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                                 Model ATSB Adjustable Telescopic Spreader Beam from Peerless Industrial Group

                                                                               more information about  the
                                            It is  ideal for  accommodating various   Model ATSB Adjustable Tele-
                  variable speed control.  For   size loads and utilizes an upper rigging   scopic Spreader Beam visit our
                 stock picking, the recommen-  spread between two lift points that   website at
                 dation is  the stand-up rider   adds extra stability to the lift. It is sup-  products/ATSB/.
               type with  overhead guard and   plied with a pair of heavy-duty swivel   Peerless Industrial Group, Inc. has
         80°  steering  to  each  side  –  allowing   hooks. Additional lift points and hard-  been  innovating  successful  products
         sharp turns. We say it ... “turns on a   ware are available as options.  for over 100 years. Today, as a world-
         dime”. Not released yet is the walkie-  Peerless’ ATSB Adjustable Telescop-  wide provider of lifting solutions,  uti-
         type tow truck with manual steering.  ic Spreader Beam is available from 2   lizing our exceptional design, engi-
           The most sophisticated design is a   through 40 Ton capacities with outside   neering,  manufacturing,  and quality
         low-profile, remote controlled Tug Mas-  spreads that adjust from a minimum of   teams, Peerless continues  to develop
         ter where the operator can control the   4 to 6 feet to a maximum of 12 to 20   crucial  products for the wide variety
         Tug  Master  by wired  or  radio  remote   feet.  Additional sizes  and  capacities   of markets they serve. Peerless is part
         control  without needing to leave the   are available.                of  KITO  Corporation’s  global network
         workstation.  The Tug Master can be   The ATSB is engineered and manu-  providing our customers access to over-
         steerable or is available to travel along   factured to ASME B30.20  & BTH-1   head lifting, below-the-hook and mate-
         a  submerged  track  in  the  floor.  All  of   Design Category B Service Class 2 and   rial handling, cargo control, hardware,
         the Tugs are equipped  with an auto-  has  a  specified  fatigue  life  of  100,001   marine and traction products.
         matic braking system, and the stand-  to  500,000 load cycles. All  ATSB,  Ad-  For more information about Peerless
         up rider type has a foot control brake   justable Telescopic  Spreader Beams   Industrial Group, Inc. visit us online at
         in addition to the automatic braking   are Proof-Tested to 125% capacity. For n
         system for safety.
           The most popular cart carries collaps-
         ible container sizes 50" long x 40" wide
         and 40" high, which is caster-equipped   Note from the Editor
         at all four corners. The cart can handle
         different types and sizes of containers.
         Cart capacities are available  in 2800   Well into our 40th volume of printing for the material
         pounds and 4200 pounds.                 handling industry, we continue celebrating in this issue with a
           Because ATI is the manufacturer,      contribution from Robert Davis of Loos & Co., Inc. (see page 34).
         they can make custom made trailers to   This feature will continue throughout all six issues of our 40th
         meet  customers’  specific  needs.  Chal-  year of publishing.
         lenge ATI with your unique require-      Featured first, with our cover story, we focus on the
         ment. The more challenging  the proj-   controversial topic of Additive Manufacturing (or commonly
         ect, the more eager they are to solve it!   known as 3D Printing). Here our author (see page 8) builds on
         The new Tug Master trailer transport    the arguement of whether this form of production is ready for
         system is a product of the future. If you   prime time when it comes to crane hooks and other equipment
         are interested in being more cost effec-
         tive and growing your business today    that greatly depends on worker safety.
         and tomorrow,  this  product will  take   Next we have an article (on page 18) about the Arthur Lakes
         you to the next level.                  Library, a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about
           For more information, go to their web-  the history of wire rope and related lifting technology. Finally, a
         site at, or call   much talked about topic on how important it is to initiate the
         1-800-321-9680. You can also contact    younger generation and teach them the “ropes” of the lifting
         them by e-mail:   industry (see page 26).
                                                  We’re getting close to finalizing the “responsive design”
         Peerless Industrial Group,              update on our website. This will make the site compatible with
         Inc. Introduces Model                   cell phones and tablets, especially when utilizing the Suppliers
         ATSB Adjustable Telescopic              Directory search feature. Please visit us as updates are made at
         Spreader Beam                 , and click on the
           Peerless  Industrial Group,  Inc. in-  links that will take you to many
         troduces their ATSB, Adjustable Tele-   of our advertisers’ websites.
         scopic Spreader Beam  ideal for out-
         door construction applications and for
         areas where headroom  is not limited.
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