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                            Model HSDSB Standard Duty Spreader Beam
                                   from Harrington Hoists

                                            Harrington Hoists, Inc.            ing  and industrial  equipment sectors,

                  safety gains  achieved  by   Introduces Model HSDSB          announced the release of an explosion
                  reading data at a distance of  Standard Duty Spreader        proof portable evaporative cooling sys-
                  up to 328 ft. or 100m are of  Beam                           tem suitable for use in Class I, Division
                  course acknowledged.        Harrington Hoists, Inc. recently in-  1 and 2 hazardous locations. This cool-
           Rigged using industry standard   troduced their HSDSB Standard Duty   ing  system is  a galvanized air  chiller
         shackles, such as the Crosby G2130, the   Spreader  Beam  which  can  be  used   that combines a non-sparking fan and
         Bluelink has been designed to minimize   where headroom is not limited such as   dry mist technology to cool commercial
         headroom; it measures only 6 inches   in outdoor construction applications. It is   and industrial areas.
         or 156mm from eye to eye. Meanwhile,   available in 2 through 40 Ton capacities   The EPF-AC-30-220V.50HZ-GLVD
         its compact, lightweight design does   with outside spreads from 4 to 24 feet.  portable explosion proof evaporative
         not sacrifice on strength with a safety   This style of spreader beam utilizes   cooling unit is rated for Class I, Divi-
         factor  of over 500%. Constructed  from   an  upper  rigging  spread between  two   sions  1 and 2, Group  D;  Class II, Di-
         aerospace grade and hard-anodized alu-  lift points which  adds extra stability   visions 1 and 2, and Groups E, F and
         minium, the product also boasts an ad-  to the lift. It is supplied with a pair of   G hazardous work locations. This unit
         vanced internal design structure.  heavy-duty swivel hooks.  Additional
           The aforementioned app, which is   lift points and hardware are available
         available for download and easy connec-  as options.
         tion to any SP load cell that possesses   The HSDSB is engineered and man-
         the same technology, allows the opera-  ufactured to ASME B30.20  & BTH-1
         tor to log data versus time or on events   Design Category B Service Class 2 and
         such  as  over- or under-load,  while  an   has a specified fatigue life of 100,001 to
         adjustable alarm alerts the operator on   500,000 load cycles. All HSDSB, Stan-
         a smartphone if any overload occurs. It
         features an analogue load indicator on   dard Duty Spreader Beams are proof-
         the main screen and a number of lan-  tested to 125% capacity.
         guages, including English, Dutch, Span-  Larson Electronics Releases
         ish, Norwegian, Japanese, and Chinese.  Explosion Proof Portable
           Bluelink is powered by four standard
         AA alkaline  batteries that provide in   Evaporative Cooling System,
         excess of 500 hours transmission time,  34 Gallon Tank, CI/II D1&2
         and its  internal  antennae  ensures   Larson Electronics,  a Texas-based
         loads to an accuracy of 0.1% FS are   company with over 40 years of experi-
         transmitted safely.                ence spearheading the industrial light-

             In 1924, Germany’s ‘Adolf Bleichert & Co.’ celebrated its 50th Anniversary.
             By the time of this occasion, the company had designed and built the   Explosion Proof
             world’s record holding wire ropeways: Longest and highest elevation   Portable Evaporative
                                         (Argentina); Length of system over water   Cooling System from
                                         (New Caledonia); Steepest (Tanzania);   Larson Electronics
                                         Highest capacity (France); Northernmost
                                         (Norway); and, Southernmost (Chile).
                                                                               measures 36" wide by 39" deep by 66"
                                         Written by the great-great grandson   tall and can reach an evaporation zone
                                         of the company’s founder, this book   of  five  to  10  feet.  This  cooling  system
                                         includes over 100 pictures and detailed   features a 30” fan and eight spray noz-
                                         engineering drawings that explore     zles and shuts off automatically when
                                         the legendary company’s history, and   the water reservoir becomes empty.
                                         several of its record-holding systems.  Larson Electronics’ explosion proof
                                                                               cooling system has an ambient temper-
                                               Available at for     ature rating of 10˚C to 65˚C and runs at
                                               your Kindle or in paperback.
                                                                               8,723 RPM enabling spaces to experi-
                                                   Available at  ence a temperature drop of 20˚F to 30˚F.
                                                   in paperback.               This unit weighs 175 lbs. and operates
                                                                               with  a  30"  spark-proof  blade  cooling
                                               ‘Like’ it on Facebook for       areas  up  to  3,500  square  feet  with  an
                                               relevant information and news.
                                                                               eight-hour  operating  time  on  a  single
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