modernize your operation today, for
         a better future  in  the  growing  manu-
         facturing sector, made in the U.S.A.
           For more information, go to www.
         First Russian Customer for
         Bar Products & Services Ltd.                            The Modulift Adjustable Lifting/Spreader Beam
           Bar Products  & Services  Ltd sup-
         plied the latest Wire Strand Roller
         Compaction  Unit, and precision-made                                    • Adjustable lifting points and low
         rollers,  into Russia recently, further   ufacturers,  with  repeat  orders  being  a   head room capability
         demonstrating the Company’s global   measure of the success of the machine.  • Easy to convert  between a lifting
         presence. The contract was signed ear-  Bar Products & Services Ltd, began   beam and a semi spreader beam
         lier  this  year then  supplied and com-  supplying drawing dies over 25 years   • Available as a boxed off-the-shelf
         missioned within weeks of agreement.  ago, and  now manufacture tooling,   product
           The Compaction Unit is now fully op-  wear  parts  and  precision  engineered   Redesigned safety mechanism
         erational, and Bar Products are confi-  products to the Wire, Tube, Cable and   The clamps are pre-assembled with
                                            Rope industries around the world,   a redesigned safety mechanism, which
                                            from  Europe  to  China,  from  India  to   means that it’s easier for one person to
                                            Mexico, USA to Malaysia, and now   operate and to slide and safely lock into
                                            into Russia.                       place. In testing trials,  this  has been
                                              For  enquiries  on  Roller  Compaction   done in under one minute.
                                            Units,  Drawing  Dies,  Stranding Dies   It is offered with four clamps as
                                            and other  tooling,  please  contact  Bar   standard  to  adjust  the  lifting  points
                                            Products & Services: www.barproduct-  to  enable  flexibility  between  a  single
                                                    top lifting point (lifting beam) or dou-
                                                                               ble top lifting points (semi spreader
                                            New Adjustable Lifting/            beam).  We  can  also  supply  custom
                                            Spreader Beam - Now                length beams depending on your lift-
                                            Lifting up to 27 Tons              ing requirements.
                                              Following  significant  development   Flexibility of additional lifting
                                            and testing, Modulift has made major   points
             Wire Strand Roller Compaction Unit  improvements to its adjustable/spread-  The  MOD  CLS can  also be adapted
              from Bar Products & Services Ltd  er beam (MOD CLS) so that it can now   to suit,  with up to an additional four
                                            lift up to 27 tonnes. It also has a new   clamps on the bottom side of the beam
         dent that there will be further Compac-  and improved clamp system, manu-  allowing  users  the  flexibility  of  addi-
         tion Units and tooling supplied to our   factured to the highest standards, en-  tional lifting points. If more points are
         new customer.                      abling lifting from multiple points.  needed, the flexible system can also be
           The Wire Strand Roller Compac-     The main benefits are:           designed as a H-Frame.
         tion Units are now used in many of the   • Spans of up to 16m and capacities   For  more  information  go  to  www.
         world’s major wire strand and rope man-  of up to 27t depending on configuration n

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