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                                                                               JAX VG-Plus  Wire  Rope Lube  00 is
                                                                               an EAL, Vessel General Permit (VGP)
                                                                               compliant wire rope and cable grease
                                                                               designed to provide excellent rust and
                             The Modulift Adjustable Modular Lifting Beam      corrosion  protection while minimizing
                               offers one solution for a variety of sizes.
                                                                               both internal and external wear.
                                                                                 “Of course it’s important  that our
                                                                               VG-Plus products meet the VGP re-
                                                                               quirements for biodegradability, toxic-
                                                                               ity,  and bioaccumulation”,  said Chris
                                                                               Foti, Technical  Director  at JAX, “but
                                                                               the  main  focus  is  to  develop products
                                                                               that deliver exceptional performance
                                                                               in the harsh conditions encountered in
                                                                               marine applications, especially in salt-
                                                                               water environments.”
                                              Request from our customer, RRS     Most wire ropes and cables in the ma-
                                            Group                              rine industry operate in environments
                                              “As engineers,  it’s  really  satisfying   that present extreme challenges for a lu-
                                            to develop a product that makes work   bricant. They are often exposed to weath-
                                            a lot easier for others. With the trun-  er and corrosive seawater and a wide va-
                           The Modulift     nion  drop link,  we  responded to  a  re-  riety of loads and pressures. That’s why
                        Trunnion Drop Link   quest from our customer, RRS Group.   JAX VG-Plus Wire Rope Lube 00 offers
                         can be easily and
                         quickly attached   It already had our beams and wanted   excellent water resistance, superior rust
                            to a sling.     compatible drop links.  It’s so much   and corrosion protection, and exceptional
                                            easier to attach trunnion  drop links,   antiwear performance.
                                            especially for really heavy lifts, so it   JAX Wire  Rope  Lube  00 also  meets
                                            was an easy decision to not just make   the  technical  definitions  and  require-
                                            them for one customer but to add them   ments as defined by the US EPA VGP
                                            to our range.”                     Section 2.2.9 intended  to reduce the
                                              Kevin Crockford from the lifting and   environmental impact of lubricant dis-
                                            transportation company, RRS Group   charges on the aquatic ecosystem. This
                                            said: “We purchased a set of trunnions   becomes  especially  important for  port
                                            from  Modulift  to meet a customer  re-  operators  because  of  the  wide  variety
                                            quirement. From the early stages of   of  equipment utilizing  wire  rope and
                                            design, through to production and then   cable and the penalties associated with
                                            delivery, Modulift was very helpful and   lubricant discharges.
                                            always kept us informed of the status   For more information om JAX VG-
                                            of the project.”                   Plus  Wire  Rope Lube  00 and other
         quickly attached to a sling.         For more information visit their web-  VGP compliant VG-Plus products, visit
           The main benefits are:           site at
           • Requires only one top shackle, not
         two, thus enabling safer and quicker sling  JAX INC. Announces        Airpes Presents Eagle Black
         attachment, saving time and money  Environmentally                    Box Crane Monitoring
           • Compatible  with Modulift Spread-  Acceptable Wire Rope Lube      System
         er Beams from MOD6 up to MOD110    VG-Plus Wire Rope Lube Offers        Barcelona, Spain-based Airpes has
         with a capacity of up to 55t       Excellent Performance and VGP      launched a black box product—the Ea-
           • Works with flat webbing slings up   Compliance                    gle—that monitors and logs the hoist,
         to the MOD50 and wire rope and syn-  The product is the first of a new line   trolley  and bridge movements  of  high
         thetic slings up to the MOD110.    of products the company is  launch-  duty cycle overhead cranes and hoists
           Modulift’s  technical  director,  Sue   ing to support the marine industry.   to ensure safe lifting and use within in-
         Spencer  said:” We invite everyone,                                   tended parameters.
         both inside and outside our company,                                    Airpes, a weighing systems and lift-
         to come up with good ideas for new                                    ing equipment specialist, is presenting
         products – we then start developing the                               the Eagle system as part of its  AL-
         best and the most beneficial.                                         series of overload devices, but it sits
           “Our standard lifting beam is already                               at the top of the portfolio, including a
         a brilliant product, so we thought the                                multi-hoist  overload protector,  multi
         only way to make it better was to make                                anti-collision  crane  system,  and full
         it adjustable.  Lots  of  our  customers                              connection  with  a  black  box app, for
         have different requirements to move a                                 download on  a laptop or  smartphone.
         variety of fixed sized objects like metal                             The system is available with a custom-
         skids – so rather than have lots of dif-                              ised black box for hoist manufacturers’
         ferent sized beams, they can just have                                volume production.
         one that is size adjustable. This is so                                 The  Eagle  can  be  installed  in  the
         much more efficient for our clients.     JAX VG-Plus Wire Rope Lube                   continued on next page

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