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         improving performance.
           To  learn  more  about  the  complete
         lineup of Valley Forge & Bolt load-indi-
         cating fasteners, visit
         Columbus McKinnon
         Expands Unified Industries
         Brand Enclosed Track
                                                                The Tele-Pro
         Aluminum Rail Offering                               davit crane, from  OZ Lifting Shows New Tele-
         New ETA-3 Series Rail Provides                      Oz Lifting Products,   Pro Davit Crane at Residuals
         Versatility and Improved Ergonom-                     allows users to  and Biosolids Event
         ics for Light-Duty Applications                     telescope the boom  OZ Lifting Products LLC will debut
                                                                in and out
           To help improve ergonomics and                       under load.    at Water Environment  Federation’s
         equipment  safety  for lifting applica-                               (WEF) Residuals and Biosolids Confer-
         tions,  Columbus  McKinnon  Corpora-                                  ence and Exhibition, which took place
         tion,  a leading designer  and manu-                                  March 31 to April 3, 2020 at the Min-
         facturer  of motion control  products,                                neapolis Convention Center, MN.
         technologies,  and services  for  mate-                                 The Winona, Minnesota-based man-
         rial handling, has expanded its family                                ufacturer showed its new Tele-Pro da-
         of  Unified  Industries  brand  Enclosed                              vit cranes that allow users to leverage
         Track  Aluminum  (ETA)  Rail  Profiles.                               the  benefits  of  other  lifting  technolo-
         Joining the existing product portfolio,                               gies in its range, while telescoping the
         the new ETA-3 Series is a flexible solu-                              boom in  and out  under  load. OZ  also
         tion for light-duty applications.                                     showcased its complete range of davit
            “ETA-3 is ideal for any light-duty ap-                             cranes, including the CompOZite and
         plication in our customers’ facilities,”                              CompOZite Elite Carbon Fiber models.
         said Tony Alessi, Product Manager for   festooning  trolleys  and  filter,  regula-  Steve Napieralski,  President  at OZ
         the  Unified  Industries  brand.  “This   tor, and lubrication (FRL) equipment   Lifting, said: “The industry-first [Tele-
         means that ETA-3 rails can be used in   to  move  on  a  separate  rail,  helping  to   Pro] davit cranes will be a game-chang-
         a variety of configurations, including as   extend bridge and runway distances.   er. However, we have found that all of
         tool  rail  for  weld  guns,  light  fixtures,   ETA-3 rails are an ideal choice for auto-  our products have been used in many
         weld curtains, spring balancers, and   motive, aerospace, and heavy manufac-  different applications in the water and
         work benches, or as a side-by-side rail to   turing applications.     wastewater sectors. Put simply, we of-
         carry additional equipment on a crane.”  ETA-3 has a maximum capacity of   fer  innovative  products  and  solutions
           Designed to reduce strain and fatigue,   442 lbs., with lengths up to 25 feet, and   that make the job easier and safer.”
         ETA-3 rails provide ease of movement   is extruded from high-grade 6005-T5   OZ has previously addressed a WEF
         with  a  lightweight  aluminum  trolley   aluminum. For more information about   audience  at the Technical  Exhibition
         body, precision bearing load wheels,   the  Unified  Industries  brand  ETA-3   & Conference,  where  water quality
         self-lubricating  bronze  bushings,  dual   Series Rail, visit   professionals  from around the world
         bearing guide rollers, and integrated   To learn  more about all of Columbus   absorb education  and training.  The
         rubber  bumpers.  This  new  profile  can   McKinnon’s  products, call Columbus   Residuals and Biosolids event, orga-
         also be attached to the mainline rail   McKinnon  Channel  Services  at 800-  nized in cooperation with the Central
         system as a festoon rail. This allows   888-0985 or visit  States Water Environment Association
                                                                               and the Water Research  Foundation
                                                                               (WRF), is crafted to deepen the techni-
                                                                               cal knowledge of professionals involved
                                                                               with  residuals  and biosolids  manage-
                                                                               ment, and provide forums where lead-
                                                                               ing issues in the sector are discussed.
                                                                                 Napieralski  is enthused  by the co-
                                                                               location  of  a  conference  and  exhibi-
                                                                               tion, which he anticipates will attract
                                                                               an engaged attendee, willing  to learn
                                                                               and discover  technologies  and solu-
                                                                               tions  that can  make  the  sector  safer
                                                                               and more efficient. Five pre-conference
                                                                               workshops, 21 technical sessions, and
                                                                               two facility tours are certainly likely to
                                                                               attract quality and quantity of footfall,
                                                                               he said.
                                                                                 Prior to the event, Napieralski said,
                                                                               “I’m hoping we can connect with users
                                                                               of our types of products and show them
                                                                               our patented range of composite davits,
         New ETA-3 Series Rail, from Columbus McKinnon, Provides Versatility and Improved Ergo-  particularly the Tele-Pro. At the same
         nomics for Light-Duty Applications                                                    continued on next page

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