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Statements made in this section are taken from submitted press releases by the individual companies and all claims as to the performance of their products is according to those releases.
         Wire Rope News is not responsible for these claims. Any questions or concerns regarding specifications, safety or performance should be directed to the individual companies.
            Model UNVB Universal Lifting/Spreader Beam
                  from Peerless Industrial Group

                                                                               technologies and services for material
                                            factured to ASME B30.20  & BTH-1   handling, today  announced its CM®
         Peerless Industrial Group,         Design Category B Service Class 2 and   Lodestar® VS electric chain hoist is
         Inc. Introduces Model              has a specified fatigue life of 100,001 to   now available  in higher capacities up
         UNVB Universal Lifting/            500,000 load cycles. All UNVB, Univer-  to three  tons.  The  CM Lodestar VS
         Spreader Beam                      sal Telescopic Lifting/Spreader Beams   combines the company’s industry-lead-
           Peerless Industrial Group, Inc. intro-  are Proof-Tested to 125% capacity.   ing hoist design with best-in-class ad-
         duces their UNVB, Universal Lifting/  Peerless Industrial Group, Inc. has   justable frequency drive performance.
         Spreader Beam ideal for indoor lifting   been innovating successful products for   The  Lodestar VS features  CM HI-
         or  outdoor construction  applications.   over 100 years. Today, as a worldwide   Tech™  (Hoist  Interface Technology)
         The  UNVB is  available from 1/4 Ton   provider of lifting solutions, utilizing our   – one of the easiest to use computer
         thru 7 Ton capacities with lengths from   exceptional  design,  engineering,  manu-  interfaces on the market developed ex-
         a minimum of 4 feet to a maximum of   facturing, and quality teams, we con-  clusively by Columbus McKinnon. CM
         12 feet. Additional sizes and capacities   tinue to develop crucial products for the   HI-Tech gives operators the ability to
         are available.                     wide variety of markets we serve. Peer-  quickly  and easily adjust hoist speed
           The   UNVB    Universal  Lifting/  less is part of KITO Corporation’s global   and performance parameters to deliver
         Spreader Beam features a fully adjust-  network providing our customers access   the precision load control their applica-
         able design, is ideal for accommodating   to overhead lifting, below-the-hook and   tion demands. Using the interface, op-
         various load sizes, and can be utilized   material handling, cargo control, hard-  erators can easily set upper and lower
         as  a  lifting  beam where  headroom  is   ware, marine and traction products.  hoist limits, enable additional electron-
         limited or a spreader beam where ex-  For more information about Peerless   ic overload protection and instantly ac-
         tra stability is  required.  As a lifting   Industrial Group, Inc. visit us online at   cess hoist status and fault information.
         beam, the upper lift point is adjust-           “The Lodestar VS makes maintain-
         able for off center loads. As a spreader                              ing, monitoring and programming
         beam, it is utilized with upper rigging   CM Lodestar VS Electric     a hoist  easier  than  ever,”  said John
         spread between two lift points to add   Chain Hoist Now Available in   Vander Linden, Senior Global Product
         extra stability to the lift. It can be eas-  Capacities Up to Three Tons  Manager. “With a convenient, easy-to-
         ily configured as a three or four point   One-of-a-kind hoist makes main-  access port, a tablet or computer can
         lifting system with additional beams.   taining, monitoring and program-  be connected to the hoist to instantly
         Features include:  one upper and two   ming a hoist easier than ever  manage  performance. Easy access to
         lower  shackles,  and can  be  ordered   Columbus McKinnon  Corporation,   on-board  diagnostics  allows  operators
         with optional chain top rigging.   a leading designer, manufacturer and   to identify and resolve issues through
           The UNVB is engineered and manu-  marketer of motion control products,   preventive maintenance. This increas-
                                                                               es productivity, uptime and safety for
                                                                               the operator and load.”
                                                                                 The Lodestar VS comes equipped with
                                                                               the  Magnetek  IMPULSE®•G+  Mini
                                                                               drive, a Columbus McKinnon  brand.
                                                                               Utilizing Magnetek’s advanced  pro-
                                                                               gramming features, the IMPULSE•G+
                                                                               Mini is optimized for unparalleled per-
                                                                               formance with  programming features
                                                                               that allow for monitoring of the lift,
                                                                               load, current  and voltage. Combined,
                                                                               these features help decrease wear and
                                                                               tear on  the hoist  by lowering  torque
                                                                               spikes and reducing overload faults,
                                                                               while  ensuring  smooth  acceleration
            Lodestar VS Electric                                               and deceleration. Magnetek drives are
             Chain Hoist from                                                  backed by superior  aftermarket sup-
           Columbus McKinnon                                                   port, available 24/7, 365 days per year.
                                                                                 The  Lodestar VS, excluding 3-step
                                                                               models,  comes  equipped with  the  CM
                                                                               Rocket universal  pendant, which  fea-
                                                                               tures a unique, ergonomically designed

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