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Adam Franz of Mazzella             interactive; he tailors the content of his
         Companies Wins Award               training to his audience; and his knowl-
           Adam  Franz, Southeast  Regional   edge and expertise are unparalleled,”
         Sales Manager of Mazzella Companies,   says Sam DiMeo, Executive Vice Presi-
         was nominated and awarded 2019’s   dent of Sales, Mazzella Companies.
         Corporate Top Trainer by Crane Hot   Adam is active in the lifting and rig-
         Line. The Top Trainer program pres-  ging industry—frequently attending
         ents an annual award to trainers in the   industry conferences  and events like
         lifting and rigging industry who excel at   AWRF and SC&RA.  He’s  also  active
         using innovative hands-on instruction,   with local safety committees including
         encourage peer or corporate account-  Carolinas AGC (CAGC) and Steel Erec-
         ability, demonstrate training success,   tors Association of America (SEAA).
         and have a strong overall impact on stu-  “We regularly hear from people with
         dents, the industry, or the environment.   20-30 years of experience who  walk
           “Trainers, particularly great trainers,   away having  learned something  new
         are worth their weight in gold. Their   from Adam’s training. Adam is very de-
         ability to engage students and teach vi-  serving of this award and we’re thrilled
         tal information that makes workplaces   to celebrate this achievement with
         safer and more productive keeps on giv-  him,” says DiMeo.
         ing for years after a class is done,” says   To  read  more  about Adam and  the
         Crane Hot Line Editor, Mike Larson.  other  Top Trainer  award recipients,
           Adam has been with Mazzella Com-  visit
         panies for 13 years and has worked his
         way up through  the ranks—starting  Crosby Veteran Team
         as a Sales Engineer  with  Progressive  Members Commend the
         Crane, transitioning to Branch Manag-  Company’s Fallen Patriots
         er of Mazzella Lifting Technologies in  Donation                      Veterans Aaron  (left)  and Erick  Gomez are
         Charlotte, NC and was most recently   Two brothers who work at The Crosby   supporting  the cause  from  The  Crosby
         promoted to Southeast Regional Sales   Group’s Arlington, Texas facility have   Group’s Arlington, Texas facility.
         Manager of Mazzella Companies.     thrown their support behind the compa-  Afghanistan for seven months from Ba-
           Relying  on  a  variety of  methods,   ny’s commitment to raise up to $25,000   gram Airfield, the largest U.S. military
         Adam keeps his classrooms engaged by   for the Children of Fallen Patriots Foun-  base in the country. Younger brother,
         using real-life examples from the work-  dation by donating a portion of every   Erick, 25, a coordinator at Crosby, was
         place, provides examples  of good and   wire rope clip sale from April through   also based at Fort Hood and served as
         bad rigging equipment, and encourag-  June, 2019. The charity provides college   a weapons  mechanic.  He  followed his
         es  active participation and discussion   scholarships and educational counsel-  older brother into the company having
         using candy and other prizes.      ing to military children who have lost a   left the military at the same time, circa
           “After each training session, we survey   parent in the line of duty.  2016. Aaron remains on military con-
         the attendees and ask for feedback. We   Crosby, the largest lifting, rigging,   tract until 2021.
         consistently hear the same things about   and material handling hardware com-  Aaron said: “We were  both looking
         Adam as a trainer: He keeps the atten-  pany in the world, boasts a U.S. manu-  for employment upon return to civil-
         tion of his classroom by being enthusias-  facturing footprint that includes plants   ian life but wanted to find a company
         tic about the material and by making it   in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Its   where many of the military values that
                                            involvement  with  the  country’s  mili-  changed our lives for the better were
                                            tary stretches back to its earliest days,   replicated. We  were  recommended to
                                            supplying shackles  and other hard-  Crosby and its  recent  commitment to
                                            ware for vehicles. Today, more than 50   our  fallen brothers  and sisters  is  fur-
                                            veterans are employed at Crosby.   ther endorsement beyond what we al-
                                              In Arlington, Texas, veteran broth-  ready knew about our employer’s mor-
                                            ers Aaron and Erick Gomez prepare   al  fiber.  We’re  proud  to  be  associated
                                            the wire rope clips, which range in size   with this dedication to a cause that is
                                            from 1/8" to 3½", and other products for   obviously close to our hearts.”
                                            shipment. These end fittings are used   Erick  said:  “Not every  company is
                                            in a variety of applications to clamp   prepared to support such worthy causes
                                            the loose end of a length of wire rope,   and we are both very honored to be em-
                                            once it has been looped back to form an   ployed by Crosby. They look after their
                                            eye. They can also be used to connect   staff and have afforded my brother and
                                            two pieces of rope together.       I great opportunities to progress within
                                              Aaron, 31, a supervisor at Crosby, was   the company—from temp, to full-time,
                                            first to join the company having served   to being given extra responsibility. But
                                            as a truck driver for the U.S. Army. He   when I heard about the Fallen Patriots
                                            was based at Fort Hood, a military post   initiative and was encouraged to help
                     Adam Franz             located in Killeen,  Texas, but toured             continued on next page

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