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                                              While serving as an SWP controller   offices in Spanish or English.”
                                            to  FEM  9.755,  the  Eagle  can  control   For more information, visit their
                                            up to four hoists and features a load   website at
                                            limiter  with  10  configurable  outputs
                                            on 30 limits. It also covers 10 combi-  New Mini-Articularm with
                                            nations of the sum of loads. Data cap-  6 Axis
                                            tured includes number of overloads;   Your Economical Solution for
                                            number of weight cycling and accu-  Complex Projects
                                            mulated total weight; register of the   Air Technical Industries (ATI) an-
                                            last  1,000  overloads  with  maximum   nounces the development of an exciting,
                                            weight, start date, time and duration;   unique, multifunctional mini-Articu-
                                            register of the last 10 weighings with   larm. The unit is agile and flexible with
                                            maximum weight, start date and time;   an articulating arm reach of 72”. It can
                                            and estimates of the working group   be a worker’s best friend by giving the
                                            with number of cycles and maximum   operator extra muscle strength of 150 lbs
                                            weight over time.                  of lift, and ability to position effortlessly
                                              Dunville said: “In simple terms, the   in X-Y-Z-R axis in a 12’ circle area.
                                            Eagle limits the hoist from picking up   The  unit helps the operator ergo-
                                            too much. But it can also control no-fly   nomically to use more brain power in-
                                            zones, where perhaps a section of run-  stead of his  muscle  power for lifting,
                                            way isn’t rated as high as another or   reaching,  bending,  pulling,  and push-
                                            a customer doesn’t want a load carried   ing.  This  prevents injuries  as well  as
                                            near a particular machine. For exam-  increasing  production, performance,
                                            ple, if a crane loaded with a coil raised   saving time, improving moral, getting
                                            all the way up extends 10 ft. below the   the job done easier and faster.
                                            girder but the empty hoist only extends   The 6 axes of articulation are:
         The Eagle is suited to installation on cranes   5 ft. below the girder,  that difference   1. Lifting action
         in medium to heavy-duty environments such   may  cause contact with expensive
         as steel mills.                                                         2. Wrist rotation 360°
                                            plant fixtures and machinery. We can   3. Forearm swing 270°
         continued from previous page       limit the  crane  to only  travel in  that   4. Vertical tool arm swing 360°
         control panel, usually located  on the   area  when  unloaded or  to  completely   5. Gripper, lifting hook or fixture action
         trolley or bridge, of a new electric   nil travel in that area.”        6. Tool arm roll axis
         overhead  travelling  (EOT)  crane,  or   He  added:  “We  typically work  with   The mini-Articularm can be electri-
         retrofitted.  It  is  manufactured  to  M8   crane manufacturing and service com-  cally powered 110 volt single phase, 240-
         standards, a duty rating covering 20 or   panies or hoist OEMs [original equip-  480 3 phase or air powered for hazardous
         more lifts per hour at or near a crane’s   ment manufacturers], but we will work   areas. The controls are momentary rock-
         rated capacity. This equates broadly to   with  end users  upon  request.  Impor-  er switch built into the control handle.
         U.S.-based norms, Crane Manufactur-  tantly, we are crane people only selling   The mini-Articularm is an ideal tool
         ers Association of America (CMAA) E   crane solutions; we don’t do other appli-  for machine loading, assembly work,
         /  F  or  Hoist  Manufacturers  Institute   cations. We manufacture and assemble   precise  positioning,  inverting  and up-
         (HMI) H5+ duty.                    everything at our facility and test it as   ending  an  item,  picking  it  up  from  a
           It primarily suits the Eagle to install   a  system  to  ensure  those  in  the  field   horizontal position, rolling to vertical,
         on  cranes  in  medium to heavy-duty   don’t have to do on-the-job integration.   or any angle desired.
         environments  such  as steel  mills,  coil   When there are problems, people can   The variety of end-effector or lifting
         processing  plants,  steel  service  cen-  talk to experienced crane people at our   tools are available and custom built for
         tres,  precast  cement  factories,  metals
         production, shipyards and ports. How-
         ever, it is also suitable for lifting ap-
         plications where the duty cycle might
         be much lower, but where the load is
         extremely fragile and / or expensive, as
         is commonplace in the aerospace and
         nuclear industries, for example.
           Tad Dunville, General Manager at
         Airpes North America, said: “It is a                                     Mini-Articularm from
         multifaceted product with many fea-                                     Air Technical Industries
         tures, but a holistic benefit is the input
         and output data it provides in relation
         to SWP [safe working period], which
         is  the  legally-mandated  maximum
         run time before overhaul is required.
         Starts, cycle times, overloads, etc. are
         all calculated to provide a comprehen-
         sive  overview  to  increase  productiv-
         ity and throughput for cycle-conscious

         74     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   August 2019
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