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         tape measures  with  patent-pending
         two-sided blade  design  and an  indus-  Yale® YK™ Wire Rope Hoist
                                                from Columbus McKinnon
         try-leading 14 feet of standout.
           “Our extensive research determined
         what users were really looking for in a
         tape,” said Kevin Fitzpatrick, Product
         Manager. “Saving time was critical, so
         when measuring on a jobsite one per-
         son can now do a two-person measur-  girder models
         ing job using this tape. And, since  a   are ideal for applica-
         tape measure is one of the most used   tions with space limitations.
         tools on a job site, we also focused on   Double girder hoists provide added
         durability to create a product that   stability for the production and trans-
         withstands drops and lasts longer.”   portation of heavy loads and enable
                                            more frequent operation. Highly stable  SP Launches
           The compact design features metal   with the ability to handle loads safely  Bluetooth Alternative
         “roll  bars”  to  protect the  lock  button
         against drop impact damage, while the   and precisely,  double girder  models  to Mechanical Load Cells
         simulated diamond-coated  end hook   offer increased hook  height and im-  Straightpoint (SP) has unveiled its
         provides 50 percent  more  hook  grasp   proved headroom dimensions,  as well   new single capacity Bluelink load cell
         to prevent surface slippage. The dual-  as wider crane span capabilities. Yale   that introduces  Bluetooth  technology
         sided print combined with enhanced   YK and Shaw-Box SK stand-alone dou-  to  existing  and prospective custom-
         print size provide superior legibility for   ble girder models are available for lift-  ers still utilizing outdated mechanical
                                            ing capacities up to 30 tons.      force measurement products.
                                              “Our stand-alone double girder Yale   Bluelink is a 6.5t (14,300 lb.) capac-
                                            YK and Shaw-Box SK hoists are strong   ity load cell, targeted  at end users
                                            and  durable  with  a  flexible  design,”   that remain loyal to traditional equip-
                                            said Thomas Kraus, Global Product   ment but who might be receptive to
                                            Manager, Wire Rope Hoists. “With the   enhanced technology and the inherent
                                            addition of the double girder model to   advantages of reading data on an iOS
                                            Columbus McKinnon’s wire rope hoist   or Android smartphone installed with
                                            product portfolio, we are able to provide   SP’s free HHP app.
                                            high-quality crane solutions for a wider   SP, recently acquired by Crosby, is
          Crescent Lufkin® Shockforce™ and Nite Eye   variety of applications and industries.”  a proven pioneer  in  technological  ad-
            Tape Measures from Apex Tool Group
                                              Columbus McKinnon is also extend-  vancement—its wireless  load links,
         quicker measuring. The Nite Eye offers   ing the lifting capacity range for which   load shackles,  and compression  load
         the same features, but with a high vis-  Magnetek IMPULSE®·G+ Mini Vari-  cells are already Bluetooth 4.2 en-
         ibility green-on-matte black blade to be   able Frequency Drives can be utilized   abled—but Bluelink  will sit further
         seen in any light condition.       with Yale YK and Shaw-Box SK.  For   down the spectrum in applications for
           Crescent Lufkin Shockforce Tape Mea-  trolley motion, the IMPULSE·G+ Mini   which  a mechanical  solution  remains
         sures are available in 16-foot, 25-foot and   drives are available with both monorail   the instinctive  choice  but where  the
         35-foot options at hardware stores, home   and double girder models for capaci-
         centers, online retailers, and industrial   ties up to 30 tons. The IMPULSE·G+
         and commercial distributors.       Mini  drive is a compact, low horse-
           For more information, visit the Cres-  power crane control that enables easy
         cent Tools website: cms.crescenttool.  monitoring and adjustments of hoist
         com/page/shockforce.               performance. For hoist motion, the
                                            IMPULSE®·VG+ Series  4 drives are
         Double Girder Models Join          available for monorail and double gird-
         Columbus McKinnon’s                er models for capacities up to 15 tons.
         Yale® YK™ and Shaw-                Combining Magnetek’s  variable fre-
         Box® SK™ Wire Rope Hoist           quency drives with Yale YK and Shaw-
         Product Family                     Box SK  creates  one-of-a-kind,  intelli-
         Designed by Columbus McKinnon      gent lifting solutions.
         in compact, easy-to-maintain         In addition, UL508A  approved  con-
         designs for quality performance    trols for hoist, trolley, and bridge mo-
           Columbus  McKinnon  Corporation,  a   tions are now standard with Yale YK
         leading designer and manufacturer of   and Shaw-Box SK wire rope hoists.
         motion control products, technologies,   After undergoing extensive testing, the
         and services for material handling, now   controls have been determined to meet
         offers stand-alone double girder models   this higher protection standard.
                                                                                                      Bluelink has
         as  part  of  its  Yale®  YK™  and  Shaw-  To  learn  more  about  the  Yale  YK,         been welcomed
         Box®  SK™  wire  rope hoist  product   Shaw-Box SK, or any of the Company’s               as an alternative
         family. Complete with a low-headroom   crane solutions products, call Columbus              to mechanical
         trolley, the Yale YK and Shaw-Box SK   McKinnon  Channel  Services  at  800-                   load cells.
         wire rope hoists in monorail and double   888-0985 or visit

         72     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   April 2019
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