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Statements made in this section are taken from submitted press releases by the individual companies and all claims as to the performance of their products are according to those releases.
         Wire Rope News is not responsible for these claims. Any questions or concerns regarding specifications, safety or performance should be directed to the individual companies.
         Caldwell Vertical Clamp            obvious that since it was based on the   ing equipment. No product can ever be
         for Lifting, Turning Curved        TL we could offer it in the same range   applied safely if  the  highest  possible
         Loads                              and tonnages as that clamp, which   safety standards haven’t been adhered
           Rockford, Illinois-based The Caldwell   seemed to make sense for all stages of   to during its design and manufacturing
         Group Inc. has launched a vertical and   the supply chain and at point of use.”  process,” he said.
         turning clamp designed for lifting and   He added: “The TLC’s main purpose   For more information about Caldwell
         turning single curved plate or pipe from   is to lift pipes, but it can also lift any   go to
         horizontal to vertical and vice versa.  curved surface that meets  the  clamp’s
           The model TLC (turning, locking,   minimum  radius  specifications.  The   Taking AI to New Heights
         curved surface), which lifts and turns   minimum radius is different for each   to Enable Better Jobsite
                                            tonnage of clamp, but it can lift any size   Decision-Making
                                            from the minimum radius up to a flat   The Crosby Group and Versatile
                                            plate. As the clamp gets bigger the min-  enter strategic partnership
                                            imum radius of plate needs to get big-  Los  Altos,  California-based Versa-
                                            ger. For instance a 1-ton clamp can lift   tile has partnered with Richardson,
                                            a smaller pipe than the 10-ton version.”
                                              Initial interest in the product, which   Texas-based The Crosby Group to de-
                                            is currently manufactured to order, has   liver a platform to help project teams
                                            been predominantly in the U.S., where   leverage hard data points for easier
                                            it  is  available  through  Caldwell’s dis-  decision making in the field. Through
                                            tribution network. However, the inter-  autonomous capabilities of measuring
                                            national market has consumed a num-  thousands of data  points, Versatile’s
                                            ber of units and export is expected to   CraneView™, product fuels real-time
                                            grow over time, Kelly enthused.    insights to power smart decisions that
                                              “There are alternative solutions,” he   impact cycle time, overtime, and crane
                                            acknowledged, “but nothing specifically   demobilization, and allow new stan-
                                            for pipe in a clamp style device that we   dards to be set for current and future
                                            are aware of. It’s worth reiterating that   projects.
                                            distributors and end users  note that   Integral to the below-the-hook prod-
                                            there  is  no  need  for  a  specific  radius,   uct is Crosby Straightpoint’s state-of-
                                            only a requirement to meet the mini-  the-art load monitoring technology and
                                            mum radius size. Each model is clearly   Crosby branded rigging hardware. The
                                            marked with the minimum radius, se-  combination of this hardware and tech-
                                            rial number, capacity, jaw opening,   nology enables project teams to elimi-
                                            service  class,  design  category,  and  all   nate overtime, stay ahead of schedule
                                            the information required for safe use.”  without changing project team  work-
         The TLC’s main purpose is to lift pipes, but   Kelly explained that ASME B30.20   flows, and more.
         it can also lift any curved surface that meets   and ASME BTH-1 standards are ap-  The Crosby Group, the global leader
         the clamp’s minimum radius specifications.
                                            plicable. “ASME ensures  that certain   in lifting, rigging, and material  han-
         from zero to 90 degrees, incorporates a   steps are taken into consideration in   dling hardware, will showcase a range
         vertical lifting clamp featuring a ‘lock   the design and manufacturing  of lift-  of products used to make lifting and
         open’  and  ‘lock  closed’  feature,  facili-
         tating  attachment  and  removal  from
         the load. A specially designed cam jaw
         is made to safely lift curved surfaces
         and flat plate.
           The  product  was  first  unveiled  at
         the Associated Wire Rope Fabrica-
         tors (AWRF) Product Information
         Exhibition (PIE) in Cleveland, Ohio
         last spring, as an enhancement to the
         manufacturer’s TL clamp, which itself
         is capable of turning a single plate or
         load  from  horizontal  to  vertical  and
         back to horizontal through the same
         90-degree arc. The TLC joins the same
         range and is also available in 0.5 to
         20-ton capacity.
           Dale Kelly, Engineering Manager at
         Caldwell’s J. C. Renfroe & Sons brand,
         said: “Actually, it started out as a
         standalone product but quickly became   The CraneView™ from Versatile and The Crosby Group
         70     Wire Rope News & Sling Technology   April 2020
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