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         continued from previous page       of CM Labs simulators,
         consumption by only activating the sta-  including the motion-en-
         tus indicator when the eTrack initiates   abled Vortex Advantage
         its locking movement. Until then, the   simulator, as well as  the
         rail clamp is in suspension  mode and   portable Vortex Edge Plus.
         its electronics and battery are not ac-  Collaborative  learning
         tive. A simple three-hour charge allows   can be further extended
         for more than 5,000 cycles or over two   with  CM  Labs’  Signal
         months in standby mode.            Person Training Station,
           Fillol said: “While initial tests were   which allows a trainee to
         made  on  56E1,  60E2  rail  profiles  and   guide the operation, with-
         75 conductor rails, which are standard   in  a  challenging  virtual
         in most markets, the clamp is easily   jobsite that includes power
         adaptable and scalable to other profiles   lines  and  job  site  person-
         so, consistent with other products in the   nel. This type of team-
         Elebia range, it is a lifting solution that   based training can be
         can be used anywhere in the world.”  difficult  and  expensive  to
           For more information about Elebia   reproduce in real-life, but
         visit their website at  is safe and easy to set up
                                            with Vortex Simulators.
         New Mobile Crane                     The new Mobile Crane
         Simulator Training Pack            Training  Pack  also  al-
         from CM Labs Includes              lows trainers to fully evaluate operator  Lift-All Announces New
         Industry’s First Tandem            readiness  with  an  innovative  Mobile  Generation of Tuff-Edge
         Lift Simulation                    Crane Skills Assessment exercise. This   slings to the Market
           CM Labs Simulations, developer   exercise  is  the only  simulation-based   Lift-All Co. the trusted name in lifting
         of  Vortex®  training  simulators,  an-  assessment tool to cover advanced lift-  and load securement products is pleased
         nounced  a new Training Pack that in-  ing techniques,  such  as performing a   to announce the upcoming launch of
         cludes the industry’s only simulated mo-  blind lift, recovering from a load pen-  its 3rd generation Tuff-Edge webbing.
         bile crane tandem lift exercise, as well   dulum, girder lifts, and more.  Tuff-Edge III has three patents pend-
         as a competency demonstration exercise   The system tracks all operating met-  ing and is the result of two years of hard
         that provides a safe, objective tool for em-  rics during training exercises, and rolls   work and design perseverance.
         ployers to assess crane operator skills.  them up into a single score that up-  “We did not want to develop another
           Developed in response  to industry   dates in real time. Organizations can   product with coated edge fibers. Our cus-
         demand, CM Labs’ tandem lift exercise   customize  this  scoring  system to take   tomers did not like being poked in the
         teaches the lead crane operator how to   their most important operating criteria   hand if the edge became frayed or cut. We
         safely and efficiently maneuver a steel   into  consideration.  This  in  turn  gives   wanted to offer a solution and I believe
         pipe load in tandem with a secondary   instructors a benchmark for objectively   that we did just that,” said Steve Pacilio,
         crane,  operated from another simula-  assessing  operators after every train-  President of Lift-All. “We listened to our
         tor connected on the network.      ing  session,  in  order  to  meet training   customers and designed a product that
           The Mobile Crane Simulator Training   objectives more rapidly.      would be soft and pliable and have im-
         Pack’s tandem lift feature can be de-  Thanks to its in-depth assessment   proved edge damage resistance.”
         ployed in multiple configurations, with   capabilities  and  progressive  learning   The number one reason to remove a
         operators working at any combination   exercises suitable for both novices and   sling from service is edge damage. The
                                                        experienced operators,   newly designed Tuff-Edge III includes
                                                        the Mobile Crane Train-  a tubular edge with damage resistant
                                                        ing Pack is a powerful   core  fibers  which  float  inside  to  aid
                                                        tool for every stage of   in  preventing  damage  to  the  body  fi-
                                                        the organizational work-  bers. This keeps the integrity of the
                                                        force development cycle,   sling intact without compromising its
                                                        from operator assess-  strength. In fact, Tuff-Edge III is 30%
                                                        ment  and  training  to   more  resistant  to  edge  damage  than
                                                        cross-skilling.        the current Tuff-Edge II webbing. The
                                                         The   Mobile   Crane  body weave design was also changed
                                                        Training Pack incorpo-  to  incorporate  a  twill  weave  which
                                                        rates CM Labs’ Smart   helps  improve  abrasion  resistance
                                                        Training TechnologyTM,   and  allows  the  sling  body  to  remain
                                                        resulting in a training   soft  and  pliable.  The  most  unique
                                                        tool that delivers the   change to the web is the revolution-
                                                        most transferable skills   ary  EDL  (Edge  Damage  Limit)  indi-
                                                        anywhere, outside of the   cator  which  is a  black  marker  yarn
                                                        real equipment.        that runs along each edge. If there is
                                                         For more informa-     a cut or damage to the sling edge, the
                                                        tion,  contact  info@cm-  sling can remain in service as long as
         New Mobile Crane Simulator Training Pack from CM Labs In-, or visit www.  the damage has not reached the EDL
         cludes Industry’s First Tandem Lift Simulation.         marker,  assuming  the rest of  the
         74     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   October 2019
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