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         product!” says buyer Julien Dethier.                                  eTrack,  a 2,000kg (4,409 lb.)  capacity
           But if LIFTEUROP itself is attentive                                remote-controlled rail-lifting clamp.
         to the protection of the environment, the                               eTrack has been designed to enhance
         company expects just as much from its                                 safety and efficiency when lifting, han-
         suppliers. Since steel is the main mate-                              dling and transporting single rail sec-
         rial used by the company, it is important                             tions. Typically working  beneath the
         that it choose its suppliers carefully!                               hook  of  a  series  of  gantry cranes,  the
           “Our  suppliers  must  have  social                                 product approaches, orients and posi-
         practices that are consistent with our                                tions itself directly on the rail thanks
         own. This is very important to us. The                                to  the  “finger”.  Once  in  position,  the
         ALIPA Group buys responsibly and ex-                                  crane descends, the spring-loaded fin-
         pects its suppliers to share the same                                 ger retracts and allows the clamp to
         values  of  respect  for  the  environment                            make contact with the rail. Once  the
         and sustainability. All our suppliers                                 clamp has locked the rail, it is not pos-
         must,  for  example,  sign  specifications                            sible to release or drop the load.
         in which they commit to compliance                                      When the eTrack’s sensor makes con-
         with the European REACH  regula-                                      tact with the surface of the rail—it has
         tions,” explains Julien Dethier.                                      been tested on 56E1, 60E2 rail profiles
           REACH (for the Registration, Evalu-  The Raze brand is              and 75 conductor rails—the clamping
         ation,  Authorisation  and Restriction   machined into the            mechanism automatically  unlocks.  As
                                               heavy-duty electric
         of Chemical products) is a European      chain hoist.                 the  ascending  maneuver  begins,  the
         regulation  adopted  to better protect                                clamping mechanism automatically
                                            duction environments and has been   locks onto the rail, allowing it to raise
                                            launched as a competitor to other   the load. The product provides a reli-
                                            high-end hoists on the market, but is   able and fail-safe grip on the rail, and
                                            expected  to offer economical and op-  has  a  narrow  profile  to  ease  the  ap-
                                            erational  benefits  to  anyone  looking   proach and positioning to an individual
                                            for a durable, high-performance lifting   rail when rails are side by side.
                                            product., a distributor   Oscar Fillol, founder and CEO at
                                            of cranes, winches, pallet trucks, chain   Elebia, said: “There are other remote
                                            hoists, and many other types of lifting   products  on  the  market  but  not  with
                                            equipment, is the first vendor to offer   the remote engage and release like
                                            Raze to the U.S., Canada and Mexico.  ours. With the eTrack, the whole oper-
                                              Raze,  which  is  being  presented  as  a   ation of approaching the rails, orient-
                                            standalone product of a new brand, of-  ing the clamps and their engagement
         LIFTEUROP is concerned for the environment.  fers  a  continuous  duty  motor,  double   can be handled remotely, as well as its
                                            braking  and overload  protection.  Like
         human health and the environment   other top-of-line products, it is designed
         against the risks associated with chem-  to run around the clock. Notably, a corro-
         ical substances.                   sion resistant galvanized chain and wa-
           Founded in 2010 in Wiltz, LIFTEU-  terproof pendant control make it suitable
         ROP produces and distributes high-  for outdoor use. Caudle reported that
         quality material and lifting accessories has  invested in high
         with  the STAS brand’s own  design.   levels of inventory and has put the prod-
         STAS is the flagship of the French lift-  uct at the forefront of its free quick ship
         ing  industry,  ensuring  the  safety of   program. Same-day delivery is available
         goods and people since 1953. Certified   in most cases and the hoists can be re-
         in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO   chained for longer lifts as required.
         14001 and with  a CSR policy,  LIFT-  Raze is available in 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 3
         EUROP is part of the lifting division of   and 5 ton capacities, single-speed, 230 or   eTrack has been designed to enhance safety
         the ALIPA Group, a Luxembourg pack-  460V three-phase operation. Hook and   and efficiency when lifting, handling and
         aging and industrial lifting specialist   lug mount push and motorized trolleys   transporting single rail sections.
         with approximately 150 employees.  are also in stock. A one-year warranty
           For more information about LIFT-  is included as standard but customers   release.  The eTrack  rail-lifting clamp
         EUROP got to For   have the option of extending it for a sec-  can be paired to the Elebia eMAX, the
         more about the Alipa Group visit their   ond year at the point of purchase. Raze   eMINI or the eINST remote controls.”
         website at        is initially only available via cranedepot.  Railway professionals have noted the
                                            com but Caudle acknowledged that ex-  product’s light-emitting diode (LED)
         New Raze Heavy-Duty                clusivity is only likely to remain in place   indicator where a color-coded scheme
         Electric Chain Hoist               while additional dealers are sought.  shows the clamp’s status at all times—
           A new heavy-duty electric chain hoist,                              green, clamp is unlocked / release load;
         available in a range of capacities from  Elebia Launches eTrack       red,  intermediate  /  do  not  lift;  blue,
         1/8 to 5 tons, is being offered to North  Rail-Lifting clamp          clamp  is  locked  /  lift  and  maneuver
         America immediately via premier on-  Barcelona, Spain-based Elebia, a   load; white, low battery.
         line distributor   manufacturer  of automatic hooks  and   A ‘smart nap’ mode reduces battery
           Raze  is  built  specifically  for  pro-  other safety products, has launched the   continued on next page

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