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         continued from previous page       Harrington Hoists, Inc.            ery. The SwiftLift™ program combines
         procedure and avoids the need of any   Introduces Model HFH Fork      the thoughtful application  of modern
         human  intervention  necessary  in  se-  Truck Hook                   engineering,  materials planning, and
         curing a hook to the load. To aid lifting   Harrington Hoists, Inc. introduces   manufacturing technology to go well
         and maneuverability, the geometry of   their  HFH  Fork  Truck  Hook  which   beyond any other availability program
         NEO50’s design avoids lifting any load   is designed to lift and carry loads on   in the industry.
         on the tip of the hook, or tip loading. It   the fork of a fork truck using a single   SwiftLift puts LS Series hydraulic lift
         also eliminates the human factor with   latched hook or swivel hook. It is avail-  tables and other products like Pallet-
         no need to manually intervene during   able to fit fork widths of 5¼ to 7 inches   Pal® pallet positioners and E-Z Reach™
         the procedure and minimizes the risks   and 3¼ to 3 inches in height with a ca-  container tilters into 3 categories of
         associated with the lifting process.  pacity of 1½ Tons. Additional sizes and   availability: Stock, Modified and Modi-
           “A laser pointer serves as a guide to   capacities are available.   fied+,  with  maximum  shipping  lead
         perfectly place and set the NEO50 lift-  The HFH Fork Truck  Hook eas-  times of 1, 2 or 3 weeks respectively.
         ing  hook  in  the  correct  position  when   ily attaches to forks and is engineered   Offerings  in the Stock Product cat-
         approaching the  lifting  point.  This  is   and manufactured to ASME B30.20   egory  include  over  65 lift  table,  level
         particularly useful in lifting operations   &  BTH-1 Design  Category B Service   loader and container tilter models for
         where distance can cause the sense of   Class 2 and has a specified fatigue life   shipment in 1 week or less.
         depth to be misjudged.”                                                 Modified  Products  include  all  the
           Suitability for use with oversized lift-                            items in the stock category, plus the
         ing  points is  achieved by a dedicated                               ability to modify lift tables to include
         space for the placement of the pin with                               any platform size up to 72"x96" in
         enough area to load lifting points of up                              one-inch increments, as well as sev-
         to 130mm in diameter.                                                 eral  popular  options.  Lift  configura-
           The NEO50 is also equipped with a load                              tions  in  the  Modified  category  num-
         cell. This load cell is precise, reliable, rug-                       ber well over a thousand and ship in
         ged, compact and fully integrated into the                            two weeks or less.
         lifting hook, representing no increase in                               Modified  Plus  Products  include  an
         weight or dimensions of the unit.                                     even greater number of available op-
           A high capacity battery  can be                                     tions and even offer the opportunity
         charged  in  three  hours  to provide                                 for users to specify some light custom-
         enough  power  for  5,000  cycles/250                                 ization of lifts. Modified Plus Products
         hours in standby mode. An LED indi-                                   ship in 3 weeks or less.
         cator shows the lifting hook’s battery              HFH Fork Truck Hook   With  the  industry’s  largest,  most
         status at all times, with a bright four-                  from        experienced engineering group, South-
         color  color-code  scheme  visible  from             Harrington Hoists  worth will continue to provide custom
         the operator’s position. Two operating                                lift equipment, but now with SwiftLift
         modes further  help  increase  battery                                most users can often get exactly what
         performance of the NEO50:                                             they need without the wait associated
           “Always On”, where the color-code                                   with a custom engineered solution.
         scheme of the LED status indicator is   of 100,001  to 500,000 load cycles.  All   For more information, contact Brian
         always visible: blue for closed and green   HFH Fork Truck Hooks are Proof-Test-  E.  McNamara,  President,  Southworth
         for open are continuous for 10 seconds   ed to 125% capacity.         Products Corp, P.O.  Box 1380, Port-
         and then display in an intermittent pat-  Harrington  Hoists,  Inc.  is  a  KITO   land, ME 04104-1380, TEL: (207) 878-
         tern in order to save battery;     Group Company located in Man-      0700, FAX: (207) 797-4734, e-mail:
           “Smart Nap”, which reduces battery   heim, PA, Elizabethtown, PA, South,
         consumption by activating  the LED’s   Holland,  IL  and  Corona,  CA.  and  is n
         colour-code scheme when the NEO50’s   a leading manufacturer of electric
         hook commences its closing motion. Up   and air powered chain hoists, electric
         until that moment, the lifting hook is   wire rope hoists, lever hoists, manual
         in sleep mode with its electronics and   hand  chain  hoists,  push  and  geared
         battery not active. With this mode, the   trolleys,  overhead  cranes,  crane  ac-
         battery  can last up to two months in   cessories, below-the-hook and mate-
         standby mode.                      rial handling equipment.
           Fillol adds: “By means of the eMAX   For more information go to www.har-
         remote control, the electronics of the
         lifting  hook  can  be  configured  so  that
         when  the  battery charge  is  below  a   Lift Table Stocking
         preset threshold by the user the hook   Program Offers                                      The SwiftLift™ from
         can only be opened. With this thresh-  Over 50 Lifts for Shipment                              Southworth
         old,  even  if  the  battery is  almost dis-  in One Week or Less                             Products Corp
         charged,  you  will  always  be  able  to
         open the lifting hook  and release the   Southworth Products Corp announc-
         load. The hook will remain closed even   es  a  new  program to maximize the
         if  the  battery expires  during  use.  A   availability of an unprecedented num-
         three-hour charge will then return the   ber of lift tables and vertical lifting and
         battery to full capacity.”         positioning equipment for fast deliv-

         74     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   June 2019
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