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         rocker  switch  that reduces  thumb   line was required to be replaced avoid-
         strain and fatigue, while giving the op-  ing a possible accident.
         erator ultimate load control for micro-  For more information, visit the Kirk-
         positioning applications.          patrick Group  website at www.thek-
           The  Lodestar VS is  available  in
         capacities ranging from 1/8 to 3 tons   assembly/.
         with a 10 ft. standard lift. To learn
         more about the CM Lodestar VS, or any   Lighter weight, higher
         of  our  powered  hoists,  call  Columbus   strength
         McKinnon  Channel  Services  at 800-  TURBOLITE® M Hybrid Mine
         888-0985 or visit   Hoist Rope
                                              CASAR has introduced TURBO-
         Introduction of Manual             LITE®  M,  a  new  8-strand compacted
         Stripper from The                  hybrid  hoist  rope  for  underground
         Kirkpatrick Group                  mining. TURBOLITE® M delivers the
           Kirkpatrick  Wire  Rope Lubrication   best strength-to-weight ratio in the in-
         Systems announces the introduction of   dustry and is measurably lighter than
         their new Manual Stripper Assembly.   standard steel ropes. Its high-strength
         The new technology has been developed   plastic  impregnated  fiber  core  is  fa-
         to support their laser produced Groove   tigue-resistant and makes installation
         Cleaner Assemblies. Groove Cleaners   and rope maintenance easier.
         are used to clean debris from the outer   In  extensive  field-testing,  TURBO-
         circumference and the Groove Pattern   LITE M ropes have been in service four
         of customers’ wire ropes as they rotate   years in an underground vertical shaft
         against the  Lubrication  Collar  Hous-  used on a drum winder. These ropes
         ing. A clean Groove pattern and outer   still have significant life remaining, and
         circumstance  optimizes penetration
         and coating inside the Lubrication Col-
         lar as the wire rope travels into it dur-                                  Green Pin Tycan® Lifting Chain
         ing the pressure  application process.                                           from Van Beest
         The introduction of the Manual Strip-                                 chain with matching  fittings  allows
         per component provides the added ad-                                  you to manufacture a complete one-leg
         vantage of allowing cleaning apart from                               chain  assembly  with  a Working  Load
         the pressure lubrication process for in-
         spection purposes.  Inspection capabil-                               Limit of 2.6 tons, 4 tons, 5 tons or 6.8
         ity allows the users to make informed                                 tons.  In  a  four-leg  configuration  the
         decisions in regard to whether the wire                               assembly can reach a Working Load
         rope should be taken out of service or                                Limit of up to 14.2 ton. The new chain
         whether the maintenance should pro-                                   fittings are specially developed for use
         ceed. The Manual Stripper acts in the                                 with Green Pin Tycan® and include a
         same fashion as the Lubrication Collar                                connecting link, a shortening hook and
         by being a rotation base for the Groove   TURBOLITE® M Hybrid Mine Hoist Rope   a sling hook. The clevis of the hook and
         Cleaners.                                      from WireCo            the bearing surface of the connecting
           In  fact  one  specific  incident  on  the                          link  are  designed  to  fit  perfectly  with
         Global 1200 Drillship allowed the con-  are approaching three times the normal   the link of a Green Pin Tycan® chain so
         tractor to clean the wire rope to review   service life of flattened strand ropes.  as to guarantee a safe assembly of the
         its condition prior to lubrication. It was   Higher  strength,  lighter  weight   chain and its fittings.
         found after using the Manual Stripper   TURBOLITE M ropes provide top per-  For more information, please contact
         and Groove Cleaners that upon inspec-  formance and service life, minimizing
         tion that the entire 52mm Crane load   downtime and lowering the overall
                                            cost  of ownership.  For  more informa-  Now Available, Crescent
                                            tion, contact Chris Bateman, Technical   Lufkin® Shockforce™ and
                                            Services – Mining Engineer, chrisbate-  Nite Eye Tape Measures
                                                                               Poised to Set New Standard
                                            New sizes of Green Pin             Built for maximum utility and
                                            Tycan® Lifting Chain               enhanced durability to withstand
                                              Green Pin Tycan® – the fibre chain   100-foot
                                            that has all the performance and flex-  Tradesmen who use a tape measure
                                            ibility of steel chain but is eight times   thousands of times a year know what
                                            lighter than steel – takes the next step   makes  one  stand out  from  the rest.
                                            in the ‘chain of evolution’. Today Green   It’s with  their  input that Apex Tool
                                            Pin®  introduces  three  new  sizes  of   Group—a premier tool manufacturer—
                                            Green  Pin Tycan® Lifting Chain and   developed its new  Crescent  Lufkin®
                                            accompanying grade 10 steel compo-  Shockforce™ and Shockforce Nite Eye
              Manual Stripper from Kirkpatrick  nents.  A choice  of four  sizes  of lifting   continued on next page

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