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Statements made in this section are taken from submitted press releases by the individual companies and all claims as to the performance of their products are according to those releases.
         Wire Rope News is not responsible for these claims. Any questions or concerns regarding specifications, safety or performance should be directed to the individual companies.

                                              Model TB Telescoping Fork Truck Boom from Peerless Industrial Group, Inc.

         Peerless Industrial Group,         to 125% capacity.
         Inc. Introduces Model TB             Peerless Industrial Group, Inc. has
         Telescoping Fork Truck             been innovating successful products for
         Boom                               over 100 years.  Today, as a worldwide   tained eco-friendly design.
           Peerless Industrial Group, Inc. intro-  provider of lifting solutions, utilizing our   Find  more  details,  videos,  specifica-
         duces their TB Telescoping Fork Truck   exceptional  design,  engineering,  manu-  tions, and drawings on our website:
         Boom which  is  a fork  attachment de-  facturing, and quality teams, we con-
         signed for lifting and carrying loads   tinue to develop crucial products for the   New Modulift Products
         with  a telescopic  boom attached to a   wide variety of markets we serve.  Peer-
         fork truck. The TB is available in ca-  less is part of KITO Corporation’s global   Driven by Customer
         pacities of 3,000 to 8,000 lbs. at 3 to 6   network providing our customers access   Demand
         feet maximum hook position and 1,500   to overhead lifting, below-the-hook and   As  a  direct  response  to  requests,
         to 3,100 lbs. at 12 foot maximum hook   material handling, cargo control, hard-  Modulift, the global engineering  com-
         position.  Additional sizes and capaci-  ware, marine and traction products.  pany has  developed innovative  new
         ties are available.                  For more information about Peerless   equipment to make life much easier for
           The TB Telescoping Fork Truck    Industrial Group, Inc. visit us online at   the heavy lifting industry.
         Boom features a locking pin to allow           Alongside offering specialist technical
         for multiple hook positions and an at-  Have You Met The RBC?         expertise, the UK-based company man-
         tached handle for ease of boom exten-                                 ufactures lifting and spreader beams,
         sion. It  is supplied with restraining   The  Self-Propelled Reversible Boom   spreader frames and other ‘between the
         chain  with  grab hook,  and a pair of   Crane is the pinnacle of shop crane mo-  hook  and  the  load’  lifting  equipment,
         heavy-duty swivel hooks or fixed hooks.  bile  work,  assembly,  and positioning   that is used globally across sectors in-
           The TB is engineered and manufac-  equipment. Easily maneuver around a   cluding wind energy, nuclear, construc-
         tured to ASME B30.20 & BTH-1 De-   crowded shop,  navigate narrow  aisles   tion, and the oil and gas industries.
         sign  Category B Service  Class 2 and   and sharp turns to get to the load and   The new products, now available, are
         has a specified fatigue life of 100,001 to   get the load to where you need it. Leg-  the Modulift Adjustable Modular Lift-
         500,000  load cycles.  All TB, Telescop-  less frame design means you can drive   ing Beam and the Modulift Trunnion
         ing Fork Truck Booms are Proof-Tested   it right up to a machine or workstation.  Drop Link. They’ve both been designed
                                              User friendly, thumb-wheel drive con-  as standard products, so they are ready
                                            trols and variable speed control offer   to order and save time and money.
                                            precise creep positioning and smooth ac-  Modulift  Adjustable  Modular
                                            celeration for getting up to brisk walk-  Lifting Beam
                                            ing  speed.  Simple  operation  and  mini-  This new adjustable lifting beam of-
                                            mal training requirements make this an   fers the same flexibility and cost-effec-
                                            easy-to-use tool for everyone!     tive benefits as the premium Modulift
                                              Capacities are available for any ap-  Spreader Beams but has multiple pad
                                              plication ranging from 500 pounds up   eyes, so the beam can adapt to lift vari-
                                                  to 20,000 pounds and can lift up   ous weights and sizes.
                                                     to 14 ft high. It is a battery   The main benefits are:
                                                            powered   self-con-  • Available in a series of three: Light
              The Self-Propelled Reversible                                    (up to 50t), Medium (up to 170t) and
                Boom Crane from ATI                                            Heavy (up to 240t)
                                                                                 • Order any length from 1m upwards
                                                                               and add to your beam as required to
                                                                               achieve spans up to 19m
                                                                                 • Use as a lifting  beam or  a  semi
                                                                               spreader beam
                                                                                 • Modular system reduces transport
                                                                               costs as longest component length is 6m
                                                                                 • Reduced handling requirements
                                                                                 Modulift Trunnion Drop Link
                                                                                 This drop link is an alternative trun-
                                                                               nion  option that can  be easily  and
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