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         removing the clamp from the curved
         plate/pipe with ease.
           The TLC clamp is recommended for        Typical Model 33 - 2 Point Modular
         lifting and turning  of a single  curved      Spreader Beam Assembly
         plate/pipe from horizontal to vertical to
         horizontal. The specially designed cam
         jaw  is  made to  safely  lift  curved sur-
         faces of plate and pipe as well as flat
         plate stock.
           The TLC is available in various siz-
         es  and capacities  for  your  application
         needs,  along  with  Renfroe’s  Lifetime
         Warranty! For more warranty details,
         please visit our website at www.jcren-                      Typical Model 33 - 4 Point Modular                                                      Spreader Beam Assembly
           • Clamp model shown is designed to
         lift 10" O.D. pipe and larger.
           • Wall thickness range of 0-5/8"
           • Lift and turn 0-90 degrees.
           • Capable of lifting both curved plate/                             24"x36" up to 24"x60". Larger  plat-
         pipe and flat plate.                                                  forms, up to 48"x84" are available.
           • No  need  for  specific  radius,  only                              CLT Series lift features include cyl-
         needs to meet minimum radius size re-                                 inders with internal stops, lifetime
         quirements.                                                           self-lubricating, PTFE lined, composite
           • Includes lock 0-90 degrees.                                       bearings,  retained base and platform
           • Various  sizes  and  capacities  are   • Model 33 system components are   rollers,  and safety restraint  mainte-
         available.                         interchangeable with other similar   nance bars.
                                            systems.                             Options and accessories that can be
         Two & Four Point Modular             • Knock-down design is easily trans-  furnished  with  CLT Series  Lifts  in-
         Spreader Beam System               ported.                            clude  portability kits,  bellows  guards,
           The Caldwell Group continues to in-  • Unique pivoting drop link.   special platforms (conveyor/ball trans-
         troduce new and cost saving lifting solu-  • Complies with ASME B30.20,   fer), limit switches, fork pockets, power
         tions providing the highest value while   BTH-1 standards.            upgrades and more.
         also meeting (or exceeding) ASME stan-  • Combinations of 1 to 5 spreader   Presto ECOA Lifts Inc. is a leading
         dards. Caldwell, founded in 1954, has a   sections can be used to create custom   manufacturer  of  ergonomic  materials
         team experienced application special-  spreader beam lengths.         handling equipment, including a com-
         ists and design engineers built on de-  • Custom designed systems available.  plete line of lift tables, stackers, tilters,
         cades of knowledge developing lifting   • Product availability June, 2019.   pallet-handling products and custom
         and material handling solutions.      Visit Caldwell’s website at caldwell-  lifting and positioning solutions.
           Our Model 33 modular lifting beam                          For more information, contact Rick
         system is  our  newest  addition to the   Scissor Lift Tables Offer   daSilva, Presto ECOA Lifts, 50 Com-
         Caldwell spreader beam family. By the
         use of various spreader beam sections,  High Travel in a Compact
         end, or corner fittings, your lifter con-  Footprint
         figurations are virtually limitless, pro-  Presto ECOA Lifts announces the
         viding a solution for any of your lifting   immediate  availability  of CLT Series
         challenges.                        Compact Scissor  Lifts.  These  high-
           The spreader beam assemblies are   performance, industrial-duty lifts are
         available in a wide range of capacities   available in a wide range of capacities
         and sizes. Caldwell’s 4 point system can   including 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, 5,000
         be  configured  in  square  or  rectangular   and 6,000 lbs. They are ideal for a wide
         configurations.  In  addition,  both  the  2   variety of work positioning, assembly,
         and 4 point system components are inter-  repair  and inspection  applications in
         changeable with other similar systems.  manufacturing  facilities,  warehouses,
           The breakdown of the modular compo-  repair shops and more.
         nents makes this system easy to handle   CLT Series lifts employ a double scis-
         on the job site. Due to this feature, the   sor mechanism that allows for a col-
         model 33 is the perfect solution where a   lapsed height  of 8½" while  providing
         quick delivery is required. End fittings   raised heights of up to 56½". Lifting
         and beam sections are sold separately if   control is via a hand pendant  or foot
         a complete system is not required.  switch  which  operate a ¾ HP motor
           FEATURES:                        that runs on 115V single phase power
           • Quickly configure a spreader beam   of 208/230/460V 3 phase power.      CLT Series Compact Scissor Lift
         to match your lift requirements.     Standard platforms  range  from           from Presto ECOA Lifts

         72     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   June 2019
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