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         tank  of  fuel.  This  durable  cooling  sys-
         tem comes equipped with 20 feet of 16/3
         chemical and abrasion resistant SOOW
         cord fitted with a 250V NEMA 6-20, 20-
         amp straight blade plug for use with
         220V to 240V explosion proof outlets.
           This  galvanized unit  features  6”
         pneumatic wheels for easy transporta-
         tion and operates on 220V AC 50 Hz.
         This  34-gallon-fuel-tank unit  features
         two  separate  water  filters  to  cool  a
         work  area and is  suitable  for  use  in
         hazardous locations, including at con-                                          Explosion-Protected STAHL
         struction sites, on oil rigs, and for tank                                   CraneSystem is now a member of
         cleaning applications.                                                           the Columbus McKinnon
                                                                                       Wire Rope Hoist Product Family
         Explosion-Protected Models
         Join Columbus McKinnon’s
         Wire Rope Hoist Product
         Precision engineered for reliable
         performance and safe operation     portfolio. The STAHL CraneSystems   platform, the explosion-protected SH
           Columbus McKinnon Corporation, a   SH  Ex wire  rope hoist  is  available in   Ex models allow for wider use in ap-
         leading designer and manufacturer of   five frame sizes with 26 load capacity   plications and industries with poten-
         motion  control  products,  technologies,   variants from 1000 pounds to 30 tons   tially hazardous environments,” said
         and  services  for  material handling,  is   in  deck  mount,  monorail  trolley,  and   Thomas Kraus, Global Product Man-
         now  adding NEC-approved, Class  I,   double girder trolley models for  use   ager, Wire Rope Hoists. “Complying
         Division 2 explosion-protected STAHL   with standard, customized, or special   with ATEX, IECEx, and now NEC
         CraneSystems brand SH Ex wire rope   crane applications.              standards, the SH Ex wire rope hoist
         hoists  to  its  advanced hoist  product   “Based on the SH wire rope hoist   offers reliable operation, high efficien-
         BOOK REVIEW                      by Jennifer Brown

            The Wealth of A Nation, A History of Trade Politics in America by C. Donald Johnson

           The Wealth of A Nation  is a rel-                                   ment since its inception.
         evant and readable history from the                                     Johnson outlines the effects of protec-
         authoritative view of C. Donald John-                                 tionist tariffs, especially on China, and
         son, a former Chief Textile Negotiator                                says the result will be, “Not to raise the
         who served in the US Congress, was                                    wages of the forgotten man but rather
         Ambassador at the Office of the Unit-                                 to raise the price of imported goods and
         ed  States  Trade  Representative,  and                               the forgotten man’s cost of living.” He
         is Director Emeritus of the Dean Rusk                                 cites a specific example when he points
         International Law Center at the Uni-                                  out that the current administration
         versity of Georgia School of Law.                                     ignores details like the “global supply
           Johnson  explains  how  international                               chain.” IPhones use foreign-made com-
         trade and tariffs have long been an                                   ponents but are then treated as origi-
         American issue,  beginning with the                                   nating from China under the customs
         Revolutionary War. Protectionism and                                  valuations. The result is inflation of US
         liberal trader views have seesawed                                    trade deficits.
         over  the  years.  The  author  takes  us                               He quotes Robert E. Scott, senior
         from the opposing views of Alexander                                  economist and director of trade re-
         Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson to the                                  search at the Economic Policy Institute,
         Smoot-Hawley tariff of 1930, a tariff                                 who  said,  “The  idea that a  billionaire
         that contributed to the Great Depres-                                 who promises to cut taxes and regula-
         sion’s economic climate.                                              tions on corporations would negotiate
           Johnson leads us through effects                                    better bargains for the American work-
         brought about by World War II and the                                 ers is simply absurd.”
         liberal economic order and a multilat-  America’s world leadership grew and its   Those in pursuit of greater un-
         eral trading system that followed poli-  economy  benefited  from  relationships   derstanding for what is changing in
         cies such as the Roosevelt Lend-Lease   forged with allies in the world. In John-  world trade, what we are losing, and
         act of 1941 which aided American allies   son’s opinion, the Trump era promotion   where current actions are taking us,
         and the Marshall Plan, which helped   of putting “America First” poses the big-  will find this book to be a vital part of
         Europe recover from the ravages of war.   gest threat to that free trade environ-  their quest.

         74     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   April 2019
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