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                                            continued from previous page       transportation systems to help meet
                                            liquid and truck storage products. Visit   the challenges of modern shop floor and
                                                warehouse environments.
                                            About Apex Tool Group                Multiple styles of trailers are avail-
                                              Apex Tool Group, LLC, headquar-  able including a lift-and-carry, high
                                            tered in Sparks, Maryland, is one of   lift, and tilt version. Wheeled baskets,
                                            the  largest  worldwide  producers  of   pallets, boxes or even equipment can
                                            industrial hand and power tools, tool   be loaded or rolled on the trailers eas-
                   LIFETIME                 storage, drill  chucks,  chain  and  elec-  ily and effortlessly.  Once  the trailers
                   WARRANTY                 tronic soldering products. Apex serves   have been loaded,  the containers will
                                            a multitude of global markets, includ-
                                                                               be raised for travel between 3" to 8" for
                                            ing automotive, aerospace, electron-  the lift-and-carry variation. After the
                                            ics, energy, hardware, industrial, and   Tug Master pulls the trailers to a des-
                                            consumer retail. Visit www.apextool-  tination, the trailers can lower wheeled
                                                           containers so they can be rolled right off
                                                                               the trailer. The high lift version raises
                                            New “Tug Master” Industrial  the load 36" to a comfortable working
                                            Tractor Trailer System             height while the tilt version provides a
                                            The innovative concept in material   90° container tilt enabling workers to
                                            handling, transportation and       pick up parts without bending or reach-
                                            product flow                       ing into the containers.  Workers  will
                                              Air Technical  Industries  (ATI) has   increase  efficiency  and  safety  without
               5X                           developed a new innovative tow truck   much effort.
             DESIGN                         and  cart  transport  system  that will   The  trailers  can  be equipped with
            FACTOR                          streamline product flow through facili-  lifting forks,  Zero-Low platform  for
                                            ties. The Tug Master system is com-  ground level loading, coil rams, cradles
                                            posed of a self-contained  industrial   or  flat  platforms,  etc.  The  Tug  Mas-
                                            tug tractor combined with a variety   ter  saves  time,  increases  efficiency,
                                            of unique, mobile trailers that form a   improves safety and on-time delivery
                                            train to simultaneously moves multiple   with  improved  profits.  Depending  on
                                            containers of material or parts to each   the weight of the load, one person can
                                            individual workstation. It offers quick,   transport 3, 4, or 5 trailers at the same
                                            ergonomic,  safe and cost  effective   time. The lift trailers can be manually
                                            movement of  products.  It eliminates   operated for economy. A popular time-
                                            multiple trips  than  would  be  taken   saving upgrade offers trailer lifts with
                                            with a more expensive fork truck.  battery operated push button control.
                                              ATI’s engineers  are  continuously   To transport the train of mobile trail-
                                            working on innovative designs for   ers,  ATI has  developed several varia-
                  USA Tested                transforming manufacturing and ma-  tions of the Tug Master tow trucks.
                  and Assembled             terial  handling,  material  flow,  and   They are all battery powered and have
                  from imported

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             877-LIFT AMH


                                                        New “Tug Master” Industrial Tractor Trailer System from ATI.
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