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Statements made in this section are taken from submitted press releases by the individual companies and all claims as to the performance of their products is according to those releases.
         Wire Rope News is not responsible for these claims and any questions or concerns regarding specifications, safety or performance should be directed to the individual companies.

         Larson Electronics Releases
         120V Industrial Forced Air
         Heater, 170 CFM, 45,000
         BTUs, 5-Gallon Fuel Tank,
           Larson  Electronics,  a  Texas-based
         company with over 40 years of experience
         spearheading the industrial lighting and
         industrial equipment sectors, announced                                                     Portable,
         the release of an industrial forced air                                                  Counter Balance
                                                                                                  Jib Crane from
         heater for use indoors. This unit runs on                                                 Air Technical
         kerosene/diesel and provides 170 CFM  Portable, Counter Balance                            Industries
         of air flow producing 45,000 BTUs. This  Jib Crane with 360° Rotation
         unit features a five-gallon fuel tank and   Air Technical Industries has innovat-
         comes with real-time fuel and thermo-  ed a series of Portable Jib Cranes that
         stat gauges and a carrying handle with   are self-supportive and can  be  used
         three feet of power cord.          anytime, any place, indoors or out-
           The  GAU-KFA-PH-45K industrial   doors,  without  installation.  The  Por-
         forced air heater can heat spaces up to   table Jib Crane has a counterweight
         1,100 square feet of space and operates   built in to the base for stability and
         on 120V AC 60Hz. This portable, com-  fork pockets for portability.
         pact heater offers 45,000  BTUs. This   When the job is done, the crane can
         unit operates on kerosene or diesel and   be easily moved out of the way, since
         is  CSA  certified  to  run  on  #1  and  #2   it  is  not  bolted  to  the  concrete  floor,
         diesel fuel, JP8/jet A fuel, and #1 and   as it is in the case with traditional jib
         #2 fuel oil at a rate of 0.35 gallons per   cranes. The ordinary jib crane can only
         hour. This heater can operate for up to   be used at one fixed location and is lim-
         14 hours on one full tank of fuel.  ited in flexibility that the new portable
           Larson Electronics’ portable industrial   crane offers.
         forced air heater has safety features that   One crane that can be used at many   volts, 3 phase. For hazardous areas, air
         include high temperature shut off, flame   locations  adds great  versatility  and   powered pneumatic spark proof hoists
         out fuel cut and thermocouple. This unit   savings by not needing many cranes   are available.
         is equipped with three feet of power cord   at different locations, and it also saves   Portable Jib Cranes  are  built  of
         for completing electrical connections and   space on the shop floor. The Portable   heavy duty industrial welded steel con-
         an extension cord wrap. This unit has a   Jib Crane is also convertible and can   struction for safe and long lasting use.
         flat  base  and  carrying  handle  for  easy   be detached from the base and mount-  The rotation is on a heavy duty Timken
         portability around the work site. Suit-  ed to the floor.             roller bearing and precision built cam
         able applications include use at construc-  The crane features a 360° boom rota-  followers  for smooth, easy, effortless
         tion sites, warehouses and commercial   tion manually operated and there is an   rotation. Cranes are available in capac-
         spaces, schools, and more.         optional powered boom rotation avail-  ities of 500, 1000 or 2000 pounds with a
           For  further  information,  go to their   able. The crane can be equipped with   span length of 6 to 12 feet and an under
         website at,   a manual hoist  or  electrical  powered   beam height of up to 24 ft.
         or call toll-free: 1-888-351-2363.  hoist, 110 volt single phase or 240-480   The cranes feature 2 different coun-
                                                                               ter balance designs, one is counter-
                                                                               weight  built  into  the  enlarged  base
                                                                               for stability and the other is mounted
                                                                               on the rotating beam so that counter-
                                                                               weight is always on the opposite side
                                                                               of the payload. The specially designed
                                                                               counterweight base has 4-way fork
                                                                               pockets  for  easy  accessibility from
                                                                               any side.
                                                                                 As a material handling product man-
                                                                               ufacturer since 1964, Air Technical In-
                                                                               dustries offers standard, modified and
                                                                               custom built Portable Jib Crane design
                                                                               options that will provide the best solu-
                                                                               tion for your challenge.  The Portable
                                                                               Jib Crane is also available with articu-
                                                                               lating beams.
                      120V Industrial Forced Air Heater from Larson Electronics  The Portable Jib Crane is an ideal

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