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Statements made in this section are taken from submitted press releases by the individual companies and all claims as to the performance of their products are according to those releases.
         Wire Rope News is not responsible for these claims. Any questions or concerns regarding specifications, safety or performance should be directed to the individual companies.
         Columbus McKinnon                  Built  with  safety  in  mind, the  handle   select multiple hook positions.
         Exhibited Range of Hoist           bends to alert operators of possible over-  The Harrington HTBP Telescoping
         and Lifting Equipment at           loads and includes pegged thumbscrews   Pivot Fork Truck Boom is supplied with
         ICUEE 2019                         for  added  security.  In  addition  to  the   restraining chain with a grab hook and
         Durable, rugged products provide   Little  Mule  322C/344C  strap  hoist,  the   a pair of standard heavy-duty swivel
         improved reliability and safety    CM Tornado, Series 602, and a selection   hooks or fixed hooks. This attachment is
           Columbus McKinnon Corporation, a   of Coffing chain hoists were on display.   available in capacities of 3,000 to 8,000
         leading designer and manufacturer of   The  Magnetek  brand  MHR  Radio   lbs at 3 to 6 feet minimum and 1,500 to
         motion  control  products,  technologies,   Controller,  available  as  a  hands-on   3,100 lbs at 12 feet maximum and verti-
         and services for material handling, ex-  demo, combines the components of a ra-  cal pivot height of 6'4". Additional sizes
         hibited at the International Construc-  dio receiver and hydraulic valve control-  and capacities are also available.
         tion & Utility Equipment Exposition in   ler into a single convenient unit, saving   The HTBP is engineered and manu-
                                            money and freeing up valuable real   factured to ASME B30.20  & BTH-1
                                            estate on a vehicle. Magnetek brand   Design Category B Service Class 2 and
                                            wireless  controls,  including  the  MHR,   has  a  specified  fatigue  life  of  100,001
                                            Flex VUE® handheld transmitter with   to 500,000 load cycles. All HTBP, Tele-
                                            graphic display, and feature-rich XLTX   scoping  Pivot Fork  Truck  Booms  are
                                            bellybox transmitter are designed to   Proof-Tested to 125% capacity.
                                            meet  customer  specifications,  reducing   Harrington  Hoists,  Inc.  is  a  KITO
                                            internal engineering and manufactur-  Group Company located in Manheim,
                                            ing  costs,  improving  time  to  market,   PA, Elizabethtown, PA, South Holland,
                                            and enhancing equipment performance.  IL and Corona, CA and is a leading
                                              Magnetek brand cable reels, designed   manufacturer of electric and air powered
           Range of Hoist                   to be mounted on moving machinery and   chain hoists, electric wire rope hoists,
            and Lifting                     used to supply power for the automatic   lever hoists, manual hand chain hoists,
           that Columbus                    winding of flexible power or control ca-  push  and  geared  trolleys,  overhead
            McKinnon                        bles, were on display. Paired with any of   cranes, crane accessories, below-the-
         Exhibited at ICUEE                 the Magnetek brand power and motion   hook and material handling equipment.
              2019                          control products, they make it easier for   For more information visit their web-
                                            customers to customize systems to their   site at
                                            exact needs. Spring-driven, as well as
                                            motorized electric cable reels and slip  Respect for the
                                            ring assemblies, are available.    Environment: a Prerequisite
                                              To learn more about Columbus McK-  for LIFTEUROP Suppliers
                                            innon’s entire line of hoist and lifting   As part of its CSR (Corporate Social
                                            products, call Columbus McKinnon   Responsibility)  policy,  LIFTEUROP
                                            Channel Services at  800-888-0985  or   places respect for the environment at
                                            visit For more in-  the heart of its concerns! The Luxem-
                                            formation about Magnetek brand wire-  bourg-based manufacturer of lifting
                                            less controls and cable reels, visit www.  accessories  pays special  attention to
                                         sustainable development.
                                                                                 It all starts with the choice of materi-
                                            Harrington Hoists, Inc.            als used in the design of the accessories
         Louisville, KY, October 1-3. Visitors to   Introduces Model HTBP      and lifting systems. “Our products are
         the Company’s booth were able to expe-  Telescoping Pivot Fork        made primarily of steel, a sustainable
         rience Columbus McKinnon’s array of  Truck Boom
         hoist and lifting equipment, including   Harrington Hoists, Inc. introduces
         the  new  Little  Mule  322C/344C  strap   their HTBP Telescoping Pivot Fork
         hoist and Magnetek brand wireless   Truck Boom. This fork truck attach-
         controls and cable reels.          ment is used to lift and carry loads
           “As the next generation in a long line   via a telescopic pivot boom that is
         of dependable Little Mule products,   equipped with a locking pin
         the  322C/344C  Series  is  designed  for   which allows the user to
         durability and ease of use,” said Craig
         Kaufman, application and product spe-
         cialist for industrial products. “With a
         rugged and durable design featuring a
         lightweight cast aluminum frame, as                              Model HTBP Telescoping Pivot Fork Truck Boom
         well as corrosion-resistant stainless-                                    from Harrington Hoists
         steel springs and frame shafts, the
         322C/344C strap hoist offers increased
         reliability  and  improved  operation.”
         72     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   October 2019
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