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                                                              Model HSDLB Standard Duty Lifting
                                                               Beam from Harrington Hoists, Inc.

         load  securement  safer  and  more  effi-
         cient,  through its portfolio of premier
         brands including Crosby, Gunnebo In-
         dustries, Crosby Straightpoint, Acco,   dard Duty  Lifting  Beams are  Proof-
         McKissick, Trawlex, Lebus, and Cros-  Tested to 125% capacity.
         byIP was a focal point of the exhibit at   Harrington  Hoists,  Inc.  is  a  KITO
         ConExpo-Con/Agg,  which  took  place   Group Company  located in Manheim,
         March 10-14 in Las Vegas, NV.      PA, Elizabethtown, PA, South Holland,
           Meirav  Oren,  Co-founder  and  CEO   IL and Corona, CA. and is a leading   technology to improve customers’ safe-
         at Versatile said: “The Crosby Group   manufacturer  of  electric  and air  pow-  ty, productivity, and uptime.
         and Versatile have partnered to provide   ered  chain  hoists,  electric  wire  rope   Intelli-Protect™ Systems featuring
         world-class load monitoring and rigging   hoists, lever hoists, manual hand chain   no-fly zone technology help protect as-
         hardware associated with CraneView.   hoists, push and geared trolleys, over-  sets and personnel  in working  areas
         Our passion for providing technology   head cranes, crane accessories, below-  while  improving facility throughput.
         that drives action without interrupting   the-hook and material handling equip-  No-fly  zones  refer  to  protected  areas
         the flow of work allows CraneView to be   ment. For more information go to www.  where normal crane operation is limit-
         seamless and impactful.”               ed or entirely restricted. Intelli-Protect
           CraneView™ delivers real-time in-                                   allows you to designate locations where
         sights, specific to each jobsite while in-  Columbus McKinnon’s       a crane is programmed  to slow down
         tegrating  quickly  and  seamlessly  into   Automation Division       or stop, using motion control products
         existing processes. Oren added previous   Introduces Intelli-Crane™   such as variable frequency drives, ra-
         client  engagements  demonstrate  that   Family of Products           dio remote controls,  limit switches,
         the product has created an impact on:  Intelli-Protect™ No-Fly Zone   and sensors.  These  versatile  systems
           • Crane cycle time reduction of 25-50%.  Technology is First Product in   — ranging from simple configurations
           • Overtime reduction of nearly $20k   Intelli-Crane Portfolio       to the more complex — can be easily
         of monthly savings.                  Combining the Company’s expertise   added to existing crane controls or in-
           • Earlier crane demobilization  for   as lifting specialists with the smart   cluded in new installations.
         multi-crane projects of five to six weeks.  technology  of its Magnetek®  brand,   “Implementing an Intelli-Protect Sys-
           To learn more about The Crosby Group   Columbus  McKinnon  Corporation,  a   tem limits the risk of collisions, increas-
         and Versatile’s CraneView™ go to news.  leading designer and manufacturer of   es safety for equipment and personnel
                                            motion control products and technolo-  in protected areas, and improves facility
         Harrington Hoists, Inc.            gies for material handling, launches its   throughput,” said Peter Stipan, Global
         Introduces Standard Duty           Intelli-Crane™ family of products. New   Director, Automation Division.
                                                                                 Intelli-Protect is available  in either
                                            from Columbus McKinnon, the Magne-
         Lifting Beam - Channel             tek® brand IntelliProtect™ System is   fixed  location  or  configurable  options.
         Design - Model HSDLB               the  first  product  in  the  Intelli-Crane   Fixed Location Systems utilize limit
           Harrington Hoists, Inc. introduces   portfolio, which  leverages automation   switches installed on bridge and trolley
         their  HSDLB Standard Duty Lifting                                    motions that interface with a control-
         Beam which is designed for low head-                                  ler for functional customization. These
         room applications. Model HSDLB is                                     systems are available in three configu-
         available from 1/2 thru 40 Ton capaci-                                rations optimized for two-sided, three-
         ties with outside spreads from 3 to 30                                sided, and four-sided areas where crane
         feet.  Additional sizes  and  capacities                              motion is limited or entirely restricted.
         are also available.                                                     Configurable  Systems  utilize  laser
            To minimize wear, the HSDLB fea-                                   positioning sensors installed on bridge
         tures a precision machined bail for a                                 and trolley motions that interface with
         good connection between the saddle of                                 a controller  for functional customiza-
         the hook and the upper radius  of the                                 tion.  Providing  flexibility  for  your  ap-
         bail. Three standard lift points for load                             plication,  these  systems  can  be  con-
         adjustment are included and it is sup-                                figured  to  your  exact  requirements
         plied with a pair of heavy-duty swivel                                and easily modified from any personal
         hooks. Additional lift points and hard-                               electronic  device as changing  process,
         ware are available as options.                                        plant, and crane conditions require.
           The HSDLB is engineered and man-                                      Columbus  McKinnon’s  packaged  In-
         ufactured to ASME B30.20  & BTH-1                                     telli-Crane automation solutions are de-
         Design Category B Service Class 2 and                                 signed for ease of use, quick configura-
         has a specified fatigue life of 100,001 to   The Magnetek® brand IntelliProtect™   tion, and feature short lead times to get
         500,000 load cycles. All HSDLB, Stan-  System from Columbus McKinnon.                 continued on next page
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