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         ticians, as well as descendants of Ad-  includes  all of them in one place and   ment and supporting expertise is de-
         olf Bleichert.                     outlines the company’s expectations for   livered by individuals  and businesses
           On the occasion of the anniversary,   the future.”                  that work  exclusively  in  that niche.
         the  Predigtstuhlbahn’s  gondolas  are   Update regularly             Through  manufacture, supply, repair,
         estimated to have traveled over one   Researched,  written,  published,  dis-  testing, and inspection, the benefits to
         million miles, all on the original wire   tributed, and signed off on.  Once  you   end users in working with lifting equip-
         ropes and using  the original equip-  have completed the  employee hand-  ment experts are incalculable.”
         ment. The Predigtstuhlbahn is a listed   book cycle you have positioned your   Walker’s comments chime with those
         Historic Monument with respective   business  to  operate  more  efficiently   of Steve Hutin, the Managing Director
         protections,  and continues  its journey   and  profitably.  But  the  handbook  is   at RSS. He said: “I always recommend
         from the past into the future. WRN  not a “set it and forget it” affair. Laws,   an end user  works  with  a specialist
                                            regulations,  and  workplace  conditions   lifting equipment company on anything
           Peter von Bleichert,  is  the great-  undergo constant  change.  Keep ask-  related to cranes  or  hoists.  There  are
         great grandson of Adolf Bleichert.  ing this question: Does our handbook   one-stop-shop hire  businesses  out
                                            wording  need  to  be  altered  to  reflect   there—plenty  of  them—that stock  a
           90 years of Predigtstuhlbahn. HOW TO BUILD LEG-  new realities?     variety of products, but far too many
         ENDS. Retrieved from  “It’s critical to review your handbook   have a diluted pool of experience when
           Bleichert Aerial Ropeways (Bi-Cables). Adolf Bleichert
         & Co. A.G. Leipzig-Gohlis, Germany.  on a regular basis,” advises Gregg. Add   it comes to lifting gear. And it’s a
           Customer Register of Bleichert Transportanlagen
         GmbH. State Archives of Saxony at Leipzig, Germany.  policies that reflect new challenges and   mistake to approach the supply of any
           * Images from family collection and public domain. Dia-  opportunities. And toss those no longer   lifting-related product or service with a
         grams by author.
           * Research assistance and German-to-English transla-  valid. “Clean out your policies like you   tool-hire mentality.”
         tion by Rolf von Bleichert (USA).
           * Research  assistance  and additional photography by   would old clothes from your closet,” he   For more information about Rope
         Hartmut von Bleichert (Italy).     says. “Handbooks should not be de-  and Sling Specialists LTD visit www.
           * Visit ‘Bleichert’s  Wire  Ropeways’ on  Facebook and for more information.  signed by hoarders.” WRN n
         CROSSWORD                      by Myles Mellor           Answers on our website:
                                        Hints are often found in recent issues of Wire Rope News!
           1  Every company involved in the lifting and rigging
               industry should join this org., abbr.
           4  _____ hoist ring
           9  Math subject, abbr.
           10  State with the highest number of troubled bridges, per
               2018 report
           11  Vital equipment to ensure future safe operation, 2 words
           14  Approve
           15  Grappling hook
           19  Places for testing
           21  Official document, for short
           22  Trim (down)
           23  Examination of the tensile strength and elasticity of wire
               rope, 2 words
           29  Eureka moment cry
           30  Wily
           31  Constructs
           32 for example
           33  Impair the quality of
           35  Measure equipment against a standard to ensure it will
               operate safely and as expected
           37  Discouraging words
           39  No matter which
           40  ‘Monopoly’ corner
           41  French the                                      17  By means of a drone or aircraft
           42  Man who invented wire rope in 1834, Wilhelm ____    18  Before as a prefix
                                                               20  _____ strength
         Down                                                  24  Improvement
           1  Nearing time for repair or replacement           25  Sudden flight especially from the law
           2  Unprocessed                                      26  Lady described
           3  State where the Dames Point Bridge is            27  Duties
           5  Revolutionary invention                          28  In stranded rope, the lay direction of the rope can be ___Z
           6  Crucial                                             or ___ S
           7  Be stretched out in a horizontal or resting position    30  Inspecting a mobile ___ for safety is an exact science
           8  Situation involving exposure to danger           32  Golden Bears sch., alt.
           12  ___ and don’ts                                  34  Grand Canyon State
           13  ___ physician (Sinus specialist), for short     36  Erode, with into
           16  Dominant communications firm from early 1920s to 1970s    38  Winning tic-tac-toe row
         74     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   October 2018
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