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         merce Way, Norton, MA 02766, TEL:   A 1-ton version of                from a high-carbon, high-manganese al-
         (508) 952-4000, TOLL FREE: (800) 343-  the Accolift hand              loy steel. Also available for 4" track is a
         9322, FAX: (888) 788-6496, www.presto-  chain hoist.                  variety of crane components, including or email:                            trolleys, end trucks, and drives.
         Acco Launched Three New                                               Elebia Launches NEO50
         Products at ProMat                                                    Lifting Hook
           Acco  Material Handling Solutions                                   • Remote engage & release of any load.
         LLC, a manufacturer of material han-                                  • 50-ton lifting hook ideal for
         dling products, including  overhead                                     oversized lifting points, up to
         cranes and hoists, introduced three                                     130mm in diameter.
         new innovations at this year’s ProMat                                 • Numerous features integrated to
         show, which took place in April at Mc-                                  enhance safety credentials.
         Cormick Place in Chicago.                                               Elebia Autohooks S.L.U., the Spain-
           The  first  two  items  carry  the  re-                             based smart lifting solutions company,
         nowned Accolift brand: a hand chain                                   has developed the NEO50 lifting hook.
         hoist available from ½ ton to 20-ton ca-                              With a 50-ton (110,231lbs) lifting capac-
         pacity and a lever hoist from ¾ ton to                                ity, the NEO50 has been designed  as
         9-ton capacity. Additionally, the show                                a solution for lifting and transporting
         marked the launch of 4” flange, Louden                                any load, as well as for oversized lifting
         TitanTrack  that extended the compa-                                  points of up to 130mm in diameter.
         ny’s patented track range.                                              The new Elebia NEO50 lifting hook
           Jeff Dawson,  national  sales  direc-                               comes with a safety factor of 4:1. It has
         tor at Acco, said: “The chain and lever                               been designed, like the rest of the com-
         hoists represent continued evolution of                               pany’s range of lifting products, under a
         already popular products, while the Ti-                               fail-safe principle that makes it impos-
         tanTrack extends a product line in re-                                sible to drop a suspended load. NEO50
         sponse to user demand. Giving dealers                                 can be remotely engaged and released
         an  opportunity to get their  hands  on                               with any Elebia remote control, which
         the new equipment will see our show-                                  all  allow  simple  and  reliable  fail-safe
         floor sales team in high demand.”                                     management of the lifting hook. All nec-
           The Accolift hand chain  hoist is a                                 essary orders can be sent and received
         portable, lightweight, dependable unit                                with any of the remote controls straight
         that will  be  widely  utilized  in  a  vari-                         to the NEO50 lifting hook.
         ety of end user applications at machine                                 Oscar Fillol, founder and CEO at
         shops, industrial maintenance facili-                                 Elebia, says: “There are still many
         ties, construction sites, and production                              lifting operations in all industries
         environments  where  heavy parts or                                   where  hooks  without a safety latch
         equipment need to be positioned ac-                                   are  used.  The  NEO50  simplifies  this
         curately. Chain hoists offer maximum                                                  continued on next page
         flexibility  and  mobility  for  infrequent
         lifting applications. The  product fea-
         tures an overload device, as standard.
         Spark- and corrosion-resistant options
         are available with load chain, hand
         chain, wheels, and load hooks in stain-
         less  steel.  Bronze  load hooks,  wheels,
         and nickel-plated hoist bodies add fur-
         ther breadth to the offering.
           Meanwhile,  the Accolift lever hoist
         increases a worker’s efficiency in pull-
         ing, lifting, lowering, moving, and skid-
         ding objects in industrial, construction,
         maintenance, mining, shipbuilding,
         and utility sector applications. ProMat   and  increases  the  flange  width  range
         visitors noted improved free chain op-  previously available in 2", 3.25", and
         eration and storage of the bottom hook   3.33" sizes. The 4" version is designed
         on the hoist body, for improved safety   to meet the requirements of heavy-duty
         when moving the lever hoist from one   manufacturing industries, for example,
         location to another. Dawson explained   aerospace and highway bridge mainte-
         that storing  the  load hook  prior  to   nance platforms. It will also be used to
         transport keeps  the  load hook  off  the   replace existing track on previously in-  The Elebia NEO50 lifting hook has been de-
         ground  and away from possible  snag-  stalled systems. The girder is construct-  signed as a solution for lifting and transport-
         ging and dragging through debris.”  ed  with  the  operating  flange  T-section   ing any load, as well as for oversized lifting
                                                                               points. An LED indicator shows the lifting
           Finally, the Louden 4" TitanTrack of-  continuously welded to a supporting web   hook’s battery status at all times, with a bright
         fers 5,200-lb. capacity per pair of wheels   and  top  flange.  The  T-section  is  rolled   four-colour colour-code scheme.
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