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         cy, and increased safety.”
           Columbus  McKinnon  offers  custom-
         made SH Ex designs with lifting tech-
         nology  and  components  that comply
         with NEC approvals for Class I, Divi-
         sion 2, Groups A, B, C & D hazardous
         locations with Temperature Class T4.
         NEC approvals  are adoptable  stan-
         dards that signify the safe installation
         of electrical wiring and equipment in
         hazardous  locations  that may include
         flammable  gases,  flammable  liquid-
         produced vapors, or combustible liquid-
         produced vapors.
           The explosion-protected models are
         also available with ATEX and IECEx ap-
         provals for EX Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21, or
         Zone 22 hazardous locations. ATEX com-
         pliance, required in the European Union,
         certifies that the SH Ex is safe to use in
         potentially  explosive  areas  with  flam-
         mable gases or dust. IECEx equipment
         certification signifies that the SH Ex con-  “Mira” - Mobile Industrial Robotic Arm from Air Technical Industries
         forms to international safety standards
         for environments where a potential ex-  protected SH Ex wire rope hoist, or any   MIRA is capable of handling many
         ists for explosions. The SH Ex is also   of the Company’s crane solutions prod-  unusual tasks too high or far for people
         available with spark-resistant features   ucts, call Columbus McKinnon Channel   to reach. It has an arm length of 152"
         such as coated hooks, brass wheels, and   Services at 800-888-0985 or visit www.  and reaches up to 192" high.
         brass drop lugs on trolley. For additional informa-  MIRA is  battery powered,  24 volts
           To learn more about the explosion-  tion about STAHL CraneSystems, visit   DC and has joystick and push but-
                                                 ton  operated radio controls.  It can  be
                                                                               equipped with a search light and cam-
                                            Meet “Mira” - Mobile               era so that the operator can remotely
                                            Industrial Robotic Arm             see all the tasks at hand.
                                            The versatile and self-propelled     For  operations  in  dangerous,  flam-
                                            cherry-picker is up to the task.   mable or explosive areas, MIRA can
                                              Air Technical  Industries (ATI) an-  also operate on air pressure pneumati-
                                            nounces the development of an exciting   cally for spark proof operation and un-
                                            new  mobile, industrial,  robotic crane,   derground for mining or some type of
                                            affectionately called “MIRA”. The ro-  smooth surface.
                                            botic knuckle boom has 9-axes of artic-  MIRA is radio remote controlled and
                                            ulation that give it the versatility and   the operator can be hundreds of feet
                                            agility to perform a multitude of tasks   away in  a safe area,  controlling  and
                                            that are difficult or dangerous for hu-  manipulating MIRA to do dangerous
                                            mans to perform.                   tasks in areas that are toxic, explosive,
                                              The unit has an extended  reach of   flammable,  chemical,  etc,  and  can  re-
                                            156” and height of 192". It’s function-  move items from the area.
                                            al capabilities are mobility, steering,   MIRA can of course perform con-
                                            mast rotation, main arm lift, knuckle   ventional tasks such as loading, un-
                                            reach, automatic end effector leveling   loading, stacking,  reaching on  high
                                            function,  pitch, roll,  and gripper or   shelves,  or  into  enclosed  containers,
                                            other end effector function such as fire   typical lifting and positioning of parts.
                                            hose nozzle or electromagnet, vacuum   Capacities available are 250 lb, 400
                                            cup, expanding coil ram, etc.      lb and 1000 lb and 3 arm length sizes
                                              Optional attachments include round   156", 120" and 96" long.
                                            ram for lifting coils,  scoop to pick-up   Traveling speed is infinitely variable
                                            bulk  items,  or  lift  platform, lifting   from zero to 4 mph and is equipped with
                                            forks, or other custom attachments.  automatic braking, red running light,
                                              According to the needs of particular,   battery gauge/hour meter, and a horn.
                                            unique requirements, MIRA can be a   MIRA can really make the most rou-
                                            good craftsman and can handle loads in   tine,  extraordinary, or  dangerous  job
                                            hard to reach areas, can handle a saw,   safe  and  easy  with  finger  tip  control
                                            drill, and can lift and position items for   and for sure – it can save human backs
                                            assembly. It can be equipped with suc-  and lives.
                                            tion cups to handle large or delicate fu-  Visit our website for more informa-
                                            selage components on an assembly line.  tion n

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